Magistrate, Court Messenger Go in for Corruption

The Katete Magistrates Court has jailed a magistrate and a messenger of Kawaza Old Local Court in Katete for corruption.

Emmanuel Mvula, 47, a Local Court Magistrate of House Number D45 Magazine Compound in Chipata, and Mabvuto Phiri, 38, a Court Messenger of Zakaria Compound in Katete, have each been sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labour.

Particulars of the offence are that on dates unknown but between April 1, 2017 and April 24, 2017, in Katete District, Mvula and Phiri, being public officers in the Judiciary corruptly solicited and received K1,200.00 cash gratification from Cephas Phiri.

The money is said to have been an inducement or reward for themselves to facilitate a favourable ruling in the case of child maintenance and use of insulting language which Cephas was facing under the same court, a matter or transaction that concerned the Local Court, a public body.

The duo was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission in April 2017 and charged with a count of corrupt practices by, or with, public officers contrary to section 19(1) as read with section 41 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

This is according to a statement issued by ACC Corporate affairs officer Jonathan Siame.


  1. Pig

    job well done,even njobvu in chama received a leg or piece of impala from james goma,very foolish judiary today.

    • Tefyo

      This kind of corruption must also be tackled at a higher level it should only be applied to small civil servants alone. The chitotelas must face the same

  2. Pig

    job well done,even njobvu in chama received a leg or piece of impala from james goma,very foolish judiary today.and the judgement was bias.

  3. francis baddien

    Job well done to the ACC. Corruption is too much in zambia

  4. Truth man

    The police are going to make the people of Sesheke to hate the government for their unprofessional behaviour , simple. Anyone knows even how during the chachacha days UNIP coined the police as oppressive agents of the colonial masters.Therefore it goes without saying that the people will view their presence as messengers sent by the Government to side with the government at any cost while the opposition shall be viewed as redeemed. Therefore the police need to be very professional in this scenario .

  5. Edward

    How do the ACC comes in in this case? who report thi matter to the ACC? I ask these questions because when my case wasn’t been operated in a good way I went to the ACC office where they told me that they don’t receiv any case from the court, so how do they follow this case? Who report it to their office? How do they know the case without a complainant? Please please people of Jesus Christ help me!!!! I want to know the way to report the matter to the ACC that we work together to polish out corruption in our country mother Zambia

  6. Vaal mula

    Soon you will see him walking freely just after SIXTH day. Kani ya corruption yavuta muno ZAMBIA.

  7. No boundery

    Corruption will never end unless killing those who do it

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