MMD Die Hard Youths Fail to Stop Mumba’s Radio Programme

MMD Die Hard youths were today blocked from stopping MMD faction leader Nevers Mumba’s programme on United Voice Radio Station for “masquerading” as the party’s president.

The Youth group led by coordinator Gerald Chiluba and Prince Ndoyi arrived at radio station shortly after Dr Mumba went live and demanded that he stops “masquerading as a president of the former ruling party”.

However, the Die Hard youths failed to execute their mission owing to tight security with police backup.

Chiluba, the former COBUSU president, said he will not allow Dr Mumba to continue misleading the membership with “his lies in the media”.

He complained that Dr Mumba’s behaviour has been injurious towards the efforts of the MMD leadership to rebuild the former ruling party.

“MMD enjoys a cordial relationship with the media, in particular United Voice Radio and the church and we would like to encourage both entities to help us stop promoting illegalities. We went in the most sober manner to confront the management of the radio station so that we avail them with facts pertaining to our party leadership. We urge the radio station to practice investigative journalism by going to the Registrar of Societies to check the list of office bearers,” he said.

Chiluba has since had advised Dr Mumba to go back to his calling (the Church).

The two faction groups were on Monday this week before the Lusaka High Court in the matter in which Mumba’s faction is challenging the convention that elected Felix Mutati as MMD president.

Mumba’s group, through its national secretary Winnie Zaloumis, wants the court to declare that the convention was null and void and restore the original members of of the National Executive.

Justice Sharon Newa will make a ruling on who the real party president is between Mumba and Mutati.


  1. Ubwamba na bukula

    Fighting on a party you know it can not get in power until the second coming of jesus christ

    • Tefyo

      Why worsting time on this eeeeeeh. Yaba finished mmd this chiluba must really got nothing to do

  2. Razor

    These are not as their name suggests. If they were genuine they would have died hard to make sure the programme is not aired. Even bowman at one time used to call himself die hard MMD youth but now he is PF.

  3. Jimmy shaba

    Mmd will never rule again.why fighting

  4. Idiocy Detector

    Ifipuba ukulalwila itoloshi ilalepuka ne figamba.

  5. Waste Time

    Rubbish, Why Fight For The Dead?

  6. Herv Rena

    Those chaps must b on Mutati s payroll.

  7. Kings

    It Takes Time To Know A Wise Man Than To Know A Fool, Its Foolishness To Fight For A Rotten Loaf Of Bread Which Will Not Help You In Any Way, Mutati Is Pf Investor.

  8. Pearson Mwange

    MMD will never come back to power. Let the two graves at embassy park open. Mutati and Mumba guys the hour has gone.

  9. One zed manex

    Why fight for the dead, remember the dead have got a dragon in game of thrones season 7 & they are now powerful,it can happen to mmd guys,let’s not count them out

  10. Harold Mwanza 2

    Chiluba just find something to do may be you didn’t make it at CBU cause that’s very embarrassing as if you never went to any college

  11. Gam

    Mumba back to Clerging to preach the word of GOD. Your are not material of President. U was given u chanced when time was re election time late Sata died. You was left zero point per sent. Why u are still fighting to be MMD Presidet ticket ( STOP) Leave Mutati rule ok! You was distroy MMD membered chased them instead to reunite !!

  12. Takuya mabwe

    Mmd will Never rule,so why fighting ba kwindi? Bowman lusambo e die hard.

  13. Ama court ya mu zambia awe mwadi today mumba 2moro mutati just confussing pipo

    Ama court ya muzambia awe mwadi today mumba 2moro mutati just conffussing pipo

  14. Nick minaj

    iwe ka chiluba that’s nonsense who do u think u are? You should just find something to do than wasting your fucking time… Just want to be heard.

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