Ex-Irwin Rangers Coach Drags Club to Court

A Chongwe Based Football Club Irwin Rangers has been dragged to the Lusaka High Court by former coach William Nsoma for unfair dismissal.

Nsoma is seeking payment for breach of contract and his 13 months salary payment in the sum of K 65,000.

Nsoma who entered into a verbal agreement awaiting a formal contract as management of the club was being restructured , was promised  a salary of K 5 ,000 per month.

He started work on July 26 ,2017 he started coaching and it  was agreed that he would be paid a monthly allowance of K5000 until a contract was formally signed between both parties and was also subsequently registered as coach for the Club as per FIFA requirement.

However the employer reneged on the agreement to pay him and when he sought clarification he was handed a one month suspension.

The employers then opted to dismiss him when he continued demanding his dues.

The former coach is claiming that there was no disciplinary hearing or any reason given for his suspension and finally his dismissal.

He has accused the club of having recruited another team coach when they have failed to pay him his 13 months salary.

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