Sumaili Orders Zambezi Magic to Stop Airing Lusaka Hustle

Religious Affairs and National Guidance Minister Godfridah Sumaili has had her say on the Zambezi Magic reality show Lusaka Hustle that features a character allegedly exhibiting gay tendencies by saying it should be taken off the screens.

Sumaili said the private pay-television Multi Choice should stop airing the program that allegedly promotes immoral behaviour.

“This show should stop immediately. Our stand as a Christian nation is clear and the laws of the land speak louder,” she said.

Zambezi Magic had put out a response laying the blame on social media.

Head of Zambezi Magic, Mr Timothy Okwaro, has responded to comments on social media about the reality show Lusaka Hustle.

Mr Okwaro expressed regret about a social media post, which he says has misrepresented the content of the show, “Lusaka Hustle is a locally produced reality show which follows the lives of three Zambian celebrities who regularly appear on television. The suggestion that the show advocates or promotes any particular lifestyle is an unfair misrepresentation”.


He added that Zambezi Magic is deeply respectful of Zambian laws and culture.



  1. Zambian

    Ba minister elo mwatampo Ku bomba, mwashibukeni po mukwayi. Things have been happening in our country & your ministry has been quite, so many fake Pastors cheating people allover the country, kwati tamufyumfwa katwishi nga mulalyamo? One pastor swindled the poor widow millions, mwaikalapofye. Tell me what is your role as Minister of Religious and National Guidance? Can you work hard and bring to a stop all these fake magicians mascareding as Prophets. In Schools on Sundays nikafwafwa, were are we going? Olo MAPEPO sure? All because of offerings and teith? Please do your work as a ministry, else?

    • Floyd zimba

      Focus on the topic,they are not talking about churches,are you a satanist?

      • Me

        Floyd Zimba ninshi ndiwe one of the magicians naiwe?

        • Floyd zimba

          No m not, m just surprised the minister is busy stopping gay people, and you people are frustrated.now talking bad things about churches, what is wrong with you?

          • Ba D

            Ba Floyd mwatuchita disappointed little did we know that you are gay, your strong stance in protecting this stance by our regious has just fished out what you harbour in your heart

          • mutule

            Wat of the minister who sent us pornographic material u hav left him free

    • hmm bushe mulapepa, ba guy? What of ama bars and all the loud noise all over. Church is only in Sunday or Saturday, but chibuku opens at 6hrs. Research .

      hmm bushe mulapepa, ba guy? What about the bars and all the loud noise they make all over and everyday? Church is only on Sunday or Saturday, but chibuku is everyday and opens at 6hrs. Tulekeni tulepepa naimwe mulepeepa.

    • Street kid

      Good call. The fake prophets, adulterous pastors and bothels in noisey bars are very much out of control. Stop this “crap-sharing” before it too gets out of control.

    • Kwin

      Talk of her fellow minister who shared porn n it was ok. Awe kwena

    • Leon

      Can the minister also deal will our so called Zambian musicians singing insults in their songs ban those sings and charge the producers

  2. Abashitina

    We paid for this channel, find something to replace, in some situations you don’t even fear God

  3. Kawax

    Mwashibukenipo mukwai. It was long overdue as if we don’t have a ministry in charge. Now ii for one I want all the fake churches who are faking miracles and prophecies banned. Emulate Rwanda where they closed all fake churches and demanded a minimum of bachelor degree in theology to anyone who wants to start a Church. Wake up Zambia.

    • Floyd zimba

      People are opening bars every where you don’t talk about it, what’s wrong with starting a church? people of God let’s have as many churches as we can, are we taking your people from your churches? offering ilechepa?

    • Kuku

      Yes I concur with you,there is sanity now in Rwanda. Honourable minister, you’re going to save a lot people from being swindled, marriages from breaking down, from getting infection of STDs/AIDS & unwanted pregnancies amongst our young female congregants

  4. Zambian

    Honestly these days even boys of 21 years are Pastors? Nga kaishiba fye ukwimba noku pepa ati am a prophet. MWe Bantu sure? Ubupe bwa mu church nabulowa Ku bantu.

    • Floyd zimba

      At what age did Jesus started preaching? you people from your traditional churches you have diluted your churches, how can you pray? yesternight you were busy drinking beer in the morning ati m the church secretary,mula tupwisha amaka you people are not serious with God.M a Pente for life.

