IG Talks Tough on Sesheke Violence

Inspector of Police Kakoma Kanganja says no life was lost Friday’s clash between the police and UPND cadres in Sesheke.

Kanganja has warned that police will would not deal kindly with political supporters that were championing violence in any part of the country during by-elections.

“The Zambia Police Service wishes to state that no live ammunition was fired by our officers that were dispersing the unruly crowd in Sesheke yesterday (Friday),” he said.

“We also wish to further clarify that no life was lost yesterday as a result of this fracas. As Zambia Police we have since reinforced our officers on the ground to deal with any further disturbances in the area.”

Kanganja said had reinforced their troops in Sesheke to ensure that the violence routinely taking place in the area is stopped.

“I therefore call upon all police officers to ensure that they use proportionate force in ensuring that violence is brought to a stop. The police will institute an inquiry to bring to book all those that could have perpetuated this violence,” he said.

Tension in Sesheke has been heightened as the by-election draws near.


  1. Sesheke inhabitant

    Stupid kanganja,we are busy shedding our tears for our deceased and you courageously produce,your motherfucking fake news to the public!!!!come and see what your motherfucking military is doing to our people in sesheke right now, teargassing everyone anyhow, you guys what do you think you are in this zambia???? You think your lungu will rule us forever?? Or you think these deadly attacks you are delivering to us will ever make sesheke people love your fucking part??wait and see us show our vegeance on Tuesday its really nearer!

  2. King Lion

    Let’s wait and see

  3. joe

    2021 near just wait and c big man

  4. Osei


  5. Gangsta grabs

    Fuck you bitches and Lungu you support,who saw me i might as well fucked your wife.

  6. Sesheke truth

    Blocking advant part 4 the president was a political move 2 decompign pf direct on president lungu face. HH has never learnt any lesson on mongu saga and he want 2 redo it in sesheke but police acted proffessionly bcoz warning shots was good 2 maintain peace. In uganda it happend a opposition leader bobwine lead 2 the death of his driver and HH Is used western has battle ground and i saw in him is pure actin in deep bush 2 win pipo sympath but him us using a word on what he do once a president than violence. HH ideaology of LIES has grow old and pipo are intersted in develop than fake promises without seeing them bcoz he want it 2 come after he bcoms a head state. Three provinces wester,souther ,north-west and partly of central are hold hostage by upnd leader the bet is 2 develop these places but in 10year 4 in leader fulfill all promises and power is sweet


    Peace is what we need not violence they are all criminals don’t trust them!!!

  8. Mwiende

    I have never seen professional police act in such behavior of abusing office. The roles of police is to maintain peace and unity in country. I’m not happy for what’s happening in sesheke where police officers abusing the roles.I feel sorry for my grandfather, grandmother children mother and father who can not manage to run.police officers pliz can u maintain your roles don’t b using by politician that’s your job which u went to the schools so y are u allow politician to using u. Kanganja is cadre not a ISG POLICE HE DON’T HIS duties what he should maintain.

  9. Curtis

    Export of cadres 2 places were therez an election shuld kam 2 an end as dis is a major cause of violence.Boma eyanganepo…

  10. Monty

    Zambia mayt be a Christian nation but full of fuckin criminals

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