Govt probes Scott’s book

Government has instituted investigations into former Vice-President Dr Guy Scott’s newly released book that reveals the cause of death of former president Michael Sata.

Information minister Dora Siliya said government was concerned about some of the issues Dr Scott raised in his book that may not have been for public consumption.

Dr Scott, in his latest book titled “An Adventure in Zambian Politics: A Story in Black and White”, has revealed that President Sata died of Carcinoma cancer.

However, Siliya said during a media briefing that Dr Scott should have consulted the family and also government before publishing certain information.

Siliya told journalists that “cabinet is studying the matter and the nation will be advised in due course”.


Dr Scott’s book that is available on Amazon but yet to hit shelves in Zambian bookstores has birthed a social media storm with some of its insider perspectives on the late President Sata.


He served as President Sata’s deputy and also acted as Head of State in the transitory period.



  1. Sibweni

    Govt confidental documents is in public is bad 4 sata family and zambia who loved him. Mr scot must b arrested 4 writin a book with permiss frm govt.This freedom of speech or freedom of speechless bcoz he sensed that without a death certificat he was not goin 2 sell the book. I welcom investigate of mr scot on the release of cause of sata death. Cancer or no cancer i never wanted 2 it.

    • Kalijo

      Keep your nauseating thoughts to yourself. Let the truth be revealed, why conceal the truth, criminal activities MUST be exposed at all levels. Nonsense…!!

      • Håkon Spigseth

        I find that to be a very anti democratic view

    • Break News

      Issues of Health and Age of African Leaders and Constitutional Clarity
      There are some deeper questions and issues that the death in office of yet another African president raises. Over recent years, we have witnessed many deaths of presidents including Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi (2012), John Atta Mills of Ghana (2012), Malam Bacai Sanhá of Guinea-Bissau (2012), Umaru Yar’Adua of Nigeria (2010) and Omar Bongo of Gabon (2009). In 2008, Zambia itself lost President Levy Mwanawasa. These deaths are quite alarming and relate to poor health of the leaders and also their old age. Given the uncertainties surrounding such deaths and also the concerns about the capacity to effectively execute the duties of office, this is an issue that Africans need to confront. As we discussed in a previous commentary, the issue of health of African leaders demands more transparency.
      The other issue of concern pertains to the clarity of transition in the case of the death of the president and the issue of citizenship. In the Zambian case, the vice president, though Zambian himself, cannot succeed the president because of the place of birth of his parents. Having such a person as vice president then complicates matters in cases such as the current one where the president dies in office. But then there is also a serious question about the meaning of citizenship. Should a person be denied office just because his or her parents were born in another country? We clearly think that is discriminatory and not in keeping with democratic ideals that Africa seeks to achieve. This is an issue that Zambians needs to consider as they chart a way forward.
      Despite these concerns, Zambians deserve to be congratulated for having demonstrated keen observance of constitutionalism and maintaining peace.

      Our condolences to the people of Zambia and Africa in general. Rest in peace President Sata.

    • David

      What are you talking about


    We haven’t read the book so we can’t comment because we don’t trust you and your politicians.

  3. God's very own

    seeing is believing

  4. Madiba

    The people who should complain are his relatives,why should the sickness of the president be a screet?it unfortunate in Zambia that a president can sneak out of the country for treatment without informing the nation.in Nigeria when the president goes for treatment the nation is informed here is Wala why?


      I also wonder why they don’t tell us, because it’s easier that he can be killed by those surounsurro him because the nation is not aware of such,there ther,it it’s better if the president Gos for treatment the country must know in order to know what kind of people are with him and it is better for a president to review all kind of diseases that he is suffering from except HIV&AIDs because it’s not good for the country to know about it but at least he can review the rest.

    • David

      This is not an issue,Pray to God and ask about Jesus Christ where he past through it was terrible they rejected him.The truth shall who set you free.

