FIFA Lifts Kalu Ban

World soccer governing body FIFA has lifted the two-year ban imposed on former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya for unethical conduct.

Bwalya was banned for two year by the FIFA Ethics Committee on April 12, 2018 but appealed the ban.

“The FIFA Appeal Committee has partially upheld the appeal lodged by Mr Kalusha Bwalya, the former President of the Football Association of Zambia and member of the executive committee of the CAF, and reduced the sanction previously imposed by the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics Committee in its decision dated 12 April 2018,” read the statement.

“After analysing and taking into consideration of the case, the FIFA Appeal Committee decided to reduce the duration of the ban from taking part in any football related activity imposed on Mr Bwalya to the period already served at the time of the notification of the present decision.”

Bwalya was banned by the FIFA adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee for taking a bribe from former FIFA Vice President Mohammed Bin Hammam.

“The investigation against Mr Bwalya was opened on 28 February 2017, and focused principally on benefits that Mr Bwalya had received from Mr Bin Hammam,” a statement from FIFA read.

The adjudicatory chamber found Mr Bwalya guilty of having violated art. 16 (Confidentiality) and art. 20 (Offering and accepting gifts and other benefits) of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

A fine in the amount of CHF 100,000 was also imposed on Mr Bwalya.


  1. One day freedom

    Congratulations my dear you are free now God bless

  2. chaleka

    our Zambian hero. this means a lot to zambian

  3. AK

    Good Move Fifa, We Need This Man, Football In Zambia Has Gone Down At National Team Level

  4. Malama Golden

    Not success without setbacks….great Kalu

  5. Marcelo

    congratulations king Kalu…. please help us our football is dying we need your intervention…. during your time in office Qualification was never a problem but now these people awe sure failing at all levels this totally a mess

  6. kk

    Haters go on bark now, our hero is back

  7. Simfukwe

    F. I. F. A has shown it is also corrupt. Kalusha was going to be banned for life to make it meaningful to the world

  8. KALU

    wanya Kamanga wapya nabwela manga machende


      KKK Anyway it’s part of the Competition

    • Elias

      Please be polite issues come over and finish let’s just forget ahead.
      After all Zambia is for us all

  9. Mafukeni

    Kalu takweete umulandu. Welcome back son of the soil, With your coming, I believe football standards will improve and Chipolopolo will rise again. Congratulations the only African Footballer of the year from Southern Africa.

  10. Floyd zimba

    Welcome back great kalu,do your thing the way you do it.chao

  11. kalusha walya


  12. paul usona

    Mwebantu lets try to be truthful,the report says they have reduced the ban-period and it doesn’t mean he was not wrong and this should save as a lesson to everyone that no matter how strong you are or how strong the people around you are we should do things accordingly because wrong things never lasts forever and good reputation can be destroyed in a second.

  13. Mucheleka

    Thank you God for let him free

  14. proffesor

    Welcome back the geat kalu

  15. Schoolboyandrea

    Be careful next time with the transaction you are going to make..

  16. azily

    the trueth shal set u free
    it was Janny and now Kalu!♥♡
    Zambians hands ar clean!!!!♥♡♡

  17. Musonda Chanda

    Welcome, bury the past and start new life. Get a leaf from what you went through in a positive way and build a better future. Congrats

  18. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I don’t know what is wrong with people of Zambia.You was saying Kalu is a bad leader very corrupted but now you are saying we need Kalu to help us our football is going down.Hhaaaa kumuntu takwaba chisuma sure.

  19. Muso

    Welcome back sir congratution

  20. xmonk

    How do you feel now Chris Phiri after those bad writing on King Kalu?? I am sure Andrew Kamanga with is headless team must be shivering in fearing.

  21. One zed manex

    Never again be involved in corrupt practices and get banned again,try to put Zambia on a good map sure you have learnt a lesson over your reduced ban sentence.

  22. Chimwala tembo

    All the to kalu but u need to watch back.

  23. Chimwala tembo

    All the best to kalu but u need to watch back.

  24. Chimuka siamatika

    Y bribe Kkkkkkkkkk Wat MO in his country Mr bwalya

  25. Popoloza pomboloka Sesa aware

    The Legend is back!,

  26. Patrick Mwale

    GREAT Kalu is back to the beautiful game,where is the Devil now?

