Too Many Lies Being Told about Our Economy, Complains RB

Former president Rupiah Banda has said it is unfortunate that a lot lies are being told about the state of Zambia’s economy.

Speaking in Johannesburg, South Africa, en route to Nigeria where he would be leading a team of observers to monitor that country’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections due on February 16, Banda said some people had preoccupied themselves with painting a gloomy picture about the country.

Among the lies being told, according to Banda, are that Zambia was losing state-owned enterprises and other national  assets to her debtors.

“He has said Zambia’s economy was positive and undergoing a normal economic process. Mr Banda said the lies about Zambia’s economic situation should be brought to an end as they are capable of destroying the country’s image abroad,” first secretary for Press at Zambia’s mission in Pretoria, Naomi Nyawali, has stated.

And Banda has expressed confidence that President Edgar Lungu has a group of professionals who would help him develop the country.

He said the country was capable of paying back its debt as it was within its limits, adding that Zambia had so far “not defaulted on any of its loans”.

Banda added that there was need to find solutions to challenges facing the country’s key economic sectors such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing.

On Tourism, Banda said advised a probe on the low number of tourist visits to the country.

“Zambia should understand reasons why there are few tourists that visit the country despite being endowed with immense tourist, heritage and wildlife sites…The low number of tourist visitations that the country has continued to record must be interrogated in order to make the tourism sector more vibrant,” he said, according to Nyawali.

Meanwhile, Banda has called on African countries to support the people of Democratic of Congo (DRC) to maintain peace in that country.

He said recent elections in the DRC had demonstrated the growth of democracy in Africa.

Banda said the DRC had achieved remarkable progress in consolidating democratic transition of power despite some logistical and geographical challenges and the country now had an opportunity to tackle some of the problems faced in the past.

The former Head of State has further called on newly elected DRC President Felix Tshisekedi, his close competitor Martin Fayulu and former president Joseph Kabila to devise a system that would help the country find solutions to its common problems.


  1. Tefyo

    I think Bakulu banzelu banasila mu Zambia. We can see what is happening. It does not mean that if things are okay for you as a former head of state make you to start telling lies as big as you are mwakulishya shikulu

    • True Patriot

      A married couple does not go to insult each other in public as it will be seen as immaturity. Banda is a statesman who has served in many public offices including parastatals. He cannot go to Nigeria and start complaining about the situation in Zambia. Tat should be left to under 5 politicians in a known political party

      • Biloko

        Other countries have embassies to verify what RB is unnecessarily worrying about .Suggesting that other countries wait for some one to tell them what is happening in our country is assuming they reason like us.Mr Banda can still be more relevant in a productive way.I feel ashamed to be represented by leaders always pandering to narrow interests.

    • Chilankalipa

      This fool must just shut his foul smelling mouth if he has nothing sensible to say. We have been mocked enough by thieves and plunderers who think that every Zambian lives in a K25+m mansion. Just shut that stinking mouth if you don’t know how much we hate your plunder. KK ruled for 27 years but you only 3 and how much is KK’s house?

  2. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    The truth has been told to all people across the globe. Thanks so much Mr President.


    Oh my God! This man is also a con-man.

  4. likezo

    Well spoken mr president

  5. Gap

    President Banda then even had his names on loliy pops bulbs biscuits he was a good President perhaps

  6. Zambian

    wewo tefyo, uko uza a nyoko, ne ndine mkuleni ngako wamvwa? Nine mwana wa a nyoko newo? Kupusa wamvwa.

  7. Zambia an

    Nawe ka Gap nesebenzesya ndalama za a nyoko kupanga ma lolypop na ma bulubu na bisiketi, osati nawe we nyopolako ma bisiketi?

    • Gap

      Yeo weo Zambian ne ya nyopola mabisiketi thats y ndikuti anali agood plezident palahapusi

  8. Victoria ZULU

    Mr Zambian you have made my day. Kikikiki kikikiki

  9. Zambian

    Thank you Victoria, efyo tuseka pa Zed that’s y we are one Zambia one Latino. Nzo funa tyala nisekeseko akwsu. Olo wewo Vicky Ku nkala prisident unga leke kulimbapo kuti asaku fumyepo? Mpando nawolowa uja nikuuza mkwasu.

