Opposition Alliance Hits Back at Treachery Accusations




  1. As Opposition Alliance, we have noted with regret the allegations made by the PF Alliance at their press briefing which was held this morning at Pamodzi Hotel and attended by ULP President Sakwiba Sikota, FDD President Edith Nawakwi, MMD Faction Leader Felix Mutati and Rainbow Party Secretary General Winter Kabimba.


  1. We wish to take this opportunity to straighten out a few fundamental issues. First and foremost, it is a well documented fact that for us in the Opposition Alliance, we prefer the Church Mother bodies over ZCID, to conduct the national dialogue and reconciliation process, for the simple reason that the church is by far more reputable, more credible and more upstanding than ZCID. Our position on this matter is very clear, and we believe that this is where we are not able to agree with our brothers and sisters in the PF Alliance who prefer ZCID to conduct this national dialogue and reconciliation process, whether directly or indirectly through a powerful underhand called a Joint Secretariat.


  1. As Opposition Alliance, we have further noted the attempt by the PF Alliance to try and ostracize UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, by seeking to portray a false picture that President HH had threatened to walk out of the Pamodzi meeting last Tuesday. At no time did President HH ever consider abandoning the meeting, because he was sincere in his efforts to try and help resolve the impasse on the MoU between ZCID and the Church Mother Bodies. That is why it was the PF, led by Secretary General Davis Mwila, and its alliance partners including ZCID, that walked out of the meeting.


  1. We are well aware that the Patriotic Front has woken up some long-forgotten politicians, from their political slumber, with the aim of trying to increase the number of voices that are advocating for a ZCID led dialogue process. The main purpose of these hired political elements is to muddy the waters and bring about confusion regarding this dialogue process, on behalf of the PF, without the PF itself getting its hands dirty.


  1. As Opposition Alliance, we wish to remind the public that it is the PF itself that proposed a Church-led dialogue process, after they chased away the Commonwealth. It is therefore very strange that the same PF can today start undermining and insulting the Church, and instead start to advocate for a ZCID led dialogue process. How many times should the PF be allowed to change their minds on who should lead the dialogue process?


Yours Truly






  1. Hev rena

    I don t know why we keep believing that a dialogue without ahead of state can succeed .These talk shows of confusing zambians must come to an end now.Zambians wont eat this dialogue.The president should come out and show leadership.

  2. Commander

    Wake up Zambian.

  3. Majoni Tyson

    Edgar,s schemes of playing monkey tricks on natinal issues are liable to bring disaster to the Zambia’s political system. This is the worst leadership ever in the history of Zambia. Youths wake up from slumber and vote out this cruel government who have nothing to offer except building their own malls abroad.

    • Dennis

      Upnd Has Brought Bad Politics take It Or Live It. No Wonder he Is Losing Again 2021,and Bwana

  4. Hammer

    Sean Tembo is not denying altering the initial MOU and deceiving the bishops . He is wasting time on trivial matters. Did he alter the initial content yes or no? This is what he should be talking about and let him produce the audio of the meeting. Otherwise he is not addressing the accusation of altering the document. He wants to divert attention to the main matter. An other underfuve


    Come 2021 HH will lose again.watch out.

    • Nyaano

      This time my dear pf winning is abomination, very lucky if they will get 10 seats believe it or not.

      • Tumbe Munkantu

        Winning 2021 should be left to the voters. Bloggers dont win and cannot make anyone win elections. They simply express their opinion. Just like tembo has indicated their are likely going to be two camps during the run up to 2021 elections. This will largely depend which camp has numbers. If you like at the composition of some of this alliances some parties have not contributed numbers let alone the executive of the party. They have no following and would not add significant numbers to the alliance. So let us wait 2021 is just after next year.

    • Leon

      THE GREAT you are among a quarter that voted for of hh won no wonder of has waken up those that where in political slumber to come help eg ulp FDD and rainbow party even mmf faction these parties are Brock and are after payment from of after helping out let’s open our eyes and not just support after eating rain fed mushrooms

    • Gap

      Ask any employee of ecz and he or she will tell you thier open secret

  6. Nyaano

    This is really monkey type of a government where you don’t respect laws in the country and just think of yourself lacking what we call spirit of excellence.

  7. Sibweni

    Upnd and pf are 2 blame 4 the dialogue failing 2 move. If both mean 4 this country 4 free zambia and upnd uncontrolled cry is causing this and upnd leadership is seen weakness in the church leader of hear upnd than any other party. Upnd is using dangerous material when campaigning such as face mask 4,what? It up 2 upnd leadership answer. It hard 4 upnd 2 win in 2021 elections bcoz in 7 provinces has no proper structures start frm section,ward,branch,constituency and district 4 pipo know its party policies. EFF in under julius malema is give unfulfilled 2 southafrican and had time ready it 2019 may 1 election stil EFF wil lose again 2 ANC. Dialogue turned 2 a platform 2 debating faults but truth must come frm two institutions who peacemakers.

    • P.M

      Since when did face mask became a dangerous weapon?

    • Jj

      We are not in crisis in Zambia. Nor do we have political mention. What we have is political disagreement. Grz is operating well. But why dialogue papoting as though th

    • Jj

      We are not in crisis in Zambia. Nor do we have political mention. What we have is political disagreement. Grz is operating well. But why dialogue papoting as though there i

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