Djokotoe Weighs in On Great Kalu FIFA Affair

Veteran journalist and media trainer Edem Djokotoe has weighed in on the case of former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya whose two-year ban has been lifted by FIFA on appeal. Djokotoe who is better known from his popular columns Soul to Soul and Mind-Over Matter in the defunct Post Newspaper has added context to the Great Kalu saga. The no-nonsense scribe wound back the clock to Great Kalu’s reign as FAZ president that saw a media witch-hunt form part of his administrative legacy.


Let the champagne corks pop, but as for me and my household, we will remember that under the tenure of a certain FAZ boss. a number of local journalists were banned from attending FAZ-organised matches and blacklisted because he wasn’t happy with their coverage.  Matimba Nkonje,  Sydney Mungala, Kalumiana Kalumiana come immediately to mind.   Some of them were arrested and charged with espionage and criminal trespass by the cop in charge of Chipolopolo security, Sylvester Shipolo who sued me for writing about the ridiculous charge and the fact that he’d been instructed to haul me to court to teach me a lesson or two in humility.   The journalists were arrested for being at Levy Stadium to watch the national team play a practice match against a Division Two side.  Espionage?  Criminal trespass–at a public facility?  Negro, please! The suit didn’t have legs or crutches to stand on, let alone a wheelchair to be wheeled in and I never saw a minute in court and the case never went anywhere.  If anything, it illustrated the brazenness of people who abuse power they think they have.

The Constitution gives citizens freedom of movement and someone thinks he can take that freedom away and make you believe you cannot attend a soccer match held at any Zambian stadium because he says so!  Keegan Mumba, a man employed to coach a premier division team, was banned from attending matches because he openly criticised how players for the national team were being picked.    One thing all this banning back and forth teaches us is that karma is a female dog from Nakadoli.

If you don’t believe me, go back and read my six-part series “Of Bans, Blacklists and Bola” published in the Post when the paper still existed. Now that people know how painful it is to be banned by forces more powerful than you are, affecting your ability and capacity to earn money, maybe we will see a lot more sobriety and maturity in how we deal with people we do not agree with.

Good morning, folks.



  1. Imasiku AKA

    That kind of archaic type of administration is partly what saw him banned and fined! When you have a know it-all-attitude, you tend to think you need no one to advise you. And finally when the chickens come to roost, you find yourself with a tag of being corrupt, dishonest and having received bribes! Reason is you thought you knew it all and your selfishness has had you on the chopping board. Yes, karma is a female dog fro Nakadoli! But does Kalu learn, or has he learnt anything from that embarrassing ordeal??

    • MOSES T J

      Comment:Wongani, what do you mean you see the poor performance of football again? The status as at now is that we have a pathetic performance. Note, we need a better administration than the current one.

      • Mufana

        Football is a team sport my brother. It’s not a one man show, not qualifying to afcon is not the end of Zambian football

        • Atase!

          It’s the end unless you are not a fan of football. What else do we do? Failing to qualify and TWICE! It has never happened to us before!

      • Viv Idly

        The most useless FAZ is the Present one! No two-ways

  2. Wongani

    He is lucky the ban has bin lifted but public stil is guilty bcoz he told us he got money and how it was used nobody knows. Kalu was not accountable 2 anyone he controled everythings frm financial and media. Banned journalist and those oppose it ruly has faz president and he undemocratic his time has a boss and led the association with a iron fist. A lift up of a ban wil make him join politics lik president G WEAR but those two are different. If he stand has politicans i can’t vote 4 him. My GOD bless Him 4 wining an appear and in footbal return has a boss i see poor performance again in zambian football

  3. kanono

    You still not happy that Great Kalu’s ban has been lifted. his achievement in footaball gives you sleepless nights right? shame on you.if you cant with stand it, go hung yourselves

    • Kwacha ngwee

      Hung yourself? Zambia has no trees. Chinese have taken all Mukula and ZAFFICO is dead

      • Chomba k moses

        We are talking about zafico you people bola NA zafico nafilingana?

        • Fyonse kulondolola?

          Iwe na iwe chomba have some wits. The guy is talking about there being no trees from which one could hang himself.

    • ROKA.

