PF Warns Officials involved in Mealie Meal Smuggling

Patriotic Front Copperbelt chairman Nathan Chanda has directed the Ndola District Executive Committee to deal with party officials involved in smuggling of mealie meal to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Chanda has warned that failure to act by the district leadership will attract serious sanctions from the provincial leadership.

He said the party will not condone indiscipline among its members, as doing so has potential to tarnish the party’s image and that of President Edgar Lungu.

“We all need to be disciplined. We need to be an example as a party in Government. People are complaining about the conduct of some of our party members. We won’t allow indiscipline because it will just dent the image of our party. If you are a leader, lead by example, if you are a follower, follow what leaders are saying,” Chanda said.

He directed that action be taken against the Ndola PF District Youth Vice Chairman and eight other party members arrested for allegedly soliciting bribes from mealie meal smugglers.

Chanda reiterated that failure by the District leadership to act will attract serious consequences which may include suspension of the district and constituency executive committees.



  1. Leon

    It’s like it’s s party of thieves why are you like that though not all but as advised stop smuggling that is stealing remember the christian country slogan and if PF as a ruling party will perpetuat thievery what more other parties

  2. Razor

    The same Chanda is also involved in even bigger activities than smuggling. That’s why the junior officials do what they do with impunity.

  3. kaya ine

    u are all the same, “bakolwe baiseka ifipato”

  4. F.M.X.CHITI

    Only Jehovah, who works from the Field eats from the field or garden

  5. Kinda west

    Always u say the same things but balapisha things ilegally kuwayawaya fye pa zed

  6. Edson nda

    Fire them

  7. Central power

    There are many goods that are smuggled into Congo Dr. Not only ubunga please arrest and prosecute culprits

  8. booty

    Tulekeni fwebene tulelya mwibala .keep quite until 2021 tukaleka.

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