More Mine Firms Back Down on Job Cuts

Luanshya Copper Mines has joined the growing list of mine firms that have backed down on firing employees in the wake of the new tax regime.

And First Quantum Minerals has also announced that it will not be laying off workers in response to the new tax regime.

Mineworkers Union of Zambia President Joseph Chewe says LCM has opted to engage government over the controversial tax regime.

Chewe said the move taken by Luanshya Copper Mines need to be emulated by other mining firms that earlier announced plans to cut jobs in the industry amid changes on the tax regime.

Chewe stated that the move taken by Luanshya Copper Mines as well as Mopani Copper Mines is a move in the right direction and will help in safeguarding jobs.

He said job cuts in the mines are detrimental as they end up depriving government from collecting the much needed revenue and could send youths on the streets.

Chewe and his team has been engaging mine owners on the sidelines to take a dialogue approach as opposed to laying off workers in view of new mine tax regime.


  1. C2

    Now mining firms are thinking

  2. paul usona

    But lets make sure the revenue collected is put to good use because it’s meaningless when It ends up in some people’s pockets.put people who can work for the people those with the interest of nation at heart.

  3. One zed manex

    What will the other gentleman say? The one who wanted mines to be getting super profits and leave our country as a hole after the mineral resources are finished. I think he does not mean well for Zambia,he can he want mines to be making money without them remitting taxes that will help Zambians??? I think it’s clear now that the man is no good for our beautiful Zambia,thanks the mines for giving what is due to the Zambian people.will support you where need be as good co-operation partners.Viva PF government for taking this important stance for the good of mother Zambia. The rest is for you to judge it’s just my view over the tax issue.

  4. One zed manex

    I’m bitter how have the mines not lay off worker’s,i wanted them to do that so that im seen as a good opposition the mines are making me look like a fool I was against this tax increase. I even went on znbc TV and said mines want me to rule coz the can’t stand the tax increase. The people now know that I’m just a lier.

  5. Uc

    Thanks LCM, Mopani and fqm

  6. Mr. K

    Miners now know their enemy is. Hakainde is their enemy the mine owners have shamed him families were going to suffer while at the same time. Hakainde blaming gvt for political mileage ichikwanka bachimona Ku mampalanya you have seen it for yourselves the rest is your choice

  7. paul usona

    Blaming each other is not the solution lets just work together for the good of the nation,the same hh you hate so much today might be the missing key to transform the nation after all who new the great mwanawasa before elections.

  8. One zed manex

    HH is a monster and does not care about Zambians,if the mines did not comply to pay taxes that will benefit the Zambian economy,we all know he would have celebrated job loses,by now he could have been in the copperbeit
    We all heard and listened to him on znbc Sunday interview that,the mines wants him to take over.!!! When as Zambians demand what is rightfully ours to him we are wrong,he wants to impress investors and leave us Zambians suffering.The man does not mean well for mother Zambia,its just my opinion and how I look at it,the rest you people can judge. I support the stance taken by the PF government of HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

  9. Leon

    So these mine investors wanted to be pleaded for they wanted all the money to themselves OK after 6 months gvnt should increase the tax so that the mines should be run by less greedy investors

  10. Kaswango

    HH can’t do anything gud for Zambian’s he failed to pay he’s workers working at morebeef”,failing to feed your house hood can u feed the nation “?let us open our eyes please we don’t hate him but what he’s doing to pipo

  11. Landlord

    HH is the red_devil Who is Everytime after blood. The mines will vote for him. He is against banshi mine workers.

  12. Herv Rena

    HH,Magande,Siatwambo have something in common.They dont care about workers salaries.

  13. chihinga mutti

    He will never win

  14. Mangelepa Sandals

    The stance is welcome by mining companies of course after being threatened by the government that they repossess the mines and find the right buyers! Don’t trust the Mines because if the were in a negotiating mood they would have recalled workers that they rentrenched in 2015 instead we see new faces occupying other people’s positions who are now in streets begging and in total poverty! It is this same investors who are making the government loose its political mileage! If they are ready to engage the government over the tax regime, the government should stand firm and urge the mining companies to recall workers that they retrenched in 2015! Why can’t the current government emulate Michael Data’s regime? We are tired! We all need jobs!

  15. Mangelepa Sandals

    The government should wake up and control the economy and not being dictated by investors! If the government has to make a follow-up on all recalled rentrenched work

  16. Mangelepa Sandals

    Some people want their jobs back yet the government is busy commanding taxes on trivial things! Next time they will bring ZRA Tax Collectors inside our saying ‘ Whoever uses the toilet pays tax! Let people get back their jobs period#

  17. Krj

    Well the most important thing is how people are coming in to reach an understand lets work togather for common good of this our mother zambia
    To God be the glory

  18. Majoni Tyson

    It seems these mining companies were trying to test the weakness of our government. There is even need to increase more tax for them, those will fail to comply should be shown an exit, our Chinese are ready to take over.

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