Mutati Unveils 5 Point 2019 Plan For MMD

MMD president Felix Mutati has called on government to quickly resolve the standoff with the mines over the proposed new taxes.

And Mutati has outlined a five-point 2019 strategic plan for the former ruling party.

Speaking when he officially opened the Copperbelt Province card renewal, Mutati, the recently dismissed works and supply minister, said government and mining companies should quickly sit down and resolve the challenges in the sector as they are partners and not competitors.

He said the challenges in the mining sector should be resolved before jobs are lost.

And the MMD leader has told the membership on the Copperbelt that the leadership had come up with a five-point strategic plan for 2019.

He said the party has had challenges that needed to be resolved and that the five-point plan would help set the tone for the party going forward.

The five point plan includes continuation of card renewal in provinces,  commencement of intraparty elections, resource mobilisation, the holding of a policy conference and the commencement of preparations for the convention.

He said the policy conference would inform the party on the way forward regarding its relationship with PF and what its stance will be in the 2021 elections.

Mutati explained that his party does not make decisions without consulting the membership, hence the holding of a policy conference.

On the convention, he said the leadership of the party in the MMD is not won at the courts.

He said all positions would be open for anyone, including the presidency, and that instead of going to court, “people should come and compete for positions”.

Earlier, National Secretary of the party Rapheal Nakacinda called for discipline and unity “as without the two things, all our hard work will amount to nothing”.

Nakacinda told the membership to stop pitting the leadership against each other because that would only destroy the party.



  1. One day freedom

    Who’s the party President in MMD mutati or mumba please hope on that

    • The hour

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  2. Vaal mula

    There was UNIP and then MMD this time it’s PF.These parties unip mmd av ruled this nation ZAMBIA and you expect they will come back, Never. But any way, you’re the same people.Only GOD knows.

  3. Razor

    Why is mutati going ahead as if he has already won the court case. Does he know something about the impending ruling which no one else knows?

  4. Morg



    Ok what a wonderful picture, others are pointing pa nkoloko, the other one a janza, nice nice that is cooperation. But I guess ni same part but him in his heart is for HH, he just pretending.

  6. Mr. Bemba land is great

    20 years in power mmd cannot point at what they did except mass distruction of state companies resulting in mass unemployment of youths 20years brought shame to this nation we remember what happened so we are just looking at don’t think we are fools like you

  7. Gam

    In USA or British is only two big parties they exchanged term to rule through ballot paper votes. Why UNIP or MMD not back to power? Members jumps because hunger of ruling instead of constret cement the old parties=>>>SHAME ZAMBIAN POLITCALS !!!

  8. Jms

    Mutati is good but he is a coward


      Mutati is a very brave Die hard Coward superintending over a Left over portion of the MMD .

  9. Kosapo

    Mutati was used by lupiya banda and lungu by fooling him to enter into a “fake alliance” and later dumped after ushering easterners into power.. Easterners are now the ones “reaping” where they did not sow. Fooolish indeed!

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