The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela and charged him with two counts of concealing property believed to be proceeds of crime.

Chitotela was summoned by the ACC investigators who later proceeded to his house to conduct a search.

ACC assistant public relations manager Dorothy Mwanza has confirmed the arrest and said Chitotela has been released on bond.

Full statement:


The Anti-Corruption Commission has today arrested the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Honourable Ronald Chitotela.

Honourable Ronald Chitotela aged 47 has been charged with two counts of Concealing Property suspected of being proceeds of crime contrary to Section 71 subsection(1)  of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act Number 19 of 2010.

Details in the first count are that on unknown dates but between the 1st day of July, 2016 and the 30th day of October 2018 in Lusaka District, Honorable Chitotela did conceal a property namely lot number 148 of farm 50A situated in Makeni, Lusaka, disguised in the names of Diris Mukange, property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime.

Details in the second count are that on dates unknown but between the 1st day of July, 2016 and the 30th day of October 2018 in Lusaka District, Honorable Chitotela did conceal a property namely the remaining extent of Subdivision A of lot 22183/M situated in Ibex Hill Lusaka, disguised in the name of Diris Mukange, property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime.

He has since been released on Bond and will appear in court soon.


Assistant Public relations Manager


  1. PF

    Yes well done . let him face rule of law the

    • Lorryboy

      Why ACC not visiting the private sector that has been involved in bribing and corrupting government officials.
      The Chinese and Indians have been involved in big way and without their involvement there was no way any politician would have amassed properties.
      FIC shall checked all transactions over K100,000 ($10,000) and give its report to ZRA, ACC and international agencies to nip the evil in the bud.

  2. Davido

    Let the president release his duties for good investigations like he did to kambwili for gud investigation and transparency withiout interference m

  3. John

    Corruption and misuse of authority, should not be allowed. So let the rule of law, to take action.

  4. Wise

    Let him face the law, the only thing they know is misuse government funds by buying expensive cars at JAN JAPAN every week.

  5. Dr Fonicks

    I hope the investigations will be done in good faith. This may be just a tip of the iceberg. The President should release him of his duties to pave way for thorough investigation. Let the law take its course. he is also alleged to be part of the so called luapula united. what is the next step President Lungu ?

  6. micky

    You see that nothing is hidden under the heaven(earth) God always speaks for us the poor!! God is watching you!!

  7. Chendabusiku

    You will soon hear that he (Chitotela) has either formed a political party or joined Hakainde. Let us wait and see. If these two things do not happen he will go the route of Kambwili (start insulting the head of state)

  8. Mangelepa Sandals

    “Uubomba mwibala! Alya mwibala” Bushe nalya ne mbuto?

  9. mutule

    Isabi libalila ukubola kumutwe

    • Chilankalipa

      When a minister always says under the able leadership of so and so, begin to worry about what that praise is veiling. The clowns don’t want to recognize the collective efforts but always want to sing praises of someone to blind him from noticing how long their fingers have grown into public coffers. How about those properties in Chilanga and Salama park ba ACC?

      • Truth man

        You are 100% right my brother . Hero worshipping is always a lead to mischievous activities. Even during the UNIP days people were busy praising Kaunda all the time instead of doing the rightful things in the management of public resources.The mines, UBZ ,Zambia airways ,Zambia Railways etc. all failed to tick due to the wamuyayaya thing ! One could be found abusing or indeed steal public resources but as long as one remained loyal and seen praising the master publicly he was spared . This is what makes African governments to fail because we lack the confidence of accepting facts.

  10. JAM 98

    Tears Of The Poor Has Reached The Seat Of The Most High, Now Is Time 4 You To Sweat Chrolophil

    • Kalamwendaya

      The tears of the poor for sure have been answered.

  11. Edison

    Enjoy your last moments of being honourable as the court case lasts. Soon justice for the masses will be served.

  12. Ubwamba na bukula

    Ifyakulya ubushiku fitulikila kumalushi

  13. Rocky

    This is a good proving point that his excellence the President fights corruption regardless who involves. and am sure he knows what he is doing, let us wait and see.

  14. Herv Rena

    The case is not very clear.All.these ministers have acquired so much wealth but Changa baseka uwacelwa.

  15. paul usona

    Some sign of progress on the part of ACC. Please continue with the good work and never fear anyone, they are civil servants who are employed by Zambians.

  16. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Welldon acc, investigate him to the fullest, there could be some other issue against him. This is just the beginning of acc work. Let them extend there investigations to ministries.

