Prophet Bushiri, wife granted R100, 000 bail each

Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary, who were arrested by the Hawks on Friday, were on Wednesday granted bail of R100, 000 each.

The couple stand accused of money laundering and fraud.

Bushiri, commonly referred to as “Major 1”, appeared in the Pretoria Specialised Commercial Crimes Court, where throngs of supporters displayed posters in solidarity with their controversial leader.

His faithful congregants amassed outside court to demand his release, and that the charges be dropped.

On hearing of their pending release on bail, the hundreds of supporters lifted their hands to the sky and bowed to the ground. Chanting, dancing, praying and crying ensued.

“Daddy is out, yay…,” one congregant cheered.

The crowd said they anticipate Pastor Bushiri will address them at a church service scheduled for later on Wednesday.

Bushiri and his wife were arrested at the Sparkling Waters hotel in Rustenburg.

The Hawks’ case against the pair concerns alleged offences of fraud, money laundering and contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (POCA).

The crimes were allegedly committed from 2015 in relation to Exchange Control Regulations related to foreign currency in the amount of $1,147,200 (about R15.3m), according to the Hawks.

The couple run several business enterprises in South Africa and abroad.

(Source: Time Live)


  1. mulase

    My Father my Father..Touch not the anointed Man of God.

  2. Mn

    Judge not u shall not b judged

  3. Hammer

    “ Daddy is out , shouted one” . What kind of nonsense is this . Can Africans wake up from slumber . I am sure this fellow is walking with worn out shoes when his “ daddy” has 2 jets and numerous expensive cars.

  4. Dudu

    We love our papa thank God of Major 1

  5. Clever

    We need you back papa in jesus name

  6. Mutale

    Chikubabe iwe!they will do all sorts of accusations bazalema

    • ke

      Kubaba kulibe but the truth stands he is not a prophet but a profit

      • Fyakuifwaila

        Is not a Man of God for sure is a stanist today no prophets we only prophet called Bible no one shall tell letest which Bible never mentioned okay???

      • Fyakuifwaila

        Kashimapepo kabufi

  7. ama DK

    no position without opposition my father my father iyeeee

  8. naleka

    inverst in church you see the profit , i dnt even lik him

    • Joseph Zulu

      God is great when God lifts up people Satan is not happy no one will like some one doing fine not. Be troubled even Jesus teacher s of the laws and Pharisees were not even today if someone do fine he has alot of enemies around Jesus has Judas escariot who are we not to experience this in today s world God bless Africa arich continent but alot of jearousy and hatered people

    • why not

      Investment in God through Jesus only not in a church

  9. pony

    I hate ppl who get rich in the name of God

    • Meg

      @pony If you hate people who get rich in the name of God, you are a witch. Go and read the verse below and repent
      2 Corinthians 8 vs 9
      You know the generous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty he could make you rich.

  10. Collins Solai

    It shall be well in Jesus Name

  11. Sibweni

    Pipo who go 2 prophetic church chose it without force and it sad that these church are under attack by evil through pipo fighting the growth. If u go 2 any service u register 4 prayerline at no fee but oil u buy bcoz ever at church we buy tradition mahua 4 member 2 buy 2 rise money it is normal but if u hav large followers u b monitered by old churchs and report 2 govt that u are not normal. God wil judge wil us bcoz he know the truth and if prophet bushili innocent. it wil show bcoz at one time requestd 4 briber he refused and GOD Is watching all of us. Thank GOD, he is released today on bail and GOD bless u all 4 yo support.

    • Fyakuifwaila

      Don’t call him prophet B is just a Whichdoctor he for filling what Jusus said in last Days

  12. Mutale

    He works for his money..he does not depend on thithes

    • mwelwa

      Hard working is good tithes are good but magics are bad let’s not cheat bushiri is like his name

  13. James... Major2

    Though shall not touchdown the anointed ones!!! The are granted by the Majesty holy one. Poor with fight the financially blessed ones.leave the major 1 alone

  14. Mumbejhi

    Does God & Bible entertain riches & big money?(Mt.6:19-21,24). ok?

    • NK

      I think you don’t read the bible very well. You should read this verse
      2Corinthians 8 vs 9
      You know the generous grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that by his poverty he could make you rich.

  15. Mbukula Ntoi George

    I want to thank the Mighty God of Major 1, because today I am extremely relieved as my parents are completely liberated from the hands of the disorganised Hawks and Sanco.

  16. ilukeni mwebantu .ke.

    Magicians,whichdoctors,fortunetellers and whichcraft, it is now in the churches you shall know them by there fruits

  17. ThomElin

    Don’t be too excited it’s jst bail.investigations continues..

  18. Major

    Dady Is Out………….

  19. Major Son

    Us Who Know Major 1 Know His Out:…….
    God Wont Let Him Down Its Just A Matter Of Time:……..
    More Over He Even Prophecied This Before It Even Happened.
    All These People Are In The Script, They Are Just Acting What Is On The Script.
    Oh Yes Dady Is Out!!!!!!

  20. mambwe

    no one is above the law

  21. Benson

    Leave The Man Of God Alone.
    Its Between Him & His God.
    Do Not Judge………….
    Am Happy That Major 1 Is Out (Granted Bail)

  22. Chikwanda

    Am Not A Follower Of Shepherd Bushiri But I Just Love Him.
    Am Happy & Glade Though That He Has Been Granted Bail.
    Let The Law Take Cause, & Let Justice Prevail.

  23. Nash

    Nonsense someone is performing magic you are there celebrating man of God

  24. Mutale

    We celebrate!! in our family we dont stress no Major no vote iyee power

  25. muller

    fraudsters nowander..!!!!!!!

  26. Gadaffi

    A man of God in money laundering? Fake prophet,fake man of god a satanist, illuminati guy

  27. Manmuse

    Dnt 4get south africa z nt like zambia or malawi were is untouchable.Balemukaama until akakube shonse even his god(satan) can nt come 2 his rescue ,nga imwe mwetuma followers twakwe finsh mulebwata bwata

  28. THEMBA

    Oh mighty jesus we thnx for prophet

  29. Joe Kawimbe

    Since I was born, I have never seen so many thousands of grown-up men and women, of extreme high intellect, make themselves look like fools over a charlatan. Crying,”They have taken our Papa! They have taken our father in handcuffs! Fire! Fire! Fire!”……What muti does this guy burn in his church to hypnotise all these people? This is shocking…..

    • Joy , my people perish because of luck of knowledge

      Joy,Joy u are out of your mind. The Bible says in Hosea 6 :10… My people perish because of lucky of knowledge. You are heading for destruction my dear. Repent or you will have a premature death.

  30. Prophetic son

    Nobody can fight God, my father Major one is a Major prophet elected by God no weapon fashioned against him shall be prevail he is unshakeable despite pasecutions we shall stand in prayers with Papa i know just after this trial moment Papa is taking to higher and higher dimension.

  31. Mutale

    Jealousy gona kill someone oo the man of God works hard

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