      What achievement he failed to coach the national team!The people who achieved some for Zambian football were among SirSamuel Zoom Ndlobvu,he is the one who put Zambian Football on the world map,Mr Dickson Makwaza,coached the National team and produced quality players,Mr Fred Mwila,Mr Emment Kapengwe,Mr Godrey Chitalu and many more.Galu brought confusions in FAZ and turned it into faz.I wish those true journalists could come out write the true picture about this Kantanshi boy please, let’s get it right hr was not acquitted but got reduced sentence. He must thank his lawyers for pleading on his behalf. Otherwise the damage has been made! Surely how can you trust a convict ati real lupula!!Well done FIFA.

      • Useless Roka

        Stop sabailaling. You just yapping without anything to support the statement. You think we know nothing about soccer. When did Kapengwe coach the national team? Never.When did Makwaza coach the national team? He coached Roan United. Kalu was FAZ President when we won our first and only AFCON. He also won the only Footballer of the year by a southern African. You try to ignore him at your own peril you ignoramus

    • Bwembya Chilufya

      The ban has not been lifted but reduced. You can’t understand this simple statement

    • Leon

      Kanono you could have gained the popularity of the whole world but that does not immunity do wrong and go an punished let him learn from peoples advice and criticism if you love him your advice to him will make him appreciate you but your numbness will render him uselss we all hail his achievements

  4. paul usona

    You can only make right changes when you’re in authority and never take advantage of your office to do wrong things because you never know what tomorrow has for you,maybe you might find your self in the terraces with no-one behind you and tht’s when you want to make it right which is very difficult,always do what is right so that it doesn’t affect you in future.

  5. Don Vince

    Pls Edem this is a Zambian issue & we are happy that it has come to an end. We will handle our issues & u handle the broad day corruption in Ghanaian football. I rest my case

    • Truth man

      Injustice,bad administration and corruption has no nationality tag! Be rational, Edem is pointing to what he experienced in Zambia .So to you foreigners working in Zambia should not genuinely criticise Zambians when they do wrong things? That is wrong thinking .

      • ROKA.

        Truth man you are right, once a convict is always a convict! In this case, it is an international case bwana, FIFA!What is being done by the current FAZ is transformation of the way football is administered and managed The benefits don’t come overnight!This is what we are seeing happening in the country now in terms of development.This transformation was started by the first MMD government under HE Frederick TJ Chiluba who heated by those who wanted to the only wealth people! He initiated entrepreneurship and ownership of property!

    • Nefishili fyaku patulula


  6. Lwisha 88

    Great Kalu remains great…if you think he was guilty appeal ..even if he was guilty that would mean much of the entire Caf executive is equally answerable vicarious liability

  7. Youth movement

    That’s the mind of dull people when ever someone trys to speak the truth,people with big muscles but no brains will come out with all thoughts of attacks.injustice should be condemned by anyone wether Zambians or non Zambians.

    • kinkido

      Zambians are useless fox. How do you allow a foreign to come and lambaste your brother in your own country. this is nothing close to n

      • ROKA. If anything Eden will never go back to gana or Nigerian. He has spent most of his life she is Zambian

        Truth man you are right, once a convict is always a convict! In this case, it is an international case bwana, FIFA!What is being done by the current FAZ is transformation of the way football is administered and managed The benefits don’t come overnight!This is what we are seeing happening in the country now in terms of development.This transformation was started by the first MMD government under HE Frederick TJ Chiluba who heated by those who wanted to the only wealth people! He initiated entrepreneurship and ownership of property!

        • You are speaking nonsense

          Perhaps you are a relative of this FAZs officials. This FAZ is incompetent useless impotent insipid incapable and should be dumped as soon as yesterday. We will never win anything with them. Football is about winning not participating

  8. Razor

    Yes they wanted to ban journalists who wanted to expose the theft going on at football house.

  9. The Watch Man

    Mr Edem ,
    Why are you living in the past? Why can’t you let bygones be bygones?
    If I may continue to ask, how many human beings in your lifetime have you stepped on their feet, or annoyed in one way or another? How many of those have continued to dig up past time matters and refreshed them at the mention of your name. Please, grey hair and number of years since your birthday should mean maturity and wisdom. Let the past time of others to the forgotten bin. Please grow up!!?

  10. nick

    kalu is a great man leave him he has done alot and don’t look to the past u writers chakubaba fifa has done good for kalu

    • kinkido

      we berg you eden, leave this man our kalu alone. no man lives a perfect. agony is failing to deliver when appointed faz president. kalu deliverd both on the pitch and in administration. all of you who hate kalu had interest behind you. abashed!! viva kalu.