  10. Brain Teaser

    Once a con-man, you will always be a com-man…kikikikikiki!

  11. baby denya

    u ar al theives man banda

  12. Ronald lwimba

    Mr president balekeni balebepa ubufi

  13. Nick minaj

    Nonsense who doesn’t know that our economy is going down everyday? Mr con-man banda go to Kanyama and see how people are suffering there because of that corruption money u are enjoying you think all is well? You can’t fool us we are holder not young children who you can chit


    Mr RB mwakamba amatu azamvera

  15. Razor

    Rupiah you should enjoy your 5 million mansion built for you by us the poor through our taxes instead of talking on our behalf since it is only us who can talk and we alone know how we are suffering under this economy.

  16. Balamusi kean

    Awe, probably lecturers of economic theories should reply to him

  17. Abashitina

    Mr Banda,we respect you,respect our Rights as well. You everything is okay, that’s why you say the economy of is okay, I repeate,this is not MMD.

  18. Sylvester Moomba

    This comment reminded me of some leader who was told that the people had no bread to eat. Now because that leader had never experienced lack of food, she advised those who complained that they should be given cakes. Is this not the same as some people just because they have too much luxury from the poor people,s tax. All is 🌹 in Zambia and no problem with the economy.

  19. yonyeka

    i thank God i dont depend on govermment but in here,

  20. RB

    u knw wat neo bewela tyala kuzonitola kufamu no amndala tiyeni uku. ungakane olo weo shaka? ungakane lini yai u knw cinganiwawe tyala ni wanthu onzunzika na mavuto a muno mu Zambia seo tikulya bwino uziwa cukuwawa nicinji weo mwana wa imbwa weo u knw niyenda ku nigeria ati ndine con man shuwa kunkhala tya observer neo

  21. ke

    The house which they built for you then what bad can you say

  22. Mangelepa Sandals

    Mr Banda, give us the true picture about our economy! You can’t complain because you already have assets and the government built you a mansion besides being paid a huge sum of money for your tenure which never lasted long! Have you thought about people who have lost their jobs, those who can’t find jobs, those without any source of income and those that can’t sent their children to school besides being unable to send their children to school? We know your life style which is luxurious! But what about a common man out there! We know you are pro-government and you want to do is appease them! There is poverty out here!!!

  23. Kulupindo kuhite wove

    It is true wisdom is not about gray hair.

    • Dominic chibanga musama

      An less some one supports upnd he or she will be a good man or woman with different opinion she or he is a fool that’s win an election like that

  24. mr silent

    onse khalani ziiiiiiiiiiiiii RB ukamba chani uganiza chani uona monga ndise ana angoono ai ufuna tiyuzinge ndeke lupe ayi kamba

  25. mr silent

    ise tilowa sitijailika tilichabe ziiiiiiiiii monga tilibe nzelu musiyeni RB

  26. Anzelu

    Some Pipo,owez Condemning..RB Has Spoken Sense,maunajaila Kutukana Makolo Anu Ndiye Vuto,ana A Njoka.

  27. Frank Bwalya

    Rb is the worst president africa has ever produced. No wonder he was defeated squarely by the late Sata. How can a normal president sell institution houses in remote situated institutions such as nkumbi college, coseco , mwekera just to mention a few. Nonsense isnt it??

  28. Dr Fonicks

    Mr. Rupiah Banda, I have respect for you big man but don’t utter such words. if you are comfortable please keep quiet. you cannot see the economy taking a nose dive. people are living in abject poverty and there you are supporting blindly. iwe uko uleya you have allowances. even those on a monthly salary are suffering. mudala ngacakuti uleikuta just keep quiet. moreover you are part of those who are enjoying from the current PF which has sidelined most party founders. when you are comfortable we don’t talk on issues which are negatively affecting most people. shikulu bantu be careful.

  29. Kayombo

    I hate this man

  30. Kayombo

    I hate this man

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