    • Nangu Tapasoswa

      Ati Papa, aka muntu na 20yrs. Ukwabula nonuchinshi. The church needs to be regulated. It’s just too much – elyo ifya ma gay not muno

  5. Lady Gaga

    Christians are suppose to embrace all kinds of people regardless of who they are and what traits they have …..Jesus mingled with tax collectors who were less accepted by society ….I say to you today YOU DONT DO WHAT THEY DO BUT DONT LET YOURSELF BURN IN HELL BECAUSE YOU JUDGED THEM…..

    • Just Thinking

      I acknowledge that but were the tax collectors gay? We’re not judging, no, we do not support it because that is not what we Zambians stand for.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly people who said he’s gay?
      You’re all very judgemental what if he grew up around a lot of women. He called himself uncle Kuni on the show. Let him act how he wants mind your own business and yes Christians shouldn’t judge anyone just try to help them out.

  6. Chris

    And the minister of porn what’s your take madam boss..

    • Amano

      Ati minister of porn…Hahaha. He should resign on moral grounds.

  7. Mute

    Ba Floyd, don’t spiritualize facts. Why are you so defensive. Can’t you see how people are asked to pay for prayers by these “Fund raisers”. I am a true Christian myself but don’t agree with soccery in the name of men of Prophecy. The bible says freely you have received(gifts from God) from you shall give. Minister Sumaili, please regulate. Bachila mo soccery these magicians. They should first be getting clearance from the three church mother bodies and GRZ for practicing licence.

    • Floyd zimba

      No m not, m just surprised the minister is busy stopping gay people, and you people are frustrated.now talking bad things about churches, what is wrong with you?

    • Floyd zimba

      You shall know them by their fruits. It’s your choice

      • Only wise thing you said the entire argument.

        This is how we are limiting ourselves as a country. The best you can do is stay true to yourself, the world is steadily evolving. We won’t be able to say no to everything that’s benefiting other countries. All in the name of Christianity, that’s why Africans seem so hypo critic. You cannot practice what you preach. Just love God and focus on his purpose and will for in hopes that you are some day able to influence others. You cannot impose things like this. This ministry needs to be check I sense a lot malice

  8. Davy mwale

    I thank the Minisster for showing what she is supposed to do as her raw I urge the Minister to also look at zee world our children’s are learning romance at a tender age and our wives are also learning bad morals of double crossing. I believe some firms can be stopped.

    • Ana

      Did u know u can Use PG settings to block channels that u don’t want your family to watch

  9. Dr

    Ba Dave,I 100% agree with you.

  10. Blank

    Kanshi even Bob Nkosha should be stopped from performing!

  11. Razor

    Dictatorship now telling people what they can watch and what they can’t.

  12. Atase

    Ala why don’t you ban those politicians that lie

  13. Big Daddy

    That’s why people fail exams. Please read the topic again. The Minister is spot on regarding this queer shameless character appearing on our screens. Since you have brought in issue of Magicians turned into Miracle workers And harvesting big from poor innocent Zambians, my take is let”s follow the Rwanda route. It’s long overdue.

  14. Didie

    Pipo, the topic at hand is the niggar in gay characteristics, I don’t think this is suitable for my kids view, my boy eve asked me why the guy was putting on a female dress. My son did not see the Minister of porn and is not affected directly by the church malpractice but he is by watching such a show. Let the authorities like Dec anti corruption deal with the porn and church malpractice

  15. Barotseland

    I conquer with you Atase fertilizer is been ferried to Eastern Province where there are by elections to be given for free to the people as a fake promise just because by elections going on . Zwaaaaaa ki masholi feels .

    • Chongo

      The show in question appears on a paid network. How does a Minister wake up from her sleep and start ordering a for show to be discontinued. Has she been told that viewing can be controlled by using the “Parental Control Feature”. Please take a tour of your mushrooming bars and taverns which opening and closure time is not observed and see what happens there. Leave this boy alone and please find out what exactly this show is about before you make s wrong decision.

  16. CN

    In a so called Christian nation, political violence all the time we have elections, misappropriation or stealing public funds and the list is endless. We are worse than countries that did not declare themselves as Christian nations. Are we fooling God or ourselves ?

  17. Barotseland

    I conquer with you Atase fertilizer ieen ferried to Eastern Province where there are by elections to be given for free to the people as a fake promise just because by elections going on . Zwaaaaaa ki masholi feels .

