Chipolopolo Kickoff 2020 CHAN Race in July

Zambia team picture during the 2018 CHAN football game between Zambia and Uganda at the Grand Stadium in Marrakech, Morocco on 14 January 2017 ┬ęSamuel Shivambu/BackpagePix

The draws for the 2020 African Nations Championship (CHAN) have been held in Cairo with Zambia exempted from the first round of qualifiers.

Zambia will join the fray in the second round on the weekend of July 26-28 when the face the winner between Botswana and Seychelles.

The first round matches will be on the weekend of April 19-21 with the return legs set for May 10-12.

Should Zambia weave its way past the second round they will face either Angola or the winner Eswatini and Malawi.


Games for the third round will be played on the weekend of September 20-22.

Zambia exited the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN) at the quarterfinal stage in Morocco.

Ethiopia will host the 2020 CHAN tournament.

Forty-seven (47) teams are engaged in the battle for 15 places to join host Ethiopia for the final tournament of the sixth edition of the tournament designed exclusively for footballers playing in their domestic leagues.

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. saimbwende

    With kamanga at the helm of FAZ the boys may not even qualify for CHAN. We need back great Kalu at FAZ

  2. Benet Means

    We need Good results this year please footballers


    The football in Zambia has contributed to some of the death of some people because of their performance

  4. mr-i100%

    I thick if we really want to start wining trophies here in Zambia, we need first to change vice national team coach The way we’ve done with the head coach

  5. F

    U Zambians u don’t work hard

  6. Badu jr

    Work work work work work don’t just eat en drink

  7. Beee

    Remove ama bosses bring back the man who as worked hard since 19 century

    • Antony s

      You Zambians like blaming the coach n executive, when you already know, that Zambian players are weak,even if you bring, the coach for Brazil. They will still loose..y ?bcoz they lack skill on the ball..kkkkkkkkk

      • Army worm

        I agre with you Anthony s,it’s share waist of time watching them,the government z just waisting on them..just fire them n let them come n join ba avic bakazi manga manyumba ya ba mbuju..

      • Chezi

        Whom do you know can teach skills if a footballer is weak? Footballer’s them self or the coach tell me

      • Joshua

        Whom do you know can teach skills if a footballer is weak? Footballer’s them self or the coach tell me

  8. Mr. K

    It is a waste of time to watch Zambia playing when you know zambia won’t win

  9. mr leadership

    police dnt do that again have u head

  10. Masauso

    you know most times we blame the coaches for loosing I think Zambian players need an attitude adjustment you cant win if don’t behave like a winner Zambian players need to work extra hard they should limit themselves they say hard work pays off we want to see our players in big leagues like the premier league,la Liga,serie A etc we need our players to show us were our Moneys are going not just feeding people that can’t perform please national team we expect the best from you this time around?

  11. Jimmy James simukonda


  12. evansihno

    It’s sad to have the FAZ business man instead of FAZ President. I blame those who voted for him just because of money. Next faz president to be voted by all Zambians

  13. AK

    Sven Has Extended His Contract. His Aim IsTo Send Zambia To Afcon 2021 & World Cup 2022. There Will Be An Improvement, Our Team Will Beat Namibia, Despite Losing Namibia Will Qualify To Afcon This Year. Soccer Lovers Will Be Happy To See Zambia Wining Cosafa Cup, Local Players Booking A Ticket To CHAN And Bring The Cup Here, As Well As Under 23 Qualifying To Olympic Games. Continue Encouraging The Players

  14. Schoolboyandrea

    go Zambia go

  15. Nelson

    If Zambia is to win then it has to take players to train in Brazil kwasila

  16. Gam

    Boys dont sleep they are legs makes sharp we need to bring cup here (2020).

  17. Cacious Nkumba

    Never underestimate a team, Zambian players need to be focused when playing not already thinking that you have won before you even score.. Don’t change squad randomly, just focus on putting your country and people on the map.

  18. Mweni Kasumpa

    When Kalu was at helm of FAZ we witnessed high profile friendly games and players were delivering. Today you can not even have a cimpombwa friendly. With this reign you don’t expect a win only frustrations. It’s like in a home where the father is a fisherman do you expect his children to get good jobs? He can only teach his children the skills of catching fish. Don’t blame players. Blame the policy makers and implementers.

  19. Mweni Kasumpa

    Coach request friendlies to proof yourself and qualify the team to change tournament.


    if it’s a national team biya wala no qualifying they are just wasting country’s resources

  21. Mweni Kasumpa

    Point of correction not change of tournament but CHAN tournament.

  22. Lazarus

    That make our Zambian to be Famous

  23. Lazarus

    Hey Guys keep going that make our Zambian’s to be happy :p :d

  24. whiteson

    let’s look for a good faz president instant nishitakwaba .you are waisting more tax payer s money just put some money in football with pressure rise them we are not feel good ,we are speed more money to watch them .see leaders we are speend more money to plant helloes ,mwanawasa and main more ukokwine ku mpanga nganikwisa esteand of mu kitwe after that you starting shooting our gangster throw readership you are destroying everything tushenimo, mukalabatamba mwebaku VIP mweka I think tamulipila shafuli imagine utu utuma nebours etungalatufumyamo it shame!!!!!!

  25. Lex mulopwe

    Zambia needs great kalusha

  26. Nshilungafye

    The national team doesn’t get to play a lot of friendlies to fulky assess players before going to major tournaments. The way it used to be in the days gone by. Kamanga just likes sitting next to edgar lungu in the vip section at the stadium .

    • David k

      Zambia you are performing very well I like it. This is D.K work extrahard so that you won next

  27. Mr B

    Zambia Has Gone Down Interms Of Performance So They Need Improvement

  28. Noah chiwala

    I think our players are mentally disturbed coz I believe football is in the mind

  29. William

    this time give sven chance to coach the team we are paying him enough money dont spend without benefiting let him work let him show his skills please imwe ala!

  30. Willie chishi

    this time give sven chance to coach the team we are paying him enough money dont spend without benefiting let him work let him show his skills please imwe ala!

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