MMD Intra-Party War Continues in Court

The battle for the MMD was back in court with Nevers Mumba faction member Denson Chisunka testifying in the Lusaka High Court branding the convention that elected Felix Mutati president as illegal.

Chisunka who is Copperbelt chairperson for the Mumba faction said the MMD convention that was held in 2016 was illegal as the party’s elective convention was due in 2017.

He said that the 2012 convention gave the victors a mandate that was to run up to 2017.

Chisunka said the convenors of the 2016 meeting that elected Mutati were expelled from the party and had no right to convene a convention.

He said that Mutati was expelled on February 22, 2016 after which he contested the expulsion in the High Court and Justice Mwamba Chanda confirmed the expulsion.

Others who were expelled included Mwansa Mbulakulima, George Kangwa and Raphael Nakacinda.

Another witness Elizabeth Chitika former MMD National Secretary says according to her knowledge there was no convention in 2016 because the one which was convened by the Mutati faction was illegal as they had no authority to hold such a meeting.


  1. hh

    Comment this is no sense mulelwila amaOranges yabora

  2. Razor

    Zambezi magic should air this as a comedy programme.

  3. Lion Heart

    ninshi ba MMD you can’t just see that your time has run out? you are just trabling yourselves no one can vote for you again

    • Raphael

      Lion Heart point,they don’t believe that they expired

  4. Alismallz

    Inkoloko yalilyonaika yaliponena mu menshi

  5. CKK6-75MF

    The church leading National dialogue has mistaken by inviting Felix Mutati to present MMD when he was expelled from the party and the case is in court. MMD should not be on the round table of national dialogue until their case come to an end in court. You can’t have party preaching peace when it’s house is not in peace.

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