3 Mopani miners die in fatal underground fire

Three miners have died at Mopani Copper Mines in Kitwe following an accident caused by fire underground at Mindola North Shaft.

Mopani Copper Mines Public Relations manager Nerbert Mulenga, who confirmed the development, said the incident happened yesterday around 13:45 hours.

Mulenga said the fatal accident was caused by a loader which is alleged to have caught fire.

He stated that Mopani Copper Mines Plc is working closely with the Mine Safety Department and other relevant authorities to inform the next of kin of the deceased employees and to investigate the tragic accident.

“It is with deep regret that Mopani Copper Mines Plc confirms an incident of a fatal underground fire at Mindola North Shaft in Kitwe on Thursday, 7

February, 2019 at 13.45 hours. Tragically, the lives of three employees were lost after a loader caught fire,” he stated.

Mulenga has further disclosed that Mopani Copper Mines has since suspended operations at Mindola North Shaft until further notice.


  1. Derrick

    Too bad,


    Too bad

  3. Zax

    Sad news.m.s.r.I.p.

  4. power

    may they soul rest in peace

  5. Jasper

    Comment Sadness news and they soul rest in peace

  6. PM

    They obviously died of smoke inhalation. Question is ..are there refugee bays as prescribed by the mines safety regulation. It is standard practice to have refugee bays strategucally located on each level of the underground workings. The bull dozer did not explode and burnt those men to death. Its so sad that people who risk their lives earning zambia foreign exchange can be allowed to work in areas without adequate safety measures.

    • Johan

      I am not aware of any mine where a bull dozer is used underground. Have you ever been underground?

  7. Manmuse

    Too bad

  8. Bright

    This is a very sad development may there souls rest in peace

  9. kaspa

    All underground trackless equipment ie loaders, excavators etc must by law be fitted with automatic fire extinguishing system to quench fires and prevent this type of accident, The rule is if the system is not working the loader should not leave the garage until fixed. Also we need to review the last fire system inspections done. These systems have a gauge showing if they are pressurized so that in an event of a fire they automatically trigger and quench the fire. Someone failed to do there job here I hope an inspectors reads this and asks some basic questions to management

  10. JIM

    Too bad R.I.P

  11. bm

    Too bad R.I P

  12. Musonda mulenga

    My brother died to Rip big bro to bad I lost you Rip mwamba

  13. Anthony chitefu

    Unckle kasaila MAY YO SOUL REST IN PEASE

  14. Chilufya

    Wen I hear of such, it pains and reminds me of my young bro who died in a fatal mufulira mine accident in 2005. I feel for the families. It is not easy to bury a loved one without body viewing! It makes u wonder wether u have buried the right person or not! Each day u wake up u feel hes gonna come back to u and that hes just gone to visit. It is now 13 years since my bro passed on but the pain feels like it has just happened. may the souls of the 3 miners rest in eternal peace. To the bereaved families, take heart! I kno exactly how u r feeling, allow God to take charge coz on your own, u will not manage. May HE give u the comfort u need. The mopani crew will come to provide all the funeral expenses, Govt will take over the funeral but all that will not change anything, the pain will still b hard to bear but the God who is in Heaven will alleviate your pain as time goes by. Hold on to him and let HIM do his job. May He grant u the strength u need!

  15. GM BIZY

    Too bad

  16. Joko

    Where was automatic fireally suppression?

  17. muntungwa

    Very sad indeed.

  18. Uncle b

    May your soul RiP bro I will miss you mwamba uncle b .

  19. LZ

    We await the investigations which will show show whose negligence it was.

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