Kalaba Orders Structures to Ignore Ban and Remain Operational

Press Release


2nd February 2019

We wish to inform the nation that contrary to what is reported to have been said by the Ministry of Home Affairs, through their Public Relations Officer, the Democratic Party is not a deregistered party because the decision of the Registrar of Societies to cancel the registration of the party was quashed by the High Court and as such the Registrar of Societies’ decision, remains quashed.

The panic being exhibited by the Ministry of Home Affairs over  the existence of DP and obviously President Kalaba to an extent of issuing false and Alarming statements to the nation  leaves much to be desired.

In this regard, the party wishes to advise its members and the nation at large to continue operating and conducting all party activities freely.

In the meantime, the party will commence contempt proceedings on the ministry of Home affairs official who issued the alarming statement !

Herewith attached is the Ruling that was passed by Judge Newa on the 29th of January 2019.

Issued by

Judith Kabemba

DP Spokesperson



  1. King cool

    Lungu alungusha icalo bane, He is scaled of Kalaba a simple man. Kalaba has a heart of this country. I know he can do better than Lungu. That’s the reason why Lungu wants to destroy all those people whom he knows are a threat to justice and he…2021 is around the corner and Lungu will cry like Rupiah Banda

  2. Northwestern

    I agree with you King Cool. This chap Lungu knows what is coming ahead of him. Chikala Lungu is the only president that I have seen and hear to make this country what it is today. Lungu do all sources of what you think is good but remember that the same role you are abusing will turn against you shortly. I if the late Sata was still alive, maybe this country wouldn’t reach at this stage.

  3. Razor

    Don’t waste time fighting government because eventually they will take this case to the biased concourt where you will lose. Just change the name and re- register.

  4. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Lungu is not a chilkala. Lungu is a president of Zambians including northwestern. So mind your language. Don’t advertise your madness on the media. Learn to appreciate respect people. May the good lord guide you. Thanks

  5. Chendabusiku

    Where is the attached ruling? If the case is in the courts of law then let us stop attacking the head of stsate. You are the people who are biased and not the courts. Your very small god insults the police and calls them morons and he runs to the same police for protection. Some people need to grow up time has come.

  6. Northwestern

    He deserves the name because of what he is doing. In fact even you, mind your language and don’t show your stupidity of supporting things that is seen by everyone including chickens or in shot all domestic animals

  7. Majoni Tyson

    Forward president Kalaba. Keep Paralysing the PF in lwapula,the former strong hold. We have suffered a lot and we all need to cooperate for the betterment of beloved country. Let’s not leave it in the hands of this tyranny Edgar lungu or our children will inherit nothing but a rotten state.


    Kalaba is a big hero

  9. pf

    Indeed Harry Kalaba is a great leader than Chakolwa imbwa

  10. Clever

    Tiye NATO hk

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