  5. Alfred Siwo Mukelabai

    dey is nothing wrong about Dr Scott s book, Zambian government likes hidden

  6. Jms

    Its shame Zambians won’t progress no matter what occurs your friends are every now and then progressing because the respect each and every one’s views but you I’m surprised it sims you don’t what people to maybe you are involved ,Their is nothing good or bad its our mind which detects that so leave Dr Scott mind you you should welcome writers because any one planing to write something may come to realize how he or she maybe criticized too bad THIS IS ONE WAY OF BRINGING PEOPLE TO REALIZE THAT ANYTHING DONE WRONGLY OR RIGHTLY HAS TO DE RECOGNIZED learn some thing from this whites or people with good minds or intentions

  7. Jms


  8. Razor

    While you are at it also probe Anthony mukwita’s biography on Lungú since he has left out some important facts such as how Lungú was disbarred for stealing a widow ‘s money and there seems to be full of inaccuracies.

  9. Munyu

    That’s a nice one Razor and waiting to more from you Dora Siliya be open

  10. mengmorelerw

    y hiding da truth plz let people know dat smoking z nt health and those are one of da results.

  11. Judge 2

    He was his best freind not you dola,let him speakout so dat we know da truth.we as mother zambia,we only go for truth either public or private.shutup if u don’t know law.MHSRIP.

  12. Frank Bwalya

    Dora Slit and her mmd chaps MUST be the last people to talk about Mr Sata’s death because they wished him death openly on many fora during campaigns towards 2016 elections. Why should they today pretend to conceal his cause of death? Carsinoma cancer is believed to be artificial inserminated. Zambians therefore need to know who did it and why..?

  13. Harold Mwanza 2

    We all wanted to know what killed our beloved President Sata because of the love we had for only backward people can dispute that no need to consult his family because he became a public figure once he accepted to represent Zambians as a president of Zambia

  14. Frank Bwalya

    Dora Slit and her mmd minions MUST be the last people to talk about Mr Sata’s death because they wished him death openly on many fora during campaigns towards 2016 elections. Why should they today pretend to conceal his cause of death? Carsinoma cancer is believed to be artificial inserminated. Zambians therefore need to know who did it and why..?

  15. Zambian

    I think I also want to know what killed our big Papa, please Zambia reports can you publish some of the important parts in this book. Twishibe ichaipeye ba shikulu.

  16. Nickdimms

    Shame ba Zambian Govt, where in the world do you investigate a memoir? In any case Guy Scott was Data’s best friend. The death certificate is there, was it forged? No. Give us a break please.

  17. Kings

    Ala Iwe Dora, Investigate What? We Have Been Wondering What The Cause Of Beloved Father’s Death When Their Was Some People Behind It And You Dont Want Us To Know, Ask The Government For One To Write A Book For What? By The Way, Who Was Mr Sata To You When You Called Chimbwi No Plan When He Was Oposition To Mmd? Mr Scott Has Helped The World To Know The Truth, Job Well Done Mr Scott, The Sata Family Should Not Side With The Siliya Who Had No Respect To Their Our Father, Ala Iwe, Why Do You Always Want To Take Issues The Way You Feal Like. If You Have Never Heard Of The Book Titled “The Secret Terrorists” Just Look For It And Hear How U.S.A President J.F Kennedy Was Killed And Who Was Behind It, Then You Will Get To Understand Mr G. Scott. Let Us Know As Children To Mr Sata, Only Stop To Hate That White Man, He Worked Hard For That Party You Are Enjoying Its Fruits Today. He Has Written What Caused His Friend’s Death, Uulelosha Tabamuceba Kukanwa, Whn One Is Mourning We Dont Care Whatever Words He Says



  19. christantchongo

    It’s true we want to know who killed our president Mr Michael chilufya sata it’s come at the right time when I was talking about the person who killed our president. thanks God you have answered my players who ever killed Mr sata God who do something for them, we are waiting.

