Nathan Chanda Warns Dormant PF Officials of Removal

Newly elected Patriotic Front Copperbelt Chairman Nathan Chanda has fired warning shots to dormant elected members by saying they will be removed from the party.

Chanda who was on a party mobilization drive in Masaiti and Kafulafuta said that elected officials failing to mobilize the party will be committing a serious offense especially that 2021 elections are getting closer.

Chanda told party members to report any of those elected in the structures and not performing to the provincial executive to allow for action to be taken.

“For us we will sign a Social Contract with you the people so that when we fail to work according to our promises then you need to remove us as a Provincial Executive Committee. But let me tell you that failing to mobilize the party in order for President Edgar Lungu and the PF party to win is a serious offence,” he said.

Chanda who is also Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee urged elected officials to be united and work as a team since the Provincial, District and Constituency intra-party elections are now over and election camps should now be a thing of the past.

“Elections are now over. We had camps but that is long gone. Let us respect each other and the leadership that is there. No matter how small a leader looks or can be; let’s respect each other and those in authority. Let us open a new page and move on,” he reiterates.

Chanda has been on a tour of districts since his election to engage with the elected officials after having visited Chingola, Chililabombwe, and Lufwanyama.


  1. Zambian

    Ichipani ichi chaliweme ulo twali naba shikulu ba shi Michael nomba Ku chula chula fye. Fili uko tuleya………..


    Why has the Government not paid its workers Today its 30 the end of the Month we need the MONEY.

    • Mr chola m

      Tell them to pay government workers many points that,s true people need money

  3. Zambian

    BO Tumelo imwe mulila kufola while Tax payers, while some of your friends don’t even have jobs. Have patience Papa, muzafola.

  4. Zambian

    And the month hasn’t even ended, January goes up to 31.so y panicking bwana? Munakongola maningi……kikikikikikikikiki……iliko…. Muzamuona satana.

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    Ni salary ya nyoko?

  6. Zambian

    Iwe ka Top Nyau Pushi nkala NA ulemu. Y mukonda kulemba vaupuba kansi?


    Mukongo wa nga

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    I want to ditch PF and would like to
    join Harry Kalaba

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