Katongo Quits FAZ Job

Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) spokesperson Desmond Katongo has resigned his position.

Katongo confirmed his resignation that comes in the wake of a fall out with FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.

“I wish to inform you that I officially resigned from my position as FAZ Communications Manager on Tuesday,” Katongo said.

“I wish to thank the FAZ President Mr Andrew Kamanga and his executive for giving me an opportunity to serve in this position.”

Katongo’s resignation adds more pressure to the under-fire Kamanga regime that has seen four high profile resignations.

Those who have resigned include Ponga Liwewe (General Secretary), Moses Sichone (Technical Director), Kenneth Chichenga (Referees Manager) and Erick Mwanza (Club Licensing).

Katongo allegedly got frustrated with Kamanga’s management style that favours communication through his de facto mouth-piece Musonda Chibulu.

His resignation means FAZ has a vacuum in the Technical Directorate, Licensing Department and now communications.


  1. abilima

    All those that have resigned are useless.

    • Tefyo

      February 10, 2019
      FAZ will never be good, useless kalu’s was getting money from mbesuma and other boys for them to play in the team even when they were finished. Kamanga is also just another lizard who has taken things from bad to worse

    • Dende

      Subjective comments I wonder if all towing the line are the best typical of situation where there is increasing intolerance things no good ooh

  2. yonyeka tako

    kiki the great kalu is coming is at the to bola yamendo nyumba.

  3. D dm

    things are not good with kamanga, look at the level of football in Zambia it has gone down.

  4. Son of the soil

    Something is wrong at Football House. Resignations are sending bad signals. The Minister in charge and others concerned must intervene immediately.

  5. Charles

    Faz is bigger than those who are resigning, friends of the so called great Kalu.Go ahead with matters Kamanga,don’t look back to failures & detractors

  6. mm

    Comment there must be a big problem at Faz especially with the president

  7. lombe

    Comment Le’s wait and see

  8. Teacher mphamile

    No corruption in kamanga relm like in kalu no wondor dandor heads are resigning go cos u stole a lot wth kalu

  9. Tefyo

    FAZ will never be good, useless kalu’s was getting money from mbesuma and other boys for them to play in the team even when they were finished. Kamanga is also just another lizard who has taken things from bad to worse

  10. saviour

    CommentThere is a problem with faz.The minister of sports must take a step ahead and sports has gone down. sports is not like running a business?

  11. The scientist

    Balance up things.

  12. Daniel

    Kamanga should resign and leave the football management to someone else, let us face the facts kamanga has failed to run football house..

  13. Schoolboy


    • Mpika man

      Mwilalila ukulya inama iyo ushingapwa
      Kamanga has failled umuntu ninsoni. We need “ba great kalu’

  14. CHIKA

    Let dem step dawn coz dey dnt knw dere duties#job vacancy

  15. chandah Stephen

    i think its my time to be a faz president………………
    am a Liverpool fan and mulocal i go for zesco united
    i need your support….

  16. Red bull

    Kamanga has cut corruption conduits thats why!!

  17. Tha Triple

    I wonder why our football levels in the national have gone down despite having so many players who can do well. People started blaming Bushiri as if he’s a god. To me Kamanga must go…

  18. Ronald

    nafipena pa football house

  19. Noah Mwanza

    FAZ executive is a failure now reason being people are resigning on grounds of the executive not respecting roles of individuals.
    To me this misunderstanding of communication has actually attributed to the poor performance of football in the country and this leaves much to be desired

    • Collins

      NO kalu forget zbian football getting any better. Kalu has a lot of connections from world over, n he is very intelligent n understands football. Period.

  20. Iwula powers

    The head at football house has failed administratively to run football, so he needs to resign and pave way for us to take over and show him how it is to be adminstrator of the game.