  20. Bernard Elphas Sakala

    Every patient’s information is confidential and cannot be released to anyone unless with concent from the owner or where the owner cannot do such, then the guardian can consent. I wish to request Health Professions Council of Zambia to comment on Dr Scott’s release of Mr Sara’s death certificate

  21. Tecy

    We need know the truth.

  22. Tecy

    Mama give us a signal even tnose that called you chimbwi are here.
    Big ups Dr. Scott.

  23. Farmer

    Imwe…this is a matter for Sata’s family and Scott. Whatever Sata died of was not and could not be a state secret.

  24. Nature 77

    Allow us to read the same book.

  25. Leo

    We can only get the facts from the same book bravo Mr Scott
    Let us not tolerate nonsense

  26. J Trump

    You see certain things must be demystified especially for those seeking public office because the death of a sitting president is costly to the nation. No wonder we like kunamizila mfwiti even when we know our relative died of HIV AIDS. Am yet to attend a funeral in Zambia, where relatives will openly tell mourners at the grave yards that this late person we are burying, the cause of death is HIV AIDS. All you hear is iyai benze banangena MU uth bacoka again bangena blabla….. Let’s be real. As for that book we are yet to see it and see what govt is investigating. Is it the use of money in that account for the state funeral? And in the amendments to the constitution they should include the issue not hiding the health status of the president. Look in the USA, when Trump is going for check up as scheduled everyone knows . Africa che!!! I will migrate

  27. Sand

    The truth pains mama slit

  28. commando

    Let the world know the cause of his death were you involved madam slit?u when u die we shall tell the nation at I aba balala apa niba mwalwa nabanga

  29. bigge


  30. Divine

    No need of getting permission. From where? To who ? And why? He was the father of the nation and democracy demands anyone can talk about it.

  31. Give us

    Any one with the book show us so that we can see what is going on

  32. Give us

    Any one with the book show us so that we can see what is going on on this platform

  33. Chitambo Phiri Emmanuel

    I don’t see anything wrong with Dr. Scott’s writing of the book! If was to die today, even the Health Doctors would my family members or anyone closest to me, of any sign of ill weakness, therefore, even in this of Late Leader’s family, they could as well be dare need of answers, which could either come from a closet friend or any family member, who may gather courage to tell the unknown facts of life sad events.

  34. Xk

    Where there is power and money, there is a likelyhood of war, and where there is a likelyhood of war, there is certain bloodshed. In modern warfare, blood can be spilled without a drop of it. & remotely. The irony of death.

  35. MR SWECK

    Bwafya Sana!!! Scott give us a signal. We know how this Government is. One President in Zambia he/she is going to turn Mother Zambia to Father Zambia. Ubufi bwalishapa to maintain.

  36. DR SCOTT

    Siliya welakuno tinyengane tyala kikikiki

  37. crying freeman

    Dola iwe idiot, we have important issues that are affecting the nation like the k1m toll gates money’s that evaporated into thin air. Why not update us on such matters unlike concentrating on petty issues. Doctor scot is trying to pay his solidarity to his dear colleague,moreover sata died and that’s the fact. What privacy are you talking about? Chitotela was found with trunks of money,such are issues you should talk about idiot iwe.

  38. yonyeka

    although the truth wil not bring him back home, we want to know it and if his family wil not go deeper in this matter,we shaw know that they are sided with the kill.king cobla died a die slow death! this matter has bring back fresh tears to zambianz,plz mather zambia you are weak we need father zambia.

  39. Kai

    I think Dr Scott forgot that he made an oath, he was 100% wrong for not being loyal to what he had promised not to reveal anything….

  40. kapalamatunga

    What is right will always remain right unless one is haunted by the truth.This information may help us to save our children from passing through future problems we are passing today which could have emitted from somewhere.Zambia the christian Nation

  41. Peter

    Ba Siliya naimwe mulinu ahhhh imwe just read and u forget y ukubilima

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