Nawakwi Exposes UPND Scheme to Undermine Dialogue

FDD President Edith Nawakwi says the national dialogue failed because the UPND wanted other political parties to champion their agenda.

During a joint media briefing with Rainbow Party’s Wynter Kabimba, Sakwiba Sikota’s United Liberal Party (ULP) and MMD’s Felix Mutati, Nawakwi said the UPND reneged on most commonly agreed positions by the opposition political parties before the January 18, 2019 national dialogue.

Nawakwi catalogued the steps leading up to the launch that included meetings with all opposition political parties.

She said that opposition political parties met under the auspices of the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) where ADD’s Charles Milupi and Sikota were appointed co-chairpersons but the UPND aligned forces opened another meeting point with the Church Mother Bodies.

“The purported launch of National Dialogue on the 18th January, 2019 was a failure because it was an attempt by the UPND to take control of the process,” Nawakwi said.

“The rest of us were to be used as tokens to promote the UPND agenda.”

Nawakwi said the UPND branded political parties that did not turn for the national dialogue as surrogates of the Patriotic Front.

She said that all the political parties were agreed that the Church Mother Bodies should chair the dialogue process with the ZCID providing a supporting role.

Nawakwi said the political parties already had an agreed agenda from their meeting in June 2018 in Siavonga.

He said that all political parties had signed the Memorandum of Understanding including the UPND.

Nawakwi said the constitutional and electoral reforms were more important than the national dialogue.

“It is legal reforms which will promote peace and stability,” she said.

Nawakwi said the Church Mother Bodies were being deceived by the UPND in the run up to the dialogue process.


  1. paul usona

    The problem with current politicians is that there is too much hatred among each other,even when one stands for the truth another group will come up with all thoughts of attacks.please for once lets put the country first,ba nawakwi stop changing goal posts be objective and stand for the people coz dialogue is not for pf or upnd but it’s for the good of the nation.

    • Mpombo

      Thank you Nawakwi you’re such a darling If it where not for you we wouldn’t have known Hechi Hechi’s insantiable appetite for power He wants to hold the country at ransom the same way he has done for upnd

    • Tonka machembele

      I support u my bro for your good comment keep it up.sure that lady shud analyse things not start attacking her fellow opposition party like upnd. Her party is not active at all and moreover she is not participating fully. What a confuser.

    • Fyakuifwaila

      For sure ba Nawakwi against to her fellow opposition shame

  2. Kamata

    When is this dialogue thing going to stop? There’s just too much politics in Zambia.Give it a break,work, resurface when elections are due!! This is always a problem when political players bitter!!!

  3. Majoni Tyson

    Nawakwi, don’t be a spy for PF u must stand for Zambia instead. I wonder the kind of woman u are who has no heart for the pipo and u u are siding with the men who are plundering this country.

    • Imjustsaying

      Ba Tyson, sure everyone who has a different opinion from the upnd is siding with pf? Bane let’s use the our brains before we comment….I’m just saying..

    • Tonka machembele

      Sure she has to.

  4. Mmart

    Well done mama for bringing the truth to surface let zambia come first. Some of these guys are up to no good and God forbid they will always lament

  5. Brain Teaser

    You will continue crying if you think politics is easy

  6. Isaac phiri

    She is the most truthful female politician so far we have in Zambia u like it or not go nawakwi go

  7. Isaac phiri

    Baba bitterness can not help u win an election u have to seek God,s direction chapwa bane

  8. No vote

    Comment stop critising everything that HH/UPND does. How do sort out legal issues and electoral bad laws without talking or dialogue?

  9. Kamata

    PF is not interested in baseless dialogue whose agenda is to benefit one bitter party and it’s leaders from the sou….. part of this country!!


    How does that add value to the development of the country?

  11. Tk

    Nawakwi is alignment of interests to become Vice President to Edgar lungu. The enonge is in final stages.so she is using all this guy’s by winning favorable consideration if not promised yet.

  12. Chendabusiku

    This has been an open secret from the start. While we acknowledge democracy in the polical arena, the tendencies by UPND’s leader Hakainde are highly suspect. Surely the dialogue needs to hinge on shaping the laws that are ambiguous for the good of the country. We have said over and over that HH is hell bent to manipulate anything as long as it has some vague pointer to plot one. That is Dangerous. The consolation is that we still have sober opposition political party leaders in our country.

  13. Nenex patrick

    Why is it that this hopeless women busy putting bleme on upnd party. during that staff of dialogue she was quite, listening to the issue.why wasn’t she talked about it during that period of time. Madam nawakwi be just in position were u belongs.don’t cross the red line.we as Zambian citizens will not follow your sweet talks at all!