  18. Zambian

    Read Mathew 24, Jesus spoke about many coming in his name & even performing great miracles. Wars and rumors of wars, stubbornness, love of money, shortage of love among brothers and sisters, children and parents will rise against each other so on & so forth. And these are the days bwana, ine nshakabepwe by any force Papas or fake magician, bena bufi. You shall know them by their fruits. Tulefimona.

  19. Endtime Prophet Paul Sambo

    Many Nations around the World are becoming more and more lawless and if we do not stand for the TRUTH as a Christian Nation then no one will-We will stand by our values and not allow such programs to Air on our Zambian channels to send a wrong picture to the youths and other Nations.

    Reverend Godfridah Sumaili, we SALUTE you for standing Bold and doing what’s right.

    This is how Morals are decayed and that is how Nations start rebelling against God.

    Proverbs 14:34 says, “RIGHTEOUNESS exalts the nation and SIN is a Disgrace to All. ”

    It also says Blessed is a Nation whose God is the Lord.





    • paul

      You religious Phariesee Endtime Prophet Paul Sambo.. is China a christian nation? yet you go and get nkongole from a heathen nation? mapolo yako ewe. It is because of chaps like you Zambia is poor because of religiosity..

    • Umuntu mutwe

      Is our stance only against gay rights?we over reacting like this because it’s not common in our set up and we think it’s not normal but just take a deep breath and think of other sins that we commit and think are normal! Buchakolwa,kangala, ubuchende,ubulale ubupondo, butokota,bukaitemwe,ubunkalwe etc…the list is endless! How shameful! Let’s not judge guys! Judgment is for God! For now I want to continue watching my lsk hastle…give us iwee

    • DeadShotZero

      It’s really funny. So this so called minister of religious affairs bans a show all because someone is gay? I don’t understand the level of stupidity of some people. Honestly.
      We dine with leaders from nations that support gay rights. We sing praises to them and get donations from them and here that bitch has the guts to say this show is corrupting Zambia?

      New Zealand
      South Africa
      United States of America

      The countries above all support same sex marriage 100%. Zambia recently was given used fire trucks by one of the above countries and first lady went to receive the donation. When Zambians want to do Masters Degree and PhD studies, they are likely to travel to and get knowledge from one of the above countries. Naspers the parent company to the so much loved multichoice in Zambia is from South Africa, a country that supports “gay rights”. What do you think their agenda is when broadcasting the shit we watch there? Obviously they will promote the things they believe in. It’s only natural.
      We love them and we dine with them but here we are denying them. I don’t see the logic made by that bitch. She should also ban the internet because just like TV you never know when some gay shit may just pop up.
      We should be uniform in our decision, if we say no supporting anything that is related to gay, then we shouldn’t even entertain countries that support such. Period!

  20. paul

    Sumaili you are a waste of tax payer’s money….

  21. Just too much hypocrisy in Zambia. Minister only actsy when things suit them. When it comes to ministers sharing porn videos o media, they pretend all is well

    Too much hypocrisy in Zambia. Minister only act when things suit them. When it comes to ministers sharing porn videos on media, we are told to pretend all is wel

  22. Oga bale

    The Bible states clearly how you should pray in Mathew 6:5 downwards,and how you should give offering in OR tithe in 2 Corinthians 9:7,and why it’s not good to believe in too much money in Luke 12:15,don’t confuse yourselves follow what the Bible is saying.

  23. Umuntu

    Its not like this is the only show on tv with someone gay tho..
    Plus… Not everyone in this country is Christian…
    For some reason.. People forget “GOD LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN”… Even those that commit murder.. He loves them… At the and of the day.. Leave people be… If we want to be gay.. Leave us..if we want to be straight… Leave us… If we want to be pastors leave us!!!!!
    God will come judge us mwebo.. Is it you going to hell???
    How do my sins affect you??? Yes be your brothers keeper pela some of us don’t want to be kept…
    LEAVE IT BE!!! In fact.. The whole Zambia is a Christian nation thing should just be removed because this country insults God.
    We judge each other too much..its time we became open-minded to some of these things mwebo… Our friends are developing because they don’t have time to judge each other but rather build ….

