UPND Councillor Resigns in Zambezi

UPND Lingelengenda Ward councillor Paul Mupila has ditched the opposition political party.

Mupila joins the growing number of civic leaders and crossed over to the Patriotic Front.

In his letter to the Chavuma Council Secretary, Mupila said his resignation was with immediate effect.

“I have also resigned in order to be alienated of the taboo that has been brought by Chavuma MP Victor Lumayi of insulting indunas and His Royal Highness Senior Chief Ndungu and the entire Luvale dynasty in his outbursts,” he said.

He said that he wanted to be part of the ruling party structure in order to access developmental funds.

Recently Senior Chief Ndungu publicly announced that area MP Lumayi had failed his constituents and urged him to resign.


  1. Domity Stylish Kafwamba

    He is just a con-man.

  2. tk

    Its high time our politicians start thinking ethically.

  3. paul usona

    A party is a uniform which has nothing to do with your working capability and that means you are elected to serve the people not the party and you are given the same funds regardless of your political stance.Why should you create unnecessary ward-election when the country is limping?why can’t you just wait for 2021?No direction leaders.

    • David Chizawu

      Leave him he has taken a right step,that’s being a man,Mwata mupila viva

    • Chimamarlon

      It’s not his problem.He has all the rights to resign if he has seen that things are not oky

  4. John Mulele

    Izula muyangana.

  5. Majoni Tyson

    This councillor has really strayed. Y joining PF which is on the way to its death. My brother you have a big problem and your brain need expert doctors to examine u. Pipo of Zambezi, plz avoid endorsing such kangaroo type of politicians

    • ROKA.

      It is not dying, though I don’t support it!At least PF has leaders who don’t encourage fighting! I was very shocked to see ichilema on prime TV urging to vote for their candidate mtonga in if they want peace.he added that he had gone there to fight any PF member near by. He promised farmers good price for maize total blue lie!Farmers are free to charge s price they will give them profit which is reasonable.If indeed takes farming as business, he should encourage them to be independent not year in year out depending on the government! This is totsl slavery.icilema I’d not a peaceful leader now I believe it I was prime TV news on Saturday evening news,shame. No wonder other parties fail to hold public meetings in southern province!!

      • P.M

        What HH said was…if you want peace vote for a peaceful party and not a brutal and violent party like PF. Dont be an idiot and twist things

        • amos muke

          So guess who is going to waste his or her time to vote for cattles hh maybe you alone.

        • Wakishale

          You only begin to insult when you fail to reason. You’re a better idiot if you fail to realise UPND has been at the centre of violence with the MMD in Mapatizya, Mufumbwe, Masaiti and now with the PF. Has the PF ever fought with any other party apart from the UPND? None. Then who is violent. The UPND would fan violence & when overwhelmed by their opponents, they cry loudest as victims. Shame.

    • David Chizawu

      Watchout! Its PF beyond 2031

    • amos muke

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkk….. 2021 behold pf forget about your hh

  6. Ba Mwaata

    Buleisula balelolesha…

  7. CSK

    selfish leaders always does that

  8. david nalisure

    You are an idiot

  9. Kamata

    He’s not an idiot, he knows what he’s doin. He doesn’t want to be part of failures in his constituency.

  10. Ambassador

    You’re free to go idiot,after row you are not special

    • Pk

      Politics are numbers that’s why everyone is special moreover he saved your party for so long not until he as come to open his aye’s nothing he can offer to his people without working together with the ruling part pf.

  11. Jimmy shaba

    It’s a personal decision and no need to condemn him

  12. Barcelona Managers

    All reggae fans gather here we sing in unison Bob Marley’s song;
    “zimbabwe” Everyman got the right to decide his own destney.. ..And in his judgment their is no partiality….

    • QREC

      Kkkk u have made my day. ……Africa shall liberate Zimbabwe ……..

  13. Skb

    Every ZAMBIAN has a right to exercise their DEMOCRATIC opinoin. Only dull people are quickest to insult their friends because of limited reasoning!!!! Democracy allows people to join a Party of their choice at any given time. Don’t insult him. JUST SHUT UP.


    I have seen that most person have no vision for the country. Sure he started clearly that funds are are there so he wanted the UPND president or party to do what? Why can’t he use them?

  15. The scientist

    He said that he wanted to be part of the ruling party structure in order to access developmental funds. This is dangerous

  16. Ba ezzy

    Losing a job!!!!others are resigning from mp,minister and a pf member.so you think you will be appointed as a minister or given any position wanyala boi!!! bala culilàmo abana lobe.

  17. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Go wel iwe chi imbwa njala yakuponona.You will regreat just soon

  18. Razor

    Politics of the belly.

  19. amos muke

    So guess who is going to waste his or her time to vote for cattles hh maybe you alone.

    • Jay

      Which cattle naiwe? You can’t distinguish between cattle and human being… Kkkk dull! Can a cattle be voted for?


    Any way, it’s his decision.
    Only people like him with small thinking capacity can do that, we can’t blame him.

  21. Umwana wamano

    Niyokosa bwana

  22. manfield maurice

    infact he has done a nice step to join pfools,thats were fools belong.we don’t want foolz in upnd,we want pipo who add value to the development of this country.viva hh!viva upnd

  23. Tonka machembele

    Paul mpika whatever names you are called. I guess even church matters ,to your wife, to the community and in your life. You are not trusted deciding to deny your party which made you to be known to pf.the opposite of appointment is disappointment. That is how these political leaders are. You don’t deserve to be the father because at any time you can sale your family and have money into your pockets.

  24. Nimrod

    Upnd started violence even before PF was born.Those who can remember Mapatizya formula can attest to this. Children died in mufumbwe due to the violence instigated by mulonda muzungu. MMD were just strong to overcome the mapatizya formula. I encourage PF to be strong and expose the silent killer.

  25. QREC

    Come 2021, u will still cry. Just note where u left from so that u kn where to continue from. Banjo ilile kkkkk

  26. Expandable 2

    Go fuck yourself you are just an idiot asshole

  27. lutin

    you will dei poor son of dogz
    ba pf mean poor family

  28. besuy man

    Welcome to the land of prosperity and fertility land (pf)

  29. Tonga land

    Ewe chi busy man you’re idiot so you have failed to say poor followers(pf)kkkkkkk

  30. Edgar

    Ababambimbi balimuchibe bola naikosa

  31. Tuli Bantu

    Ma violence in ya party iliyonse, ma elections ya 2016 tinalu Bantu bambili maningi, ngati in mu Lusaka pf never wanted to see anybody putting on upnd T-shirt then you are gone they will beat you and kill you, so many upnd members died just because of the same pf, futi ba pf bana pwanya pa lady Diana nakusiya bana ba sukulu muma vuto, osasontana vikumo apa but let’s be focus.

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