Kalaba Opts to Leave PF Completely…Accepts DP Presidency

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has resigned as Bahati Constituency Member of Parliament following his expulsion from the Patriotic Front for gross misconduct.

Kalaba has also announced officially his position as President of the Democratic Party where he will be fielded as Presidential candidate in 2021.

Addressing the media in Lusaka today, Kalaba said he has now accepted the role of presidency of the opposition Democratic Party.

He also said that he would not challenge his expulsion from the Patriotic Front but concentrate on building Democratic Party.

His resignation paves the way for a by-election in Bahati Constituency.

During the press conference, Patriotic Front Chilapya Ward councillor in Mansa, Chewe Ndila resigned her position to join the Democratic Party.

On Sunday the Patriotic Front expelled Kalaba for alleged gross misconduct largely hinged on his anti-Patriotic Front statements despite having stayed on as lawmaker.


  1. Kkkk

    Go ahead with your resignation

    • Gap


  2. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Kalaba pf will face you in a by election that is the end of you go back to your prophet tell him he is a liar your not a presidential material you lack everything that build a leader am sorry for you

    • The Watch Man

      Mr Bemba land…
      Be objective. Stop being myopic in your posts. You are not God. You don’t have the mind of God. Mr Kalaba is doing what he is doing not because of anything else but the Love of this mother land. Stop being petty and grow up.

      • Mpombo

        Some people will be in great shock if they think Kalaba and the likes of Kambwili will split the Bemba vote walaah We have been taught the spirit of block voting dundumwezi way so we won’t waste time on Kalaba and Chimbwili who may just throw us to the wolves in Maala Namwala

      • Abashitina

        Bemba land is a fool, after row he spending his life as a street vendors, from their he was employed as poor fools cadres, am not a DP supporter,but UPND, I will only support kalaba in 2026, by that time, he will be known.

    • Fines @five,five

      Comment ,,,Ba kalamba mwilabepa ,,Any person can be a president Lungu wasn’t born to a president but a human being and not a thief as he is now Kalaba can be any person not a God now if you think is to be a boot leaker to Edgar then you are an idiot Cikala !!

    • zambian

      You are nothing but a grain in a heap of sand.Be careful you might have to swallow your own words one day.Ask Justice Ernest Sakala ,he refused to greet Sata at some funeral,but a few months later he was swearing the same man in as Presido.Ako usulile eko opa noko!

    • Patriotic Zambian

      Young Man, You are So Stupid. Infact I am 100% PF and the wrongs that we have seen in our Government are too much. Harry Kalaba is a Leader and he’s shown it to the people of Zambia. He’s the best Man for the Job only that time can not allow. President Lungu needs to remove some Ministers. Harry KaLaba should ensure that the Candidate for his Party wins the Bahati Sit in the By Election

    • hasty

      Comment keep on sleeping .Mr headless chicken by the time u wake up,Kalaba will have been the republican president.

  3. paul usona

    It is his democratic right to stand as DP president and if he has the quality and able to deliver I think he should be supported.

  4. Idiocy Detector

    Ba Kalaba is full of Presidential ambitions. Truth be told, he is still 100% sub standard material. Like Kambwili, these are the people who fooled themselves and supported Lungu and called Guy Scott all sorts of names when all that old man was able to see while sitting they were not able to see while on top of findeco. What have they now seen? What will they will now see as presidents? Shame on you bane!

    • The Watch Man

      Mr Idiocy detector,
      You blow up your own hornet!!! You demean Mr Kalaba and rant all manner of balderdash! Tell me what good you have contributed to this mother land which my uncle in kifubwa can point at. From my vantage point, you belong to the pack that is commonly referred to as PHD characters. Why can’t you give people the benefit of doubt and watch from the fence lines like me the ‘Watch Man’.
      You should learn to be magnanimous in this short life and finally like the wise adage says ‘ don’t insult the crocodile whilst you are still in the water’. I rest my thoughts.

      • Idiocy Detector

        Mr Dull watchman, just keep your ignorance to yourself, I believe your dull self are not even aware of the DP’s stay of execution of the issuance of certificate. In short, DP has ceased to exist until the SC rules in its favour and if not, DP will be looking for a coffin and grave.