  27. Gregory

    Mwebana Zambia zoona, bushe kabwalala nga bamu pungula 2yrs sentence elo baisa mufumya pali one year,does it mean he did no crime? They have just reduced the period of the sentence from two years to the already s

  28. Gregory

    Mwebana Zambia zoona, bushe kabwalala nga bamu pungula 2yrs sentence elo baisa mufumya pali one year,does it mean he did no crime? They have just reduced the period of the sentence from two years to the already saved,BU

  29. Gregory

    Mwebana Zambia zoona, bushe kabwalala nga bamu pungula 2yrs sentence elo baisa mufumya pali one year,does it mean he did no crime? They have just reduced the period of the sentence from two years to the already saved,BUT THE CRIME RECORD Is STILL THERE.

  30. Gift Banda KAFUMBWE Katete

    Any way Mr Kalu u are welcome, thought corruption nothing u can do.Maybe our football here in Zambia we can improve again.⚽️⚽️⚽️🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  31. Osei

    Greaty kalu those days we use to say lusha lusha lusha !

  32. Brian Mujuku

    We like you Great kalu,welcome back

  33. Lc

    A thief is always a thief and a corrupt minded is always corrupt,kalu is corrupt and he will not change I personally don’t need him

  34. Sams

    Lakisha proved to b a Zambian by conducting himself in corruption issues. It is not everywhere they like it.

  35. paul usona

    With this level of thinking from some fellow zambians no wonder at times we end-up with bad leaders.Someone should not be chosen based on appearance,nice talks,rich or how influential they are but on principles,credibility,selfless,able to deliver and so on but how do you praise something that is wrong?I suggest even in political elections voters be examined otherwise with this level of thinking Zambia will never develop.

  36. Luck muwaya

    Congratulations king Kalu.welcome back, help Zambian football which has gone down by this Kamanga executive.

  37. Valentine

    Mwabweleni mukwai

  38. Powder Chinena

    First and foremost, Kalusha Bwalya has not been exonerated by FIFA. It’s only the sentence that has been reduced from the initial two years to the time already served, and he has to pay a fine of about 10,000 Swiss Francs! The chap is still guilty as charged! He is still a corrupt chap, period! You may celebrate that his ban has been reduced, but he is still the “Villain” that FIFA says he is. Yes, now he can begin earning a living from Football again, hopefully not in a corrupt manner! He should not bring confusion to Zambian Football again!

  39. Natemwa

    He is the first Zambian FAZ president to bring us Africa cup of Nationals, the, with the had working footballers. Viver Have Renald, Viver Kalusha Bwalya


    iye ba kalu pliz forgive me

  41. Razor

    Fifa has only reduced the sentence from the previous ban to time served and reduced the fine which kalushas found to be too harsh to 10,000 upon appeal. They have never said he is not guilty. It’s just like in court when a thief is sentenced to one year imprisonment and fined K10,000 by the magistrate and if he finds the sentence and fine to be too harsh being a first offender he can appeal then upon appeal the sentence can be reduced to time served in custody and the fine reduced to K1000. But the thief still remains a thief and guilty of the crime.

  42. Herv Rena

    Iwe ka kalu watch out.Ukese nks kukongweshe ishakulipila.Nikaloba ka.


    Wozonda kalu panyo panu our hero is back for sure.ELO munachita ku pushing’a ba fifa hooooooooo! mwanyala vimenso monga KAZIZI elo mjma capital LETERS.


    We need you; make haste. Zambian football is in total disarray. Welcome back Zambian legend.

  45. Obedy N

    Comment I thank God for you to come back in peace.


    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala muleni kalu alibombele bwino NA panshita yakwe ewalengele cup use mu Zambian so, kalu is great abashala bonse nibamataba



  48. Patrick Mwale

    Welcome back to the beautiful game GREAT Kalu!

  49. yonyeka

    only few pipe here have understode de startmt the 2ys sentence have just been reduce.An way kalu we re waiting 4 u to come in action becz zambian football is down.

  50. Ba George

    ‘Partially lifted.. … ‘… not Cleared or Acquitted…. Ban reduced from original Two Years to the period already served and the Fine from $100,000 to $10,000…. Good is that he can now Participate in Football activities.

  51. One zero

    Chawama mukamba Kalu wikabwekeshapo lisambililo kuli bonse I fwe

  52. Peter Kubala

    May God protect you from level one

  53. DUDUX


  54. Bobo

    Freed but still guilty as charged! The muck is stuck.

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