  11. Kamata

    Edem I respect you! Please don’t make me lose that precious respect that I have for you! Stay away from the great kalu.

    • Kwame

      Why should he stay away? It’s a free country a free world

  12. Brian Mujuku

    You people why are you hate kalu?don’t you make mistakes? Kalu is a great man and deserve credits for the job well done. Ba kalu I love you and stay focused


    Ba Edem thank you for your opinion. Nonetheless, we need Great Kalu in Zambian football. SOS call for Great Kali; make haste. To be or not to be has always been the question and you answered that question when won the Afcon under your leadership.

    • Kwame

      I agree Kalu is needed. Kamanga has shown us what incompetence can achieve. Nothing

  14. Jah rules

    Osakoonda,kukondema azanu”.Bena Zambia why???????? MUTOBELIBWE

  15. Malama Golden

    You can’t be great without having a strong finger against stupid, confusion and trouble makers people. Great Kalu

  16. Kanyoku

    Somebody else to be identified n elected as Faz leader to move ahead n not to have neither the current nor any recycled personnel, Zambia is a great nation with a lot of undiscovered potential leaders. Appreciation goes to all that had served us at this level in their own right when time was ripe for them BUT it is now time for others to carry the mantle of leadership.

  17. chuma Chandi

    Great Kabwalala

  18. Zonda uzalema

    HATERS,HATERS….you will die with so much hate! Kalu is to BIG for you eden or whatever your name is…IDIOT.

  19. James Manjoro

    It’s great Kalu all the way, it’s time to get rid of that FAZ executive which has taken the national team to the intensive care unit

  20. Bye Bye

    Galu is, was and still will be corrupt. Taste of his own medicine. Angabe for all I care!

  21. rodgen

    I love kalu on soccer basis and as human

  22. Cathy junior Badu lazzak

    The guy is genius people are always bad and dangerous and they think of how they can poison u 😁😀😂🤣🤣 they re jerous of his past archivements he’s the lion roaring and this other s re rats hinding



    • Baker Ma

      Kalu is not best but he is certainly much much better than Kamanga the serial failure

  24. mwaba

    If u can ran your own business doesn’t mean your can be a good leader… Kamanga has failed and far from great kalu

  25. Chomba k moses

    Welcome kalu to the country of foot ball confusion.

  26. Mweni Kasumpa

    Adding to Kalu’s. He also signed a deal with Super Sport that seen Zambian elite MTN league to be televised that helps some Zambian players to sail abroad for the benefit of both players and the FAZ. Also acted as the ladder to get Afcon trophy some 8 years ago when he coached the National team to 2008 Afcon that saw Zambia sealed his repeatedly defeat by Egypt and a one all draw was good for Zambia

  27. B2

    Quiet alright he was corrupt but that the culture of Zambia. Kalu achieved a lot of things. starting when he was a player up to the time he was a faz president. learn to appreciate. acturing let he come back.

  28. Mutale

    Bravo Edem!!! Kalusha nimbwa yapala Umuntu.

  29. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Leave our great kalusha bwalya. This man has done a lot for this country. In this world no one is perfect, maybe let him just take _ over the presidence at football house because kamanga has failed us. Ever since his leadership at faz nothing we have smiled about.

  30. Mpelo saulo

    U can only throw a stone at a ripe mangos. # Kalu for life take it or leave it

  31. MÆJOR

    ( NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN HE WILL STILL RISE) Great kalu is and will always be remembered his name is in pen and paper all over football houses ….. this ban only adds more pages in history talk shit about him but he will still rise above .

    • Leon

      MÆJOR of all comments only you have put shit in your comment what is your problem

  32. Kudos

    Ba Zambia ukuwina afcon it was not de gud administration of de association, but God wanted to wipe our tears from de Gabon disaster. tb Joshua prophesied that before the final look what happened winning de cup we fail to play the same football we displayed at tournament it was a different Zambia but with the same administration , same players, same coaches so we love kalu he has done us proud as a player not as an administrator.

  33. CKK6-75MF

    Kalu will be remembered as a good player, as a good coach and as a good Admistrator in the history Zambian football.


    FAZ under the leadership of kamanga has failed to deliver.we have the best talented football players in the country.He is failing to come up with a formidable team. Let Benson chambeshi get all his players that participated at the world cup be in the national team with the infusion of a few of old . Then we move forward.

  35. Mulifipuba?

    Both Kalu And Edem have no problem

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