Zimbabwean music legend Oliver Mtukudzi dies

African music legend Oliver Mtukudzi has died.

The iconic 66-year-old musician, nicknamed Tuku, had been struggling with his health for over a month.

Jazz musician Oliver Mtukudzi has passed away, according to multiple news sources in Zimbabwe.


A tweet was initially sent out by Zimbabwean publication Masvingo Mirror.

According to the tweet, the publication “has it on good authority that he died two hours ago in the ICE at Avenues Clinic in Harare”.

The musical icon’s death has since also been reported in NewsDay as well as Health Times, who reported that the death has been confirmed by a reliable family member.

His record label, Gallo Record Company, has also confirmed his passing.

The 66-year-old musician, nicknamed Tuku, had been struggling with his health for over a month.

No statement has been released yet by the family and the cause of Mtukudzi’s death is not yet known.

Tributes immediately began pouring in on social media.

As well as possibly the country’s best-known musical export, Mtukudzi was a businessman, philanthropist, human rights activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Southern Africa Region.

He released 58 albums.


  1. Mixon

    Too bad

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  3. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad may his soul rest in eternal peace

  4. Lewis

    R. I. P

  5. mponda mweetwa

    what a sad news zimbabwe and zambia are one people, may his soul rest in peace

    • Mpombo

      No Zambia and Congo DRC’re one not Zimbabwe which is one with Southern province

  6. m.mwambilwa

    He was great and am one of his fans and he will be greatly missed,may his soul rest in Peace.

  7. Simate silishebo

    He released 60 album’s check @ enca news RIP Tuku

  8. John Wa Yesu

    My condolences to the family and the Zim music Industry

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  10. paul usona

    Africa has lost a music legend.R.I.P

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  12. francis

    May his soul rest in peace its sad news to people of Zambia and Zimbabwe at large.

  13. Tell

    Oliver you are gone, but your music will still live with us.Rest in peace comrade.

  14. Mark

    Sad development

  15. Herv Rena

    Let zimbabweans mourn Tuku and stop rioting.

  16. Retete

    Tooo bad my favourite musician Shona music may he R I P plz
    My GOD 😭😭😭😭

  17. Kafwanayo

    Too bad he was among my favaourite artist we shall remember more especially by that song like. Ooor toli tise what shall we do timgali nomuzaa what shall we do may your sour rest in internal peace

  18. Jerome Milanzi

    R.I.P Mr Mutukudzi

  19. Bro genius hamz

    Is it confirmed first

  20. Zondani Manyozo Zulu

    M.h. s.R.I.p . 4ever .

  21. james

    Too bad for African icon may his soul rest in peace. He featured in one of Zambian songs done by JK.

    • Chipulu mulenga

      J.k ft Oliver Mtukudzi and Joe Chibangu-Dzokera Kumuzha

  22. SM

    Rest in peace

  23. ijahman Wiseman

    This is my favourite song of Tuku
    “I was born in the ghetto
    My mum is in the ghetto
    My heart is in the ghetto
    You can call me the ghetto boy.” Your songs will last forever
    & legends are legends ……

  24. Overdo

    What a big lose to the world! Its a sad News.

  25. Temwanji

    Good bye rest in peace

  26. Brian

    Too bad Mr Tuku Oliver mutukuzi RIP.

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  28. Abram

    We thank you our daddy of nation Oliver to give us 58 albums well done may so rest in peace God bless you bye bye

  29. Kandingwa jele

    Rest in peace veteran tuku. May God strengthen the family.

  30. Shadreck M Zimba

    His music will live on. So sad for the music industry.

    • zondi

      will greatly mis my favourite tuku music will always remember you for song like Neria,Toddi the list is endless 58 album is not a joke rip till we meet again.

  31. Nico

    Rest in peace

  32. Sarudzayi

    Rest in Eternal Peace our super Legend

  33. Felix

    RIP papa

  34. Felix

    RIP papa tuku

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    A great loss to the music fraternity.

