Chitotela’s Fate to be Decided by Law-Pres. Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says he will not fire Housing and Infrastructure Minister Ronald Chitotela based on allegations of corruption.

Speaking before departure for Addis Ababa for the African Union summit, President Lungu said Chitotela should be presumed innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law.

“The suspect in the eyes of the law enforcement agencies can be arrested and they have chosen to arrest Honourable Chitotela. So what has that got to do with me?” he said.

“We are fighting corruption and if he is corrupt, he is corrupt. So they have to prove in the courts of law. I hope they give him a chance to prove himself.”

President Lungu said he would not flow with the social media storm that were calling for Chitotela blood.

He said that he would avoid mistakes of the past were people were fired the courts of law concluded their cases.

On Tuesday the Anti Corruption Commission arrested Chitotela and charged him with two counts of concealing property suspected to be proceeds of crime.



  1. Zambian

    Tiyeni nayo!Pa Zed che ala kuti waseka nangu tafiweme.

  2. Sylvester Moomba

    What pains me is to see that clear expensive liabilities are free to get paid from taxes of the citizens mandatoryly. In Zambia the happening is that of clear animal farm priod.

  3. bayoka

    Umuntu walupato kabili iam not happy because it is not true don’t worry about that my hon rck tukabaponona tukabatamfya amacito tabaishiba kubomba the true is not found tetibalete ifyakale ifyapita 2010_2016 bupuba sana finshi balelwisha. baonka apabule bele ba acc woooo!!!.

  4. Peppa Pig

    This is the most irresponsible, inconsistent, weak and visionless president Zambia has ever had..

    • Fines @ five,five

      Comment ,,,,,Surely a President who have all. Machinery to himself says he will not fire Chitotela for criminal activities
      Why did he fire and replace Emeria Kabanshi just over a complaint due to donor funds
      Now Chitotela was searched and arrested by the state and now the Head of crooks say he will not fire him ,,We are not surprised and all these comes from him Chitotela is being used as how they used Kambwili and Gen Chimese
      What a
      President ,,,Ba Police some of these things don’t bring them to pubic domain and you want public to react and Police will start beating the public
      Luili community suffered so much by complaining over delay to have the mine in operation for jobs but the govt punished and still punishing these youth
      The Thief Chitototo,goes innocent full with money Days are coming and you will rot in jail
      Chiluba was starring but Great Levy put him to shame and finally died what has he left ???
      Lungu is a poor man and willing to reap where he didn’t sow God bless Zambia

    • Kosapo

      Kabili they are together.. Chitotela was sacked by late sata but lungu brought him back. Birds of the same feathers flock together..

  5. Muyunda muyunda

    We know that our President can’t fire chitotela. We remember at some point he mentioned that some of his minister are corrupt. Up to now we don’t know who is corrupt. Those thinking that chitotela will be fired by ECL forget. We now understand how ECL works. If you remember the chief government spokesperson Dora siliya was involved in maize deals which was a clean game of corruption the news was all of over Malawi since the deal was to transport maize from Zambia to Malawi. The question is: Did ECL fire her ?? Answer, No. Our president only fire those that speak ill about him that is all other issues forget.

  6. ben

    Right decision…that’s leadership right there !

  7. Nimrod

    Good leadership my president, opposition want to take advantage. Listen to what GBM said, it seems they want to get chitotela to their up and down. Chitotela is innocent period!

    • Milimo hamonga

      How really sure you are,that chitolela is innocent. Where you there on that particular day when everything happened?people of Zambia let the court do their job.don’t bring out your favourable aspects to prove chitolela innocent as if you work together.

  8. Pearson Gustavo chola

    Right decision Mr president.We ar asking u to fire Mr freedom chomba sikazwe coz he is destroying the party here in mpulungu n he don’t know his duties including his councillors,why is he being involved in traditional issues.Tell him to stop

  9. mr jc

    Comment dear Mr president, remember the late president sata did concerning his he didn’t spair him or favor, so investigation will not work.can you remove his powers as a minister, so that he can defend himself not as a government official.

  10. Bern two

    Pa zed zoona

  11. GERSHOM Musenge


  12. yo mejest

    Comment He can’t fire him coz he knows. once chitotela appear in court. lungu will also be mentioned.

    • Fines@five,five

      Yo majestic you are very correct I m happy to. hear that
      Surely Chitotela was used and not that those issues belong to him awe they are for Lungu mukuta kabolala
      Can the state make mistake to arrest him and charge him two counts sure !!Lungu remove him we want to see him in custody HHwas sent to ukobeko on treason charges and now Chitototo go to jail swaine mwashupa ba fikala

  13. Gie

    This corrupt go’vt what kind of leadership is this? they are simply saying kawalala ni pakwanja.

