Abebe is Zambia Airways CEO

The Zambia Airways Board has appointed Bruk Endeshaw Abebe as the airline’s chief executive officer.

The decision was made yesterday during the Airline’s inaugural board meeting where other decisions of the national airline were made.

In a statement issued today, Abebe has 24 years experience in the aviation industry and is currently Ethiopian Airlines’ Director of Sales and Services for Southern Africa.

Abede’s appointment was made in accordance with the Shareholders Agreement between the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and Ethiopia Airlines (ET) which provided that the first CEO would be nominated by the latter and that IDC would nominate the subsequent one.

The Board also directed Abebe to target commencement of the Airline’s operations by the third quarter of 2019.

The Board further reiterated the Shareholders’ quest to ensure that the Airline operates as a commercial enterprise so as to achieve viability. The rest of the details regarding the processes leading to commencement of operations will from time to time be disclosed by the Management of the Airline,” stated the Airline’s acting Board chairperson Bonaventure Mutale.


  1. James

    Finally our own airline this is an improvement

  2. Chax

    Amazing, congratulations we have our own.

  3. kcl

    Political influence destroyed the previous zambia airways we hope it will not happen this time..

  4. Luck muwaya


  5. One day freedom


  6. Azitle

    Nice move

  7. Gibson Vero Njobv

    It Is A Very Goodnews To Have Our Own Airline But Why Choosening A Forighen CEO Mean While We Our Own Zaf Offices Who Are Regeable To Take That Position As CEO.

    • Putin

      Dull Zambian thinking…….ZAF officers as CEO? Flying military planes is NOT equal to managing a commercial airline? Why do we have such dull thinking in Zambia?

  8. mutule


  9. mofya Wellington

    Wonderful .

  10. Mu Zambian

    Its easy to tell who is calling the shots here.The first CEO clause speaks volumes. Quite laughable it is, when certain people post on here; ati our own.Your own is when you are the sole owner, not sharing a woman with another guy then you say our own.

    • Pompolyongo

      As Zambian we are so dull it hurts. How can you call something your own when it is in full control of the Ethiopians? You Zambians have nothing of your own anymore.

  11. World cup

    This is Ethiopian Airlines ,Zambia branch.

  12. chilu

    Whh not partner with proflight ……….

  13. Focus

    Go back and research you can reserve your comments as at now

  14. Joel

    Ethiopian Airlines in disguise

  15. Christmas


  16. Sibweni

    Zambia airways need a group of independent thinkers not of abuser of air transport. The appointmt of a CE0 a step 2 a dream come true 2 hav our own airline. The vision of pf 4 zambia 2 turned into a transport centre in SADC Is a wel come move.

  17. Ba Chila

    This is wonderful

  18. Pa zed

    No Country under the announced austerity measures can embark on such a project.This is just a façade to hoodwink some people. We have no capacity to run such an outfit, first of all the airports will be in foreign control for many years to come and the air line is a partnership with a foreign firm. This is purely living beyond your means for cosmetic purpose,just to hoodwink some people that you are doing fine.

  19. Zambian

    Mu Zambia fyonse Ku kondema, no ishaishiba nokwenshe njinga nao aleposapo kikikkkikikkkikikikiki. Ine kumfwako fye tata, kuti walufyanya.

  20. Sikaz

    Let this airline run like a private enterprise not the way the defunct one used to be abused by employees,employers, party and government officials.The system where employees are given free tickets to fly to London MUST NOT be tolerated. This what made the airline godown. On Friday the plane was half filled with free ticket employees going on business to go and buy hair lotions.I hope this wil not repeat itself

    • Kabova

      Sikaz you are dull and empty because your advise is falling on closed PF ears. The PF cadres will get all the jobs starting with the board chairman and all members will be flying free of charge. This regime is worse than the Kaunda’s. Watch the space.

  21. teejay

    why not an indigenous zambian?

  22. kaponya

    You are correct. It can not be your own when it is Ethiopian Airways in charge…….gullible Zambians will never stop to amuse me.

    • Foreigner Mulongoti

      Zambians are too corrupt. You want eat before you work. Remember Prof Clive Chirwa and Zambia Railways?

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