  36. Mr. K

    M. H. S. R. I. P

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  39. Norris

    We will be remembering you because of your music you have left for us

  40. moana

    Rest in peace

  41. masautso

    Too bad to this man I like his music so much m.h.s.r.I.p

  42. EC

    In ones life, there is a day that’s always different from the rest. The day to bid farewell. You were a great man, a hard worker, talented and a success! You are gone but your works will live on “forever”. RIP

  43. Chris cross

    RIP hero

  44. Mbaki mbalushi

    Rest in peace my legend

  45. Gilbert

    Comment. Go well my man mysrip

  46. Davido

    Very bad,his music tune is My favorite across the globe, anyway I will just be playing his music for two weeks

  47. Davido

    Very bad,his music tune is My favorite across the globe, anyway I will just be playing his music for two weeks, May his Solo Souls Rest in Peace

  48. Vaal mula

    Rest in peace

  49. Emmanuel Ryan Bruce Kaunda

    Rest in peace i realy like your music

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  51. Tylone

    RIP Tuku. You will greatly be missed.

  52. haringa wifton

    African hero.M.H.S.R.I.P


    Afrcan hero rest in peace


    so sad i will always love your songs especially [what shall we do] R.I.P PUT EVERYTHING IN GODS HAND

  55. Ernest Malumo

    RIP, who will sing Neria for us, you have gone too soon.

  56. Charles

    May his soul rest in eternal peace. We shall meet one day

  57. chester diquissone

    The black cloud has covered the Zimbabwean nation. We ll miss u Sir Oliver, but your music voicewillconfort us. You have done alot, we never ever forget u.

  58. Geoffrey kabwe

    R.I.P the reagend you have done your part!

  59. gelly mudundulu

    Rest in peace,I will Alway remember.

  60. Joe kasuta

    What a great lost in both Zimbabwe and Zambia may his soul rest in peace.


    Tuku, u inspired me with ur educative music and shall ever remember u Papa. MYSRIP.

  62. One zed manex

    I’m highly affected by his death, I watched him perform in Zimbabwe and Zambia respectfully,i mourn with the people of his family and of Zimbabwe.

  63. One zed manex

    I’m highly affected by his death, I watched him perform in Zimbabwe and Zambia respectfully,i mourn with the people of his family and of Zimbabwe.

    • Emmanuel

      Aiyeleiyele,aiyeleile song I will be remembering him for and many more mhsrip.

  64. Chipulu mulenga

    J.k ft Oliver Mtukudzi and Joe Chibangu-Dzokera Kumuzha

  65. Madiba

    Rest in peace African legend

  66. Khan

    Too bad we always remember you with your music

  67. Mutale chisanga

    Chabipa sana

  68. Kingsley Mulanga Ngomba

    Sad news, RIP Tukutuku

  69. Gastone

    Too bad R I P TUKU

  70. chihana

    rest in peace big bro my the good lord be with you.

  71. mwamba pwele

    sad development

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  73. Japhe

    Rip too bad

  74. Wilson kunda

    R.I.p.Mr Oliver condolences to the family.

  75. Concerned

    Sad news indeed! Rest in peace Oliver!

  76. Kas win

    Rest in enternally peacefully TukU 😢😫😥.

  77. Timvelako

    Rufu ndimadzongonyedze. Ndakuyenda. From the album dairai where good bye song to us his fans. RIP asekuru.

  78. Zambian

    A giant has gone to rest
    His race he’s run at best
    Farewell,great African Bard
    You fought well and hard

    Heroes don’t die but go to sleep
    Your works we’ll fondly keep
    A master piece so unique
    An artist with a touch so mystic

    You shall live on for years
    For your music shall ring in ears
    Grace of God be upon you
    We meet when its our time too

  79. Petchimar

    Too bad

  80. Petchimar

    He was a Great legend indeed

  81. Brian Mujuku

    Sad news, may his soul rest in internal peace,, I once remember this great musician when I was doing my project management course under DAPP in Zimbabwe when he was called to entertain us at Mungwi international headquarters, really it was one of my greatest moments when I will never forget at all. Mr RIP

    • Mkj from Zambia,

      My condolences to Oliver’s family. May his soul rest in peace, it’s a big lose also to the Country 🙏 may the good Lord intervene in that family God bless you!