  17. Mwikala totwe

    Ne chishina cine ububi kikikikik

  18. bayoka ni zee

    I think that is not a big problem, is just a simple thing to solve that problem, and remember those are big Brian They will solve this problem without wasting time. ba acc mulekeni nga mulomfwa bane mwalamwenako lwenu.

  19. Enalo

    Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon

  20. Matman

    Well done ACC. This shows that no one is a sacred cow under P.F. Chitotela was thought to be a hard working man but was busy stealing from us the poor masses. Had it been M.M.D especially under the late president his Excellency F.T.J, no minister was going to be arrested because they were untouchables. Even mere cadres were also untouchables. Forbus to hearcthis and see it for ourselves, it means the investigative wings are working with no outside interference or intimidation from anyone. Please those with more facts and information, give them to the A.C.C for thorough investigations and efficiency as they handle these highly sensitive cases. People of Lusaka especiallyvthe S.D.A church help us know and arrest a person in the name of Tresford Mapalo Chomba who claims to be a church elder in your church. He has swindled people of Solwezi under the name of the company called Integrated Poverty Alliavation Programme ,in short (IPAD). Hevis now working with Charles Kambita and Kapelembe Willie to swindle more money from unsuspecting farmers under the name Zam-India Agriculture and Research and Allied Institutions abbreviated as ZARATI.


    Boma iyanganepo. Mbabva igwidwe Alibe mulandu ayende. A thief must be caught and right man should be set free. Ba ACC you have started this work so that us people we know the truth we don’t want to hear that no ABC no work as professionals. The massive people are suffering because of some few individuals who are selfish.

  22. me

    pompwe sakala nyongo 🔨

  23. BTK

    Infact we ar tired of corrupt hyenas.

  24. BTK

    All days ar 4de thief but one day z 4de owner,infact tel chitotela 2stop playing monkey tricks around innocent Zambia souls.

  25. Kendrick

    Let him face the law becoz they are pipo who can fight for the poor and improve their living standards , ichikalipa chunfwa umwine , so he knew when he was doing that , let pipo who like misusing government’s authority dance to government tunes😂😂😂😂

  26. Jay jay

    Let the law take its course to these findings without burring the truth underground,,, sorry for u chitotela.

  27. bk

    Welldone ACC there are some more
    thives.And when we say Pf is a party of thieves and corrupt people some of you refuse, but you are seeing them….2021 out Kalaba In

  28. Chilankalipa

    ILi Isabi umutwe onse naubola. Let them contnue to dance Dununa reverse even in Court.

  29. Expandable 2

    Cage him, remember to sweep the house.

  30. jonathan lungu. president

    lungu is trying to work but wen is he going to arrest his wife for spending tax payers money going overseas for nothing. they are all popwes

  31. Jms

    Its too late maybe u are also culprits

  32. Osei

    Watching very very close

  33. Kester Jere

    ACC work more ! Many are culprits in ubomba mwibala regime

  34. Kings

    These Chaps Are Foolish, They Think That Acc Is Not Competent Thats Why They Are Carelessly Stealing, Chitotela You Are In Trouble Being A Law Maker, Tiye Nabo Mama Mwanza, Kwasala Uyo Winangu.

  35. James makai

    RTSA official by the number 0977463361 is a Thief stealing from the public with his partner as ridgeway RTSA…investigate or call me on 0966092835 to assist with investigations

  36. Festus Nsofu

    Ing’wena ning’wena kikikikiki bakabwalala aba, he is not alone widen your net ba ACC please.



  38. Dickson Ntaulu

    Too bad kuli ba Chitotela, mwamona Ka 😂😂😂

  39. Jms

    Another vacant sit for me when one goes its better to adopt the seconding person now do to FEAR man is failing to do so


    Yes pliz Acc if it is the way you work keep it up, don’t fear anyone who is in power will done job,those are the people who are gwabbling Govn’t coffers, Mr prisedent Sir just Fair him with an immediate effect.

  41. Fines@five,five

    Comment,,,,,It was social cash transfer under ministry of Community development Ms Kabanshi and now its Ministry of Housing and infrastructure bena ?Luapula bonse
    Please Edgar just dissolve your cabinet ,,mwasebana pafula ,cage him Lungu that’s why you should be replaced by Hakainde pantu you support. Ba kabolala mwiba bonse fucking !!

  42. mambwe

    thumps up acc,and there still more just keep on investigating

  43. tachila

    Shame on u big man we thought u are doing everything possible to fight corruption kansh u are the one contributing to put zambia on the world of the most corrupt country….

  44. Manmuse

    Acc weldon after chitotela check another ministers aswel

  45. RK Chitotela

    Try me once again i will not steal plz

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