Govt Buys Anthrax Vaccines for Sesheke

Government has procured 30,000 doses of Anthrax vaccines and targets to vaccinate about 16,500 cattle in the endemic areas of Sesheke district.

Speaking when he launched the K1.5 million vaccination exercise to end Anthrax that broke out in Sesheke, Dr Shamulenge said over a thousand cattle had so far been vaccinated.

He said the government has been prompted to quickly move in because “Anthrax is a deadly disease in both livestock and humans”.

Dr. Shamulenge added that the ministry has instituted other measures such as restriction of movement of cattle and surveillance to contain the disease in accordance with the animal health Act of 2010 of the Laws of Zambia.

Meanwhile, Martin Kaonde, a farmer in Likanda area, says the vaccination exercise embarked on by government shows its commitment to the livestock sector for improved livelihoods of the people, especially in rural areas.


  1. Razor

    Just because there is a by election there you suddenly have enough money to buy 30000 vaccines. Where were you all this time when there was no election. What about other areas where cattle is dying but you can’t provide because there are no elections in that area.

  2. Gangsta grabs

    Sholve one dose of the injection up Lungu’s ass.

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