Siliya Cements Zambia-Multi Choice Partnership

Information and Broadcasting Minister and Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya says Zambia is determined to create employment through the use of digital migration technology and new media.

Speaking when she toured the Multichoice Africa facility in Randburg, South Africa, Siliya said the use of local content in television was cardinal ensuring that citizens remain engaged with the government.

Siliya said government was happy with the support that Multichoice group of companies has rendered to Zambia by providing a platform on which Zambian content was being broadcasted.

She noted that the opening up of Zambezi channel on the Multichoice platform has helped developed the local film industry and given Zambia chance to showcase its talent through popular local soaps such as Mpali and Zuba among others.

And Multichoice group chief Executive officer Calvo Mawela said Zambia has been an important market for its growth and further expressed happiness for government’s support rendered so far.

Mawela pledged his Company’s Support in ensuring that Zambia attains its digital migration development and goals.


  1. Herv Rena

    Why talk about zambezi channel showcasing talent and developing films when your own znbc is a boring tv platform which only welcmes pf politicians?

    • Sikota Wina

      They have destroyed their own ZNBC Now they are busy praising foreign TV stations for providing what ZNBC is supposed to do

  2. Ba Flex

    Must be atleast 5 and above film industries for the benefit of zambian citizens not just Zambezi magic!!!!

  3. CN

    True, znbc is a very boring TV platform full of political propaganda. T

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