  24. mutule

    Minister aletamba katundu ena mwamusha ? Chiwamina galu kuluma mbuzi

  25. Dr Fonicks

    The stance made by hon sumaili is the right way. Like what some of my colleagues have alluded to concerning the pornographic issue of hon sichalwe. what is the minister’s position? in my view that is much worse than the gay issue on Zambezi magic. honestly speaking sichalwe must have been arrested. His case is a serious offence. sometime back, a foreigner was prosecuted for possessing pornographic material on his laptop found in a hotel room. sichalwes went on social media. The first thing to have been is suspension from duty and consequent arrest. Mr. Lungu is quiet. even the outspoken chanda is mute. had it been someone from the other camp, awe sure, the case could even have reached almost judgement level. Please Amos Chanda and madam sumaili what is your position over sichalwe as you acted on the Zambezi magic issue ? sichalwe’s issue is more devilish.

  26. foreskin nyirenda

    Zambia was “declared” a christian nation doesn’t mean it is Christian nation.ifi ma zambian imitwe shafula fye amanshi.

  27. Uwamano

    But I also doubt that guy MWe,, the way he dresses mmmmmh nga ni fashion awe fye.

  28. Domity Kafwamba

    Gaysm is a rebellion against God.

  29. ba bob

    Floyd is a Masonic he always support stupid things, do your work ba minister keep it up

  30. Concerned citizen

    Our minister never mind our insults and views please ba simple some of us are happy you have finally started standing on Christianity grounds please please please twafweniko fwemembu to live a Christ like life. Put stiff measures we take the word Christianity on vain ati God will judge alone. The bible says my people perish due to lack of knowledge. Poison starts small and when neglected it ruins alot. Muslims punish one another please any evil deeds are not from Christ but of the world. Twafweni bufibi fyonse. Keep it up or help those Zambians with visas to go join other countries were evil is legalized by disowning them.fwebantu abakulu fame my foot


    She has taken a good action. Let’s not just be a christian nation by name but also by the way of living. May you continue doing the right work in Jesus name.

  32. Ar

    Keep up with the good work minister

  33. Joseph

    I think we should protect our gay brothers Zambia is a democracy a person has the right to choose their own sexuality. Leave the guy alone it is only that in Zambia we hide in the name of Christianity while a lot of evil is going on around us.Kuni must come out and be the force of change, to open our ignorance.

  34. Whiteson Zulu

    Joseph, I totally agree with you, there are women beards facial hair nobody says anything, leave gay men to enjoy human rights the way women with facial hair beards are enjoying their human rights.

  35. Whiteson Zulu

    Joseph, I totally agree with you, there are women with beards facial hair nobody says anything, leave gay men to enjoy human rights the way women with facial hair beards are enjoying their human rights.

  36. Religious Affairs

    If this Country was so Holy as that Minister for Religious Affairs alleges, why so many Sugar Mommies/Sugar Daddies for politicians?
    Minister, taste the coffee.

  37. Maximillian

    During Chiluba’s regime Zambia was declared a ‘Christian Nation’ but the fruits of darkness still pave way to come and destroy our Country. It’s high time we should get united as a nation and do the right thing in the eyes of GOD.

  38. Dark Vedar

    What a country, you have more serious issues pending like the missing toll money that just disappeared while you remain with bad road networks and banning a TV show is your main concern? Because of how someone carries themselves? And you people even have time to start arguing about it in the comments, church this church that while you are being robbed in broad day light? Rubbish make yourselves useful and save your country! While you are in church praying they are stealing your hard earned money! Wake up! #Nonsense

    • Major

      Ba minister u chose what to see and what not to …. It’s yo duty and responsibility to bring that pornograminister to justice, what is yo say about that? Elo futi nanga what’s yo take on irris mu yopa kukamba apo ka? Useless

  39. the eagle

    thank our mother for your stance also look at the dressing code of zambian woman with see through who walk around half naked and nagerian,zee world including telemundo what is a lesson to a christian nation teach them also

  40. Togarasei

    People let’s focus on the topic. Gayism in Zambia No No and again I say NO. Give thme an inch they take a yard; give them a yard they take a mile. We are not judging them but their sexual inclination is widely unacceptable in society as they are perceived perverts. Let them ply their trade in privacy as we don’t want to seem on roof tops fighting for their evil rights. These sins are different have got Amalevels. Telling a lie you are attracts loss of a finger punishment. Being openly Gay stoning to Death. If we say Judgement is for God alone then let’s free all the prisoners even the one who murdered your brother, sister, nephew, cousin, father, mother, grand parents, best friend so on and so forth.

  41. jeremy Sutherland Zambia

    What is the topic about here is it immorality or churches let’s tackle one topic at a time

  42. Napoleôn zulu

    Gay or not gay that guy shouldn’t be on public TV , in short how do you expect people to keep quiet when all you do is draw attention to yourself, how are kids of this generation supposed to learn anything from you .
    However on the other hand all these other hundred issues should be looked in not ignoring them.