    • Idiocy Detector

      Now Kalaba has dribbled himself as the Party Presidency he accepted has been taken away by the AG’s Supreme Court Appeal and the stay by the High Court. I also believe that the Supreme Court might attend to DP’s matter in 2022. So HK aigonga Na Presidential Ambition.

  5. jimmy shaba

    2021,its either pf or upnd.others are just empty tins

  6. Majoni Tyson

    Good move Mr Kalaba.Don’t waist yo time with the plunderers vision less men. We are behind u.

  7. Lc

    Good move your excellency

    • Nene

      Good move mr President not ba kambwili still wanting to hold on the sit even after being expelled. Let him show himself that he

  8. Leon

    If we could have all of MPs resigning or so we could have early elections but having povercy as a controller of minds will keep Zambian at same stage year in year out

  9. Elvis Mulenga N

    Politics in Zambia, moving from one political party to another.Hopefully this party shall have new & free minded people with new ideas.l think it’s just a matter of time, politicians should emulate Mandela’s vission

  10. Dreams

    Zambian politics, plot 1 umo ikamuletelela,

  11. Kalampa 4 Lyf.


    • Geolun

      Kalampa 4lyf, u are right. It will be an uphill journey in 2021

  12. Tell the world

    Who is a better leader between a product of unruly cadres in Kabwe and the one with vision? Think twice before you attack someone. No one ever thought of ECL to rule this country if remember his looking at independence eve in 2014.

  13. Herv Rena

    Kalaba balange!We ar behind u.Te calo cama foreig ers na ba cadre cino.Ubulofwa twafwa.

  14. Focks

    Kalaba, go well and may your soul rest in darkness.

  15. Mojo

    Kendulo ya kosa

  16. 2021duly Elected Winners

    Harry Kaluba is the right type of leader Zambia. He is firm, youthful and visionary. It’s either Harry in 2021 plot 1 or PF will buy their way in. These other current political parties are quite far from forming govt despite been in existence for a longer time than DP. Just consider the demographics in terms of voting in Zambia. It’s a fact. We are behind you Kalaba come rain, come sunshine.

  17. Wongani

    Kabala is a leader and we a future leader it take 10 year 2 bcom republican president if GOD Chosen him it come 2 pass. I like his tactic is politics of up right thanking not kambwili fight a losing battle. Kambwili is visionless he maintains pf member and insult it day and night but it stil feeding him.

  18. Hot water

    Kalaba is a selfish and a tribalist unworthy whose ambitions are well known from the political intelligencia . This is good riddance of a no good but indisciplined man whose political career is now blank!In Zambia you cannot form a party on tribal lines otherwise this is dead party from the outset.

    • Geolun

      Kalampa 4lyf, u are right. It will be an uphill journey in 2021

  19. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    Mr Bembaland is great,How old are you?

  20. William chanda

    dats good our President

  21. Razor

    Kalaba don’t be a spoiler and split the opposition votes. Just align yourself to a United opposition.

  22. Dr

    So many parties in Zambia,how can we develop like this? Yesterday it was CK’s party to it’s HK. how many political parties are we going to have in Zambia?

  23. Herv Rena

    Congo registered 37 parties iwe!
    Most of z parties are the Nashala neka .

  24. Tell

    Kambwili should follow suit .

  25. One zed manex

    That’s the spirit it shows how principled you are not kambwili,its true he is a comedian

  26. Chitoshi Remmy

    Kale baya . Watching

  27. Albert Mudia

    I wish to join his part

  28. patrick

    May i take u bck to the likes of big brains magandes, wiynter kabimbas,mulongotis mik general miyands .and so called rich econmices of hh can say is better than eddy in issue atticuleting and infrustructer development in every province .sontene epo mwabomba.none of these guys can say or prove any on what they have done .there are only gud at insuiting there by painting a bad pictuer to the out sid world shame on u.

