GBM says Chitotela’s Arrest isn’t About Corruption Fight

UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, commonly known as GBM, has said the Anti-Corruption Commission’s arrest of infrastructure and housing minister Ronald Chitotela has nothing to do with the fight against corruption but a fight against anyone ambitious enough to challenge President Edgar Lungu’s hold on the presidency.

He told a media briefing yesterday that Chitotela’s alleged corrupt activities were “well known and documented” even at the time he was being appointed into Cabinet in 2016 as he had earlier been fired by the late president Michael Sata for similar allegations in 2013.

“Late President Michael Sata fired Chitotela from his ministerial position for corruption. Even at the time of re-appointment by Edgar Lungu, it was already a well-known fact that the man was corrupt and it beat any sensible reason as to why the man was appointed to such a sensitive ministry despite his background. We take it the administration stood to benefit from his corruption. But unfortunately, the man has become too ambitious to wanting to challenge his boss through Luapula United grouping hence falling out of favor of the appointing authority,” Mwamba said.

He said the war within the Patriotic Front was becoming fierce with both Muchinga and Luapula provinces positioning themselves for either the presidency or running mate for the 2021 election, thus “making President Lungu and his associates jittery, knowing that the two groupings are too powerful to be ignored”.

“It is likely that the arrest of Chitotela was sanctioned and we expect more ambitious people, especially in his Cabinet, to arrested on ‘corruption charges’. Luapula United is very serious on its ambitions and now those in Muchinga are also positioning themselves for the challenge under the Muchinga United front. It’s war in there and Chitotela has been merely sacrificed for being too ambitious, just like NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili was investigated and questioned by ACC for being in possession of money believed to be proceeds of crime,” Mwamba said.

He said the head of state should know that Zambians constitutionally hold the key to State House and will not allow President Lungu’s government to beyond 2021 because of corruption, which had led to poverty and hunger among Zambians.

“What I can tell the nation is that this arrest, whether genuine or a mere public relations stunt aimed at giving credence to Chitotela’s eventual dismissal, is long overdue because the whole country knows how corrupt the infrastructure minister is, coupled with his presidential ambitions. PF thrives on corruption but [President Lungu’s] ending will be bad as it will be engineered from within the PF by the same corrupt elements he appointed into government,” Dr Mwamba further said.

Chitotela, 47, has been charged with two counts of concealing property suspected of being proceeds of crime contrary to section 71 (1) of the Forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act number 19 of 2010.

It is the same Chitotela who, in 2013, was fired by late President Michael Chilufya Sata from his ministerial position, along with his Mwansabombwe counterpart Rodgers Mwewa, after the ACC launched corruption investigations against him.

Calls have intensified for President Lungu to fire Chitotela, who has since been released on bond, to allow smooth investigations and prosecution of the matter.


  1. Zambian

    Ba GBM, let me ask you this question. If Chitotela tomorrow announces that he has joined UPND, will chase him or you will start praising him amalumbo? Mulekwate fishinka pakulanda, don’t think we are fools in Zambia, we have your histories bonse fye imwe. No one is clean, maybe HK? Harry Kalaba among all of you.

  2. Pf

    Yes indeed GBM is saying the truth. may be is one who Kalaba said that even those ministers in pf are with me in Dp democratic part (chitotela I think he is with Kalaba).

  3. Chendabusiku

    There it is you have it in black and white. This man is UPND’s second in command. If there is any sense in his address God forgive us. We encourage HH to keep quite before he soils his own reputation further. Mr Mwamba will continue to subtract votes from Hichilema’s empire. All those who have bought honorary degrees, GBM, Kambwili and Sekwila Mumba must be arrested. These people are embarrassing the nation.

  4. Hot water

    What ? Luapula united and Muchinga province positioning themselves for the Presidency! Tribal politics or indeed regionalism shall never work in this country. Only unity of the whole country can succeed. It is only dull people who can follow parties or groupings formed with an agenda of pushing tribal or regional politics.Zambians are not foolish they know who is who!! Therefore what GBM is saying is true because some people are so tribalistic that they think only people from the north or Luapula can be President in Zambia. I have heard such utterances especially in mini-buses and this is very bad for a developing country like ours.

  5. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Gbm, busy politicking. PF at work.

  6. Kings

    Are Your Words True Mr Mwamba? But We Need To Understand How Zambian Politicians Are, You Are All Corruption Addicts Thats Why As Zambians We Don’t Trust You, An Exception Of Harry Kalaba The Patriotic Leader, Who Always Stand For The Truth, May God Bless Him.

  7. Gap

    Can any one in PF who is not corrupt or has not stolen challenge Acc to investigate him or her if no one challeges them people should worry

  8. Kafwanayo

    Gbm lelo walandako ifyamano napapa

  9. Chitufi

    Chankalipa gbm ukumwita ati Dr

  10. Ronald lwimba

    The but part is we have no opposition in Zambia.

  11. BaMedza

    Thats not true ba GBM, even umwana wafyalwa lelo knows that Chitotela despite having presidential interest is not a factor at all, after all he is only known by a few in his constituency.

  12. See-me

    it was after porn in a ruling party group,that minister who posted porn in the group is against his party,corruption with chitotela is also a sighn of against his own party,kalaba left the party with no any accusetion course he knew he has alredy stild enough before they can catch him, now wait for those who are late to enter inthe classroom when the headmaster has come already for you my brother,my sister make sure dnt make any noise when enterying the class,or else the headmaster will hear yo footstep,u wil be cashed

  13. BTK

    We all need fresh life,but a surprise thing that Landlords are punishi



  15. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Nachila sekakofye…kkk

  16. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Nachila sekakofye…kkk don’t take me seriously.

  17. GBM

    us as a gud political party with de gud leadership of H.E Mr.H.H wen dnt want corrupt cases we wil never ever toralate such nosense. in asnwering some of yo question we cnt welcm him or any person with corrupt case

    thank u
    yours GBM

  18. mutule

    Chitotela inshiku shakusanga PF temunobe

  19. Chakolwa

    Yes GBM you are great leader we need in this country not these corrupt pipo kuya bebele come 2021.

  20. Dave Mwila

    I think GBM knows exactly what is happening in PF party! And I can’t dispute what he has said!

  21. Obama

    Before u look at yo friends mistakes, first look at the mistakes u made also.


    Guys mwalanda saana, mu PF nalafumamo nala joiner Green party.

  23. Otto Von Bismck

    Fix What U Can Bt Leave The Rest To The Genius HH

  24. Kosapo

    I totally concur with gbm sentiments over chitotela’s nab because chitalu chilufya equally has an estate of mansions in lilayi but why hasnt he been arrested?? Chilufya even abused his authority by engaging the chinese contractor for construction as a reward for giving them a contract to do all mansa road works.. Similarly, chanda kabwe has bought houses in kitwe river side, parklands and nkana east using presidential funds meant for marketeers and no arrest has been made. So its no doubt chitotela’s arrest has other issues far from corruption..

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