DP threatens contempt proceedings against home affairs for ‘misleading statements’

The Democratic Party’s lawyers Mwenye and Mwitwa Advocates have threatened contempt proceedings against the Ministry of Home Affairs for what it calls “issuing of misleading statement” or “interfering with operations” against their clients.

This is contained in a letter written to Attorney General Likando Kalaluka copied to DP national secretary Precious Ntambu in which the lawyers are asking the former to tell the Ministry of Home Affairs to desist from issuing statements that were “misleading” about operations of the opposition party that has .

In the letter, the lawyers have stated that they have every confidence that as Chief Legal Advisor to the government and leader of the Zambian bar, Kalaluka will prevail upon his client to desist from similar conduct in future.

Below are the full contents of the letter:

Precious Ntambu suing as National Secretary for the Democratic Party vs the Attorney General.

We refer to the above captioned matter.

In February 2, 2019, Mr Nephas Chifuta, Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Home Affairs, issued a statement to the press and the public in general to the effect that the court of appeal had issued a stay of execution that had reinstated the Registrar of Societies’ decision to cancel the registration of our client, the DP, as your office is no doubt aware this position is false and calculated to deliberately mislead and is therefore contemptuous of the proceedings before the courts of law.

The correct position is that on September 6 last year, the High Court quashed the decision of the Registrar of Societies that deregistered the DP. Your client applied for a stay of the judgment and in its ruling of January 29 this year, the court refused to stay the decision that quashed the Registrars’ decision as a matter of fact that the court stated the following:

“Therefore, with regard the order of certiorari as rightly submitted by counsel for the Applicant, this order cannot be stayed as doing so would reverse the said order. On that basis, I decline to grant stay of execution as regards the order of certiorari.”

The decision of the Registrar that was quashed, remains quashed and there is nothing at law that prevents our client from continuing its normal day to day activities and operations. It is therefore misleading and contemptuous for your client to intimate that the order of the Registrar has been reinstated, thus therefore to demand your client to desist from issuing misleading statements or interfering with the operations of their clients in which failure to do so, the party will have no option but to commence contempt proceedings and seek other appropriate orders from the court.


  1. Razor

    Why just threatening? If you have proof then just cite them for contempt otherwise we can’t know who to believe.

  2. Mpombo

    To make sure upnd doesn’t win I’ll make sure i vote for PF and thats how i’ll campaign vigorously Elo shafilwapo

  3. Expandable 2

    Iwe mpombo we had unip we had mmd where are they? Pf is smaller than Zambia.

    • Mpombo

      Wena that time people wanted change and you could even feel the atmosphere this time that feeling isn’t there unless as a figment of imagination in your mind in your mind

  4. Kings

    Kalaba And His Dp Is A Threat To Many Of You Guys, He Is The Zambian Presidential Quality, 2026 He Will Be The Next Zambia’s President If He Will Be Alive, So Ldt Dp Do Its Home Work, Caba Shani Kanshi?

  5. Son of the soil

    Total confusion!! I will tmoro form a ‘poor people’s association’ to challenge ecl. Wish me luck!!!!!

  6. Dr Fonicks

    What is the problem with registration of DP. Let them join the political arena. what the PF is forgetting is that the more parties thers are, the more chances of them bouncing back. if they continue to intimidate mushrooming parties, the others will team up to form a formidable alliance. Let them operate because 2021 will be a year of seiving. electorates know what is on the ground. no matter what one does, most people have made up their minds. So just leave them to operate because anything seemingly to block them will entail that they are a force to reckon with. Lekeni abantu balyemo namuli HK. iliko shani. are you afraid of HK ? leave him to campaign and do your own moreover you are in power. it is us who will decide depending on how you are treating us. watch out 2021 is just another year. forewarned is for armed. I rest my case.

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