  29. Malama Golden

    Bushiri has mislead him…namuluba tata

  30. Lisa

    End of blood thirsty PF

  31. Irukandji

    Don’t vote the president with no vision. Not some people when asked, what is your vision for the country . I don’t have any vision . I will only from someone’s vision . Say no to vividness Leaders .

  32. King cool

    That is the only way to go with DP Kalaba is a good man.although not all glitter gold is gold. Let try the young man.

  33. Pf

    Yes indeed Kalaba is a great leader than Chakolwa imbwa. & Mr Kambwili also should resign as luanshya mp.

  34. Bigmango

    The people supporting this newly formed politcal party so called DP they dont mean well for our Mother zambia. This man has failed the people of Bahati for more than 10years (just a small constituency) not only that this guy did hold Ministerial positions he can not lie that he did not paticipate in the distribution of National resources. Secondly let him tell us what he has done at musaila junction where his constituecy started and a simpe example to give and convince people that you have a passion to lead the answer is zerooooooo. This man is just power hungry zambia is bigger than kalaba so becareful your decision is out of frastrations maybe your desire was to be VP in pf nomba kamipita.

  35. king Fisher

    You’re now see that pf is not the party to go with in 2021 no wonder you have started separating among your selves next is Dora just wait….

  36. Jethro

    President Kalaba we are behind you.Just work with the United Opposition to kick out this rubbish ECL regime.

  37. Mk

    Zambian politics is tricky. People can encourage you when ur are still in ruling party but immediately u come out they leave u alone. Kalaba, chipimo etc are not bad only that Zambian politics….
    Coming to the issue of corruption, all political parties have corrupted members coz they just change from one party to the other. Some members in pf were UPND and some of UPND members were MMD,pf or FDD. So they carry the viruses from their former parties. No man is perfect but all we need are leaders who can control massive plundering. It doesn’t matter whether 2021 will go for HH, Hk, Andford, Sinkamba or ECL himself. All we want is peace n development as a nation. Bravo to all political leaders.

  38. Ackim Mutale

    My brother Kalaba is an egoistic centric, who thinks too highly of himself. It is really an abomination to esteem fake pastors like Bushili more your the Lion of tribe of Judah. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

  39. mr-i100%

    Ifwa imbili iyo ileisa come 2021.nt ababashala kuwayawaya fyeee!!!kkkkkk…

  40. GaM

    Good move Mr Kalaba, Know you that 2021 you will be President only Bahati consituancey no other area
    else you are not matirial for be President Alert you! Only your money you have for campain so the poor you feed them! You would not win just u wasting your TIME BROTHER !!!

  41. Undisputed

    Upnd for lyf, others are tym wasters.

  42. venomus genius

    I have been following Mr harry what nonsense he says makes sense you might not see it I can see it …he is a speaker for the youths he know …the base of development is us the youth therefore am supporting him

  43. tumelo

    We are hungry & tired our Bwana’s who work for GVNT have not been paid is it because Felix left?

  44. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Go ahead Kalaba I’m one one of your followers

  45. Umwana wamano

    Aba ebo twita ati abaume Mr.kalaba l like your stance not bakambwili abashaishiba apo baimakana

  46. Idiocy Detector

    Now we will see who is clever CK or HK, although CK is not my preferred poison, he used the defective constitution happily signed by some blind lawyer to his advantage, but ba HK, the road is completely closed with the stay of execution of issuance of registration Certificate, so where are those traveling with HK going? ROAD CLOSED!

  47. Zambian

    Chapwa PFools yalala, One HK one DP for life. Go my President HK I love your stance & you remind me of the late Levy P Mwanawasa, may his soul rest in peace. Ine naba nganda yandi twasalapo ukumi votela ba Kalaba. Already you have votes.

  48. Josty

    Life in Chambia hehehehe

  49. Kings

    Patriotic Zambian You Are 3Right, Kalaba Has Leadership Qualities, Even Our Pf Leaders Knows Very Well, Some Of You Nikubwetuka All The Time, He Has No Time For Speculations. Good Move Mr Kalaba, My Vote Is Yours, You Win Or Lose, I Will Surport Dp.

  50. Itx uno dougizo jr

    PF and UPND are enough. don’t waste your time my dear

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