UNZASU Distances Itself from Statement Supporting Meal Allowance Scrapping

University of Zambia Students Union president Warren Hamusunga and some executive members have distanced themselves from the statement issued yesterday on the Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) TV that the Union is in support of government’s decision to abolish a living allowance for new students.

Hamusunga said the views expressed did not reflect those of the union and maintained that UNZASU would continue to advocate for the meal allowances for the first year students.

He said screening for the meal allowances will not commence on Monday until further notice.

Hamusunga further warned other executive members not to issue statements that did not reflect the majority decision of UNZASU, saying disciplinary action would be taken against those found wanting.

On Saturday, Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) vice-president Steven Kanyakula exposed an alleged plot where some former students are being used to parade students before cameras to support the scrapping of the meal allowances in exchange for money.

Kanyakula said the Minister has no such power to abolish the living allowance as such a move can only be done by Parliament through an amendment of the law.

“We can confirm that hungry student leaders from some institutions will continue to be ferried and given some monies ranging from K200 to K1,200 to issue statements in an attempt to legitimatise the poorly made decision that will negatively affect students from poor families now and generations to come,” said Kanyakula.


  1. Kolwe wakota

    Ba UNZA we are behind you never should you accept from this thieving criminals abipa pamenso nga matako yambwa, were are they going to take that money, subsides it’s quiet if it’s national wide protest against the decision made by the mister of higher education abepelefye Zambia is not PF.

  2. Kapijimpanga

    What is meal allowance for? I know it has to cushion some families but it has become political parents who sponsor their children in private universities are also poor how do they manage?scrapping of meal allowances will bring down political tensions high institution of leaning

  3. Jms

    I Wonder how a child can support a parent who doesn’t fil pit for him/her no wonder why education has gone down because educators are gone and we are left with deeducators

  4. Patricia

    Well spoken it is good to think beyond the box it is not only now that students will be affected even those to come think of the underprivileged

  5. Hammer

    Can some one do a research and tell us how other students from all learning institutions in Zambia manage to cope without any allowance?

  6. Osei

    You’re right there are many institutions in zambia minus that political thing

  7. kante

    The government would have made the announcement,last year n November somwere there.so as to give parents time to look for some monies to top up for their children up keep.the government shud b concerned about the poor Zambians nt jst making decisions abruptly.

  8. B jay

    UNZA and CBU are a beacon of accademic excellence whose heritage is accepting gifted students from all levels of family economic status. Scrapping off the meal allowance would not only be considered a barbaric move but can potentially rob the nation of potential good future leaders. Parliament has to seriouslyc look into this issue.

  9. Osei

    Nothing it good that others institutions will benefit

  10. Diana

    Those of you who are busy talking and supporting the abolishment of meal allowance should have shame. if you read properly unza was established for those that have excelled excellently in academics and vulnerability. it was build with no intention of making money but Cbu was. Those in other universities are provided with food Ku dining just like in boardings but since unza has over 20 000 students they can’t manage to cook for all of us so they introduced meal allowance. it is our right

  11. Diana

    Other students come from rural areas and this is their first time coming to Lusaka. How will they survive? how about orphans whose only way out of poverty is education? female students will start engaging themselves in vices like prostitution as a means of survival and we’re trying to fight high levels of HIV/AIDS in Zambia.. There will be high levels of theft. Honestly Parliament needs to look into this issue with critical thinking

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