Mwila to Meet Prime TV Management

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila has set up a meeting with Prime Television management following a public dress down of the privately owned station at a press conference on Sunday.

Mwila flushed out a television crew from Prime TV for allegedly blacking out the Patriotic Front from their station.

Following the public spat, Prime TV owner Gerald Shawa wrote to Mwila protesting his decision.

Information Minister Dora Siliya has since announced that Mwila will be meeting Prime TV management to clarify several issues.

Siliya also wondered why some politicians had lurched on the incident to vilify government as being anti-media.

Below is the protest letter Prime TV wrote to the PF Secretary General:

Dear Sir,


The above captioned subject refers.

It is with a heavy heart that we write your office on a matter in which you publicly chased Prime TV journalists from your Press Conference on Saturday 26th January 2019 and later on, decisively, barred Prime Television from covering all your party functions.

As a broadcast institution registered to operate independently under the laws of Zambia, we find the idea to chase our journalists and the decisive submission to bar Prime Television from covering all PF functions unfortunate.

Given your Party Position as Secretary General,and  Knowing that you come from the ruling party which should lead by example by following the law ,it is sad that  you opted to ignore the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) complaints procedure, which requires that you tender a formal complaint to a broadcast institution ,which complaint is supposed to be addressed within 14days ,upon which you are free to bring it to the attention of the IBA after 14 days  ,where you feel that  that Broadcast institution has  failed to adequately address your complaint.

The above procedure is a requirement for all those who feel aggrieved on a matter of broadcasting.

Unfortunately, you have opted to use a more unprocedural way which to us is unfortunate , undemocratic and totalitarian in that it  may subject our journalists to unwarranted political attacks especially attacks from the Patriotic Front cadres.

It is our considered view that the approach you took is not only undemocratic, but is a serious indictment on the freedom of the media.

While you have the right not to be covered if you so wish, it is Prime TV’s policy to provide a platform for all political parties without bias.

We also wish to bring to your attention that Prime TV is a commercial Television station where all those wishing to have  sponsored programs are free to come  and have their programs paid for as many times as they can just like your party has previously on the same platform.

As you may have observed, many political parties have been sponsoring their press conferences to air and this is done in a business sense.

We wish to urge you to follow the law as you make further complaints of a coverage nature and those complaints should be in compliance with sections (33-38) of  IBA Act 2002.

As a media house , we still hold you in high esteem and pray that this misunderstanding you have raised is resolved promptly in a formal and civil manner.

Yours faithfully,

Gerald Shawa

Prime TV Director

Cc: Minister -Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Cc: Director General, Independent Broadcasting Authority

Cc: MISA Zambia

Cc: Media


  1. mutule

    If it was dead n b c ngani headlines pali news yonse ububi pamenso

  2. King cool

    PF stop causing havoc to the media, you are in power show maturity and democratic, as we Zambian citizens we need to hear everything you are doing, it’s us people who put you in office. Stop behaving like UPND. Or MMD. We love you so much.

  3. Zambian

    I just want to register my disappointment on the way Mr Davis Mwila behaved, after seeing the reaction on TV I was very very disappointed with him. And now I think the President saw the behavior of this man, while I may say the President is a humble man my appeal to him is please fire this man. Balamiletelela aba ba tata, balaonaule chipani ne shina lyenu. Unless you are in support of his bad behavior then this man will continue being your SG, but if not, then show him the way out. Echo balushile Ku constituency yabo. Ba Mwila shame on you.

    • Kennedy Mwenya

      Mr. President you have heard. Please look into the behavior of Davis Mwila. Very shameful a person of his caliber and status behaving that way in public. shame.

  4. Leon

    Yes if this man is not published somehow that is if not relieved of his post then the belief will be he is acting under command as we Head towards 2021

  5. Focks

    How many Newscasters have been threatened by opposition? What happened to Tayali at Chainama Hotel? Rememner to be True.

  6. Sams

    From bad to worse.

  7. Kamata

    But why covering a function which you know your Boss will not allow you to air it? Mr mwila was right, that journalist was a spy.

  8. Kapijimpanga

    Mr mwila was right prime TV journalists reports are distorted are away from the truth their reports are meant to satisfy the opposition

    • Kim

      The first step toward the greatness is to be honest. Mr mwila you need to think before going on front of pipo.


    We all believe what Dr c kambwili said about Davis mwila because someone to hold a position in power must be educated Mr President Sir just Fair him

  10. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    Kamata and kapijimpanga ,kamwa twama no ma wongo omo mu vizuma vyamitwe yenu cheka nawa ulima ukiko una kumilingisa.

  11. Fmx

    Davis mwila has no leadership qualities ,bcoz of lack of education ,PF will die natural death like sichalwe busy posting porno on Facebook .why this in PF .

  12. Umwana wamano

    I personally l don’t watch that useless channel everything that they televise fyakubulemafye government mukacisalefye ci channel ici ukucila balelanda ifyabufi mucalo

  13. Eh mukwai

    In spite of outcries for media freedom which we believe freedom of the press is very much existent in Zambia because in other countries you can even raise a finger against the head of state, status quo or govt, Mr Mwila was quite right. PRIME TV seems to be a hired opposition gun. Mr Shaw’s is right it’s all about business.

    • pontino miti

      Is Mr shawa happy in the manner Mark Simuwe insults the president and government ministers in the name of press freedom?

    • Madiba

      Like which country

  14. the eagle

    what is there to hide from the same people who voted for you

  15. Malama Golden

    Mr SHAWA is a very good, courageous and passionate person in the Medea industry. He is the ever best person I did business with concerning TV programs. Now Acts TV will be on air soon..it is because of exposure prime TV gave me…He deserve to be supported by all well meaning Zambiams

  16. Kamata

    @golden malama, you are around pastor? I heard you were swallowed by a big snake, how true is it sir? Or you were vomited?

  17. Ganiza

    In zambia under pt every thing is opposite where right is wrong and vice verser dont expect anything and whoever can cunningly defend mwila can even be promoted.
    Where blood is shed the smoking gun is there but no one is arresred cry .
    .my beloved country.


  18. Great Denni's

    A media station should be neutral in political affairs of the country, shouldn’t support any party or disrespect another.
    Bt when we watch prime Tv news broadcast mostly it’s the negative or bad things from the ruling part. Now is it that there is no good thing to talk about? Mwila has done too much to reach that extent but prime Tv should also observe their operations


    Why does Davies Mwila look like a witchdoctor?

  20. zambian

    This goes to exhibit the poor quality of a political entity being run by barbaric and ramshackle minded individuals,masquerading as CEO, directors etc.This private media you are abusing will be the platform you will be running to once the tables turn and you become the opposition. Behold! a time to leave those sweet positions approaches quickly

  21. Dr Roy

    yes the media should be indipendent

  22. Charlexas selrahc

    PF we are tired of your lies not this time

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