  43. Alismallz

    Who told you that Zambia is a Christian nation muchili muleibepa Zambia is full of hypocrites in the name if Christian nation balekeni abene emobapangila ulupiya unlike you Yourself what you do in secret

  44. Ana

    This is shocking, there are so many programmes on Zambezi magic that shoW things that are not chiristian but u r quiet about them, MPALI has polygamy, LANDLORD has prostitution (sexual imorality), violence, witchcraft, lying are all part of the so called ZUBA all these are just the same as homosexuality

  45. Alismallz

    Ana on point tell them

  46. Black man

    Every true well done.

    • Kuni

      So am gay, if you don’t like me don’t ask me out.plus, I have a boyfriend and he is financially we are even planing about adopting a child. Ask Cleo I don’t have a problems with straight men or fake pastors.am so for real I even had a three some with cleo

    • Kuni

      So am gay, if you don’t like me don’t ask me out.plus, I have a boyfriend and he is financially we are even planing about adopting a child. Ask Cleo I don’t have a problems with straight men or fake pastors.am so for real I even had a three some with cleo

      • Collins Sinyinza

        Homesexuality is not allowed in Zambia therefore that show so called Lusaka Hustle should be prohibited.

  47. Chuck chan

    Plz u gay and false prophets u ar on th same level bcoz of thinking God of heaven and earth shall destroy u all so repent u even know t

  48. The Swordsman

    Honourable Sumalili’s decision is CORRECT. This is the exact type of television content that caused America to embrace Homosexual sin and reject the Christian values it was founded upon.
    America is a perfect example of what happens when a nation turns against God. Although many people in America still follow the word of God, they are now being persecuted in ways which would not have been accepted fifty years ago.
    *Christian-owned businesses are being challenged in court for standing against homosexuality

    *Some public schools are allowing men to use women’s toilets because they think they are women.

    *Children in orphanages are being placed in the custody of homosexual couples.

    *Hollywood studios are celebrating immoral behavior (LGBTQ+) in many films and TV shows including Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Arrow and Batwoman. etc.

    Whether you look at it from a scientific or Biblical perspective, you can’t deny that Homosexuality is very dangerous to society. It’s not normal, It’s not natural and It goes against everything that God intended for the cornerstone of human society; THE FAMILY.
    Zambia has resisted the homosexual agenda and taken a strong stance against it, but Zambians must not get too comfortable, we must pray against this abomination and shine our light as the world goes deeper into darkness.



  49. Focus

    I accept that Zambia is a christian nation but what if we don’t know what’s happening in Lusaka because not everyone lives there, so how about we don’t stop the show and stop the gays because stop the show is more like promoting homosexuality in the background honesty what do you think??

  50. Zambian

    Nchuma na 4 ne fima glass mumenso, kwati chilishilu. Ubu bupuba sana fye not na panono, and you men who are busy supporting this nonsense let me ask you this question. Are you born from semi sex Parents? If you are not then let’s get rid of this idiot we are seeing on this photo.

  51. Big Daddy

    Zambian you are right. To add on this is what was reported in international media some years back about the view of President of Russia.”Putin”s attitude toward gays has not changed. In last week”s annual speech to parliament, he said Russia rejected “so called tolerance” and expressed certainty that “more and more people globally support our stand in defense of traditional values that for ages have been the spiritual and moral basis of civilization”. Let’s join hands with such people in condemning in no uncertain terms such evil practices. No Zambian in his right frame of mind should entertain such amano ayabenda.

  52. Mr patriot

    Gay is sin we all knw and pornography is also an imoral conduct we knw infact all ussues needs some serious interrogations befor concluding anything.

  53. Zambian

    Thanks bros for your views on this issue.

  54. Slim G wiz

    To much of these so called prophets.every one now wants to become a prophet were are going as a country.

  55. tumelo

    Animals like cats and dogs,elephants and lions ,Chickens ducks know that this is male and this is female. What about people with a functioning brain?If GOD made u a man ,you will always be a man no matter what you do to yourself, In GOD’s eyes you will be always be a man,if you’re female the same applies.

  56. Linah

    Was shocked when I saw this on TV Zambia really???

  57. Rakel

    I was disgusted when I saw the show! Ba Zambia,ifyakukopa kopa!Kuni….this is ZAMBIYA,and not SASA Africa.

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