  14. chiyengo k bair

    meaning less

  15. Tybrizzy

    This is madenes y CNT u bring up samthng tht is going to benefit the nation not tht

  16. wise siakalenge

    You nawakwi if don’t know what z happen keep quite don’t bring your nonsense you think wine get out with your nonsense

  17. Bk

    Pliz hh handover. The party to the owners

  18. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Fusek usles

  19. Mm

    Zambia is not for Mr hh to Anglo American The epitite for Power will not tsje you any where

    • Kasongo wabaluba

      Ofcourse Nawakwi can not hide the fact that she is in a pact with the ruling party and is trivially inclined.
      She has been lobbying to replace Inonge and has Antonio smearing the ‘I don’t butter on the bread.
      It is evident that this is not a genuine complaint or revelation and is well calculated to paint the Church position on being proponents of a fair playing field for all politicians to freeling interact with the electorate without being subjected to mutilations and beatings.
      Politics is not for the uncivilized or greedy.

      • Kasongo wabaluba

        Ofcourse Nawakwi can not hide the fact that she is in a pact with the ruling party and is tribally inclined.
        She has been lobbying to replace Inonge and has Antonio smearing the ‘butter on the bread’.
        It is evident that this is not a genuine complaint or revelation and is well calculated to paint the Church position on being proponents of a fair playing field for all politicians to freely interact with the electorate without being subjected to mutilations and beatings black.
        Politics is not for the uncivilized or greedy.
        One has to face reality and face the truth that this country is fast becoming divided because politicians want to take advantage of regional population differences to win elections. Some comments on social media do not even deserve space because they are way out of context.

  20. Mm

    Zambia is not for Mr hh to Anglo American The epitite for Power will not take you any where

  21. Courage

    You can’t trust anyone anymore this is crazy.

  22. mengmoreler

    Don’t tel fails testimony ovr yo friend coz of yo jealous.

  23. Sylvester Moomba

    This is total nosence, Is the church not better nuatral than your silly opting to put members of political parties as chairman of an important national dialogue.


  24. Razor

    It’s the four of you who are undermining the church.

  25. Imjustsaying

    Truthfully be told, just as much as people don’t want pf, upnd is not wanted too by the majority Zambians. I see a situation where pf will probably win in 2021 coz a lot of people will abstain from the election due to the fact that upnd is not a party they can entrust power with and others will vote for pf not because they love the party but just to keep upnd away from power. The only way to pick out pf is when another party comes up now, a party that will give hope to the Zambians, not the bitter parties that we are seeing in this country.
    I’m just saying….it’s my opinion
    And please don’t be offended, but take some advice from my crazy opinion.
    I’m just saying.. peace!

  26. Jimmy shaba

    Nawakwi is speaking from UDA experience

  27. Abashitina

    Nawakwi has got no vission,as the result she is talking nonsense things.No MPs since the part was formed. Wala! Zambian forward

  28. Thambuli major

    Zambian citizens are not as dull as some useless and heartless politician think we are.

  29. Alismallz

    Nawakwi no bwino bwino where is your stance you will never be a President in Zambia you are just wasting you time and money or don’t you have some other better things to do

  30. Chilankalipa

    Nawakwi is a dead and buried political failure, teaming up with other political dwarfs full of jealousy and hatred, vision less clowns failures. What will she get by fighting fellow opposition? Foolish woman.

  31. Jay

    Liar,, its not hh who has set 18th as the date for the dialogue. Now that you didn’t attend the launch of the dialogue as it promoted UPND agenda, what do you want do be Done? What’s your agenda and who do you want to lead the dialogue process

  32. Yonyeka

    stop insulting my sugarmame the truth hat,kaboola ilichocho.

  33. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Nawakwi has come out telling the nation the truth the church has been behind upnd from when the dialogue issue came before the nation remember upnd give support where they are sure are going to gain why didnt the church invite pf president for this indaba? Surely can dialogue succeed without the head of state?the ides behind this was as if pf don’t trust the church thereby now campaigning through the church against pf hakainde has already started meetings with churches to help him drop this gvt from power he has no agenda for Zambians except removing this gvt from power

  34. Frank Bwalya

    Kabimba and Nawakwi are well known to be on PF pay roll thats why they always soeak against upnd.

  35. Kang'ombe

    Nonsense after nonsense, I have seen that most of you, you’re blaming HE and UPND that they are power hungry, now can someone tell me which political leader does not want to become president?
    You’re all crooks and I see hatred against HH is growing stronger because he is the most successful opposition leader.
    And he is closely coming to the reality of his dream.
    Nawakwi, Kabimba and ba Mutati who is not even the leader of the party what can you say.

  36. One zed manex

    This man and his party can do anything to go to plot one and it’s just that zambians are not violent,he wants the people to rise against the government,his atterances worry me a lot.

  37. Nalolo Boy BlackBull


  38. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    We know them…..
    .that’s y we can’t give them our votes….they are a crockdile from Zambezi to Kariba…..they can’t be trusted with our country zambia…..