  82. Togarasei

    I feel diminished. RIP Oliver. Zambia will always remember the sweet music that came from your heart.

  83. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    R.I.P papa Oliver

  84. tachila

    sad development for africa at large any way R.I.P Mr #oleva until we met again on the other side

  85. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Too bad for this man. May his soul rest in peace .

  86. Bosikile

    Sad news indeed.
    We have lost a great legend of Africa,Tuku.However, we shall continue playing your music.
    Oliver! we shall meet on the other side of the world. Good bye Tuku!
    May your soul rest in peace.

  87. Watson Malimbika

    For everything there is a season, a time to be born and a time to die,we say thank you for the great works he did whilst on earth, he did his work and his race is been done,its up to us to work for the lord before death comes our way we shall meet on that great day of judgement thanks, condolences to the believed family, Zambia

  88. machova pearson

    to bad my father may u soul rest in peace

  89. Paul Zulu

    R.I.P. Sir Tuku


    R. I. P Tuku. Tuku Music to the grave of us

  91. Mulako Mukelabai

    Rest in peace veteran tuku. May God strengthen the family.

  92. Mukonkoto

    It is so sad to lose people like Tukuz to each and every country especially in Africa and worldwide at large.May his soul rest in peace.

  93. mangisana ALPORT


  94. young chissy


  95. Visto Manda

    R. I. P

  96. Moira

    Go well! My boys said l introduced them to your music! Watched you live at Cricket Club in Kit we with boys and friends! You were awesome and your music lives on! RIP

  97. chihinga

    May the big Man rest in Peace.

  98. chihinga mutti

    May the big Man rest in Peace.

  99. Schoolboyandrea

    Rest n Peace

  100. Kebby simwatalana

    Too bad

  101. Young- Lee

    Its really a sad news,R.I.P Tuku.

  102. Kizito Mudenda

    God be with you father.

  103. Zulu


  104. Christopher Sangulube

    Rest in peace ntong’a yabo baba isizwe sizwile ingoma zakho.

  105. Uncle Lee

    How miss you take, you were my best of the best in southern Africa..Farewell the big man

  106. Ba great

    Too badooooo……

  107. Cowsbegg

    God over everything

  108. AMANAZ


  109. Daniel

    Rest in peace

  110. Daniel

    Rest in peace Our legend

  111. Bwalya C Mayoshi

    Sad development for Africa and the world at large.. MHSRIEP

  112. Wongani

    Tuku is an african icon. He wrote songs 2 educate african and world at large. We goin 2 miss his workers and wisdom. M.H.R.I.P TUKU REST WELL U RUN YO RACE AND WAS A GREAT ONE. A LESSON 2 MUSICANS REMAIN 2 LEARN FRM HIM

  113. Bwalo

    RIP Tuku your music will live forever

  114. Elvis Mulenga y

    Too bad indeed,we shall miss father,Tuku gone but his good deed shall for ever remembered.RIP Tuku.

  115. Jabu

    Mukoma Tuku famba zwakanaka you have run your race and was wonderful.MYSRIEP. your songs will continue giving cousel to masses.

  116. Simbani

    really u ar going to be missed and u will always be remembered through ur good music and good deeds.. My condolences to the family

  117. Anthobalachio

    M H S R I P

  118. Collins sopema

    My condolences mr. Tuku

  119. Mars


  120. Bs

    Rest in peace, Tuku.ms you, but your music shall always alive.

  121. Mwaka

    My condolences the family
    Tuku Res

  122. Mwaka

    My condolences to the family of Tuku he was a great ma

  123. Mwaka

    My condolences to the family of Tuku he was a great man he was a true lenged may his soul rest in peace and you ll be missed alot 😭😭😭😭😭

  124. Kelvin kalumba

    Decide for us Zambia Zimbabwe South Africa we are the song from Ienged brother is to educate or miss you rest in peace

  125. Charles Chilukole


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