  21. B'gie Chaya

    The very so called foolish kalu. Is the man we want to be FAZ Boss; not business man who ruin kabwe warriors.. He has never been in the pitch playing the game but making some orders in his business.. Faz office Te katemba iyoo. Those resignation are not for funny thy must be a root cause. Come back great 👑 Kalu if possible.

  22. Rabson mwale

    faz and kamanga are failed their job and it’s a reason that caused to poor performances in our country.

  23. Ronald chizanda

    Let him go, he is also a sympathizer to kalu who are frustrating Kamanga’s efforts.

  24. Army worm

    Am here pipo,I can best fit in that position. Good luck katongo

  25. Auxensio

    Football in Zambia is boring no good management very pool in player selection Kamanga must go

  26. Kawawasha


  27. Sefelino

    Kuwayawaya fye pa FAZ

  28. Nickdimms

    Ine nachimona kwati ni Christopher Katongo, kanshi ni uyu. Kkkkkk

  29. Mweni Kasumpa

    For the teacher’s poor performance means he/she doesn’t know his/her job description. An entrepreneur identifies people’s demand. Him, A Kamanga can’t take the game of football high he is only capable of how to make profit in a small entity. We need someone who knows well about football not experiments. Surely
    If a person failed to run a club do you expect him to run a country with many clubs. A class teacher who failed to manage a class can’t be given a chance of being the DEBS. Kusekafye, ndeloleshafye kabili kuwayawayafye.

  30. Mweni Kasumpa

    Any comments on the way Man U has performed since December last year. Why can’t we do the same here in Zambia. Perfectly, I love the idea of changing the Kamanga excutiexe

  31. Jasper

    I Think Mr Kamanga should step down ,cause just look at how worse the performance of Zambian national football team has become,he shouldn’t force things football leading is not at his heart ,there is no passion of football in him.Mr Kamanga should leave the sit for those who love football and are able to lead the football systems in Zambia, e.g The great Kalu.Zambia is now 83 @ world fifa ranking,if it’s not a loose then it’s a draw.We need change.

  32. Manmuse

    Imwe bantu kamanga has nt fail,the only problem he did was nt actng fast from the infections he found in footbal house,now its infectng him and am sayng good job 2 those who ar resignng and more yet 2 go!

  33. Ukamba chani naiwe. Kamanga kuluku ya munthu. Maybe he is your relative

    Ukamba chani naiwe. Kamanga kuluku ya munthu. Maybe he is your relative

  34. Rieumi

    As Zambians do we have a ministry responsible for sports if yes why can’t intervene in this issue that surrounding the football house our game of football has lost its direction and only people at helm of FAZ and the ministry of youth and sports can correct the pieces.

  35. Kakanyezwa

    Iam journalist on Daily Nation with ixperience on Lusaka Times. Iam play very good football at school in Sesheke. I applying for this job please please Mr Kamange. I have big family than Ponga Liwewe and Desmon Katongo. Im not friend of Simata Thank you

  36. I t matero

    Wen is kalu coming back FAZ has failed.We don’t need businessman.Kalusha’s FAZ is won the AFCON

  37. Ngosa

    Kamanga has failed completely. Can we try others. It started way back when Simata Simata said something, people did not believe him. Even when teams have been increased from 16 to 24 at AFCON, we fail to go there. Shame on the football administrators

  38. Saintiago Mshanga


  39. Kp

    We blame HH, football to go down in Zambia and resigned of katongo.

    • saint

      you should blame Hishan Himonde For He Has Stopped Playing For Your National Team Not Innocent Man Hakainde Hichilema

  40. John

    Frankly speaking Kananga has declined football in Zambia ever since he took over we had never qualified for Africa cup or win games like it was b4 him.
    He was too talkertive but given him chance, he is doing nothing other than play boy

  41. John

    Great Kalu we missed u really u understand football and your efforts lifted us to the world map where Kamanga is pulling us down

  42. Ba kenny

    their wre syng that Kalu is corrupting but those days faz was better than this days.

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