  14. walenka

    Uubomba mwibala alya mwiba

  15. Kai

    Good decision by our beloved ECL,be blessed always father. ..

    • Biloko

      Who says their is no honour among even people without a public interest. Fili acotuleya.Kumayenge kumalilangoma.

  16. Idiocy Detector

    When someone says I am blind and you insist that he has sight, what do you expect?

  17. lazarous

    Good Mr President let the law be put to test.Wise decision .God bless your going in and out


    This president and all his cabinet seems to be corrupt.

  19. talala musonda

    over this case involving mr chitotela let’s wait for court to decide weather he is innocent or guilty.

  20. Malama Golden

    This is how we lost Kambwili…Point!

  21. Truth man

    I am muffled! I am made to believe that anyone who is arrested for a criminal offence and holding public office is supposed to be relieved from his duties? Has the general orders been amended or is it the constitution that has been amended by the President himself alone?Anyway in Zambia the President is above the law so he can do whatever he likes.

  22. Prince Mande

    Animal farm indeed. All animals are equal but others are more equal. ECL a lawyer set a bad precedent when he fire Emerin Kabanshi on allegeations, she was not even properly investigated to try and confir the allegations against her. Now here is Chitotela properly investigated and arrested for corrupt practices and the same President says i won’t fire him until proven guilty. There is more to it than sees the eye. The courts will no doubt declare him not guilty because they will be influenced to do so. This country is getting deep into corruption and nothing will stop this but the vote in 2021.There is need to cleanse this country or we are finished as a people.

  23. Ba Lulu

    I am the President, Chitotela aliila kumo ne mbuto, ine nsuma no kuputilisha teti munkwanishe mwacepa saana.

  24. Hev rena

    Nothing will happen to Chitotela and all we shall b seing are court adjournments.After a year every one will forget.This is animal farm drama!


    Good decision ecl but kambwili should come back to pf.Because i feel he can make a big difference in pf tnan being running mate for hh.Cme 2021 hh is losing again .

  26. mr CL

    job well done Mr President, don’t follow what people say because some opposition political parties wants to find faults in this government, by start suspecting honorable chitotela over issues which passed for a long period of time in 2010-2016 we know you who are working with some political parties GBM an HH are trying to get the powers over false information,

  27. satanism

    shiiiiiiiiii hahahahahahahahahaha

  28. Dora siriti

    Mulungu akuyanganani you shall give unaccount one day to God

  29. yonyeka tako

    yakupita pomo iwe hater,all re shaking there heads now what we know here kumunz is that government has bougth 4 us enough rain.

  30. Gibeh

    Not guilt until proven guilt is the way to go. The man is still innocent until the court ruling is heard period so those that think he is guilty let them fire him if they have powers to do so and stop yapping as if they their are Angels . Wuuuuuuu


    How Can He Chase His Own Stomach, What A Foolish Govnt

  32. Kampyongo

    Chitotela’s balls MUST be squeezed severely for also insulting the late sata by naming the toll fee after him.. Freedom park mall deserved ro be named after the late sata because thats where pf was born and thats where the last rally to dethrone lupiya banda was held. But its surprising why lungu has taken the show??

  33. jm

    am regretting voting for this government and 2021 is too far for me.

  34. ftj

    I think investigations were already done, for the police to have reached the extent of arresting this man.

  35. Dr Fonicks

    so chitotela can’t be relieved of his duties to pave the way for thorough investigation? what’s different from emerine kabanshi case ? I don’t see any logic as to why he’s spared. There’s more to it than meets the eye. how can the law enforcement agencies perform their duties effectively in a situation where the suspect is still in office? I think it is sheer waste of time. The case has connections with state house. is chitotela a sacred cow ? or he is secretly prosecuted for the Luapula United issue? I smell a rat.

  36. pf

    Chitotela is fired now full stop.

  37. Joseph

    This is zambian, ubomba mwibala forum.

  38. Chanda

    Iyee conflict

  39. Heart for the people

    My president, with regards to your possession we are a people driven nation our voice must be head and put into concedaration, true chitotela is innocent unless proven guilty by the courts of law but at lest suspend him or something as investigations are on going… Like it or not you are our current leader and your approach towards corrupet people will be an example to others..

  40. chagwa

    He told you in the first place, so what good do you expect out of him

  41. mr i-100%

    Don’t blame lungu because, bird of the same gathers flock together

  42. Government

    Very disappointed with this government.shame on you

  43. FGM

    Chitotela is a seasoned corruption addict whose name cannot be purified by any law jagon . Sata fired him . Only the appointing authority can defend him at it’s own risk.Shame indeed.

  44. Nimrod

    Well done my president, Be careful with the opposition who are misleading the nation. Listening to what GBM said is a matter to be desired. In fact he is opening our eyes .

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