  39. manfield maurice

    ba nawakwi keep quiet,you don’t know anything you are not a politician.no woman can rule zambia. just find something to do

  40. Tumbe Munkantu

    The National Dialogue should be abandoned. It is clear that the parties that are supposed to meet and talk are not agreement with the church mother bodies stance. This makes it difficult for the parties to accept the outcome of the dialogue. The other two camps, the ruling party and other opposition parties not aligned with UPND are saying the church mother bodies are showing favourtism of one group the UPND and its allies. It will be a sheer waste of preciuos time and resources. Please in the interest of the nation call it off. It will not work.

    • Matman

      Tumbe, I concur with you. This so called dialogue should be cancelled and buried. It will just yield negative results. Especially that both the churchvand ZCID are selfish groupings both with hidden agendas. It’s clear whether right or wrong that the former is supporting UPND whilst the later is for PF. If those who are considered to be parenting referees are divided and inclined to one side, are we as Zambians truly expecting anything good from these guys? Instead of them promoting love,peace,unity and joy,they will secretly bring up divisions and war because this is what they are foolishly promoting. Sorry to say so but let’s face facts.

  41. Winner

    No one succeeds against the will of God

  42. Tonka machembele

    Nawikwi,am sure you were a minister of finance where you failed to run the country properly with your boss. What canyou tell us as Zambian? You should be ashamed of attacking your opponents. Stop what you are saying. I think if it happens you to become the president of this country, you can worse the country’s economy.

  43. Cornelius Mukonka

    Mama Nawaki ad ba Kabimba, u really disgrace me. U r surely championing this for personal gain against the suffering majority. You hv no morals sir ad madam.

  44. Analyser

    The national dialogue is a waste of time. What ever will be discussed concerning electoral reform and any other constitutional issues, will end up in parliament for debating and amendments. We want the changes, so let not waste time instead, let UPND MPs propose these changes in parliament. No one is above the law not even the national dialogue. Let wake up before politians plunge this nation into chaos.

  45. Nimrod

    Good mama nawakwi and saki. These people are too much bitter, we don’t want them near the corridors of power.

  46. PANYO

    fuck bitch

  47. Kapijimpanga

    All those attacking nawakwi are members of the three church mother bodies who are paid by hakainde including ten political parties that are already on his pay roll the catholic church in Lusaka under archbishop then tresphore mpundu organised a press conference where he invited upnd and declared that zambia was in a crisis while intact that was a lie his aim was to promote upnd agenda to nawakwi comes in the open telling the truth you start insulting her fools eat you dungs before uttering nonsense hakainde knows very well that he will never enter state house hence corrupting bishops if it worked some where it won’t work in zambia

  48. Lisa

    Political menopause at play. The FDD member is the ZCID chairman, so it is FDDand Pf trying to derail the nationa dialogue. The dialogue is for Zambians been hacked with pangas by pf. It is only the church led dialogue that has the capacity to reconcile especially the political leaders who have so much hatred for each other. Now Nawakwi has joined the pf cadres in attacking HH who is an innocent Zambian.

  49. Madiba

    Madam Nawakwi what will stop sane people from thinking you are PF surrogates?why didn’t you attend the dialogue so that you can challenge HH,why did you choose to abscond together with the PF if you are not a surrogate? You are a political farlufa.

  50. Mr patriot

    My dear citizens yo insults on media over our politicians shal never add any positive value to our nation bcoz every insult express emotions nd not intelligence therefo may we seek fo wisdom frm God so that we can give prudent advice to our leaders bcoz we are the voters.

  51. Mr patriot

    According to my personal analysis HH has no negative issues with tribal issues but only getin influenced by tribal colleagues within de party or i say wrong advisors and so the same in government in short HH is a good business personel bt politically hes not an expert.nd i say GBM help Yo part president bcoz u hav a wide experience in politics than him.

  52. Joko

    Filekeni fye kanshi. ..after all this so called dialogue is only about enriching yourselves and not the citizens.

  53. Kings

    So What? Nawakwi Stop That Nonsanse, It Has Failed Yes, But Why Can’t You Just Search And Find The Reason Why Your Party Is Not Growing, Than Bleming Inocent Parties, That Is Not What We Want To Hear As Zambians. You Dont Even Know What You Are Talking About, Shaa!.

  54. Wise man from East

    People don’t like the truth

  55. MÆJOR

    Nawakwi useless ; you have no vision n no direction you don’t know what u want…… I now understand why yo fellow women hate you. Women big up we can’t vote for this goofy lady

  56. C. Chileshe

    HH over rates him selves.He is just a small brained,egoistic person and feels he knows it all just because of swindled money. Remember how he displaced former UPND heavy weights like Sikota and Chisanga. Nawakwi knows angry appetite for power. He failed to match the late Mr M Sata. Zambian are nt fools.

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