Zambian Mission Protests UK Times’ Assassination Story

The Zambian High Commission in London has written to the Sunday Times protesting a story that claimed that President Edgar Lungu had moved to kill UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

In a statement, First Secretary for Press and Public Relations at the Zambian mission in London, Abigail Chaponda, said an urgent meeting had been called with the Sunday Times.

The article in question appeared in the Sunday Times UK yesterday, February 10, headlined “Zambia’s President tries to kill opponent”.

“We feel disappointed that the newspaper sensationalised accusations made by the opposition leader and his political party. Such sensational headings are not just misleading but are in bad taste given the fact that the journalist did not verify her story,” she stated.


“We take exception to the fact that the newspaper saw it fit to publish false accusations from the political leader against a sitting Head of State bordering on libel and slander. In this regard, the Mission is requesting for an urgent meeting with the Sunday Times to discuss the matter and future relations. We wish to reiterate our commitment to responding to any queries from the media on issues relating to Zambia.”


  1. Lookman

    Maybe it was.

  2. Jms

    As Zambians when you try to harm a Zimbabwean they will say Zambians are trying to harm a Zimbabwean so as an opposition has been attacked by officers whereas the commander in chief is well known then their is nothing to dought he is responsible it just those who think that they may do wrong things and no one will say a word LEARN BY THINKING WELL NOT JUST LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES YOU WILL BE ASHAMED WHEN THAT MISTAKE KILLS YOU AND THEN HOW CAN YOU LEARN WHEN YOU ARE DEAD ,Those reports are true thankyou very good.

    • Biloko

      This is the result of campaigning with guns and live ammunition. You thought you were clever the world is now beginning to see you for what you are.The answer is stop the gun torting cadre police men if not at the rate we are going they will be no difference between Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Sudan etc like it used to be before you happened to this country.

    • Simon

      Thats true manager s

  3. Michy

    What does the protest make of the video make on social media concerning the actual scenario

  4. Hammer

    HH has seen the signal. He has seen that he now only has southern province as his stronghold , the other 2 have changed camps , he has seen that the national dialogue is a still born . Now his panick level is hitting the roof . He can’t take the rejection anymore hence resorting to violence . But the people hate violence , they know that as the country is burning ( God forbids) he will be in London watching on BBC. Can we preserve peace please.


    HH should follow the advice given by the police to avoid problems in future.Desperation wont take him anywhere.As zambians we are watching.this kind of behaviour will make him continue losing.

    • Mayowaluse

      @CONCERNED CITIZEN, you coward that’s why things have gone to dogs. How can a country be run by thieves?

  6. Lc

    If you watched the clip on hw they were chasing after him you will agree with the news pepper that they wanted to kill him

    • Gap

      Please see the clip of the people chasing HH .

    • Chendabusiku

      Only an insane being tried to kill a dead horse. Anyone siding with HH on his blutant desperation of bringing chaos as a way of justifying his existence needs serious self introspection. HH has a short memory, he practices politics of yesteryear, like Mnusi of South African DA represents the narrow interest of a few rich foreign Organisations and individuals. The unfortunate part for both is that the majority of the electorate have seen through their schemes and are likely not to lead their respective countries.

  7. Osei



    BA LC zambia is a peaceful nation .Nobody can be after the opposition leader if he hasnt broken the law.

  9. Wise me

    If it real happens, he will not be the first and last. Others have made sensational news and faded in thin air. The world will continue rotating the same direction. There will be no other saviour except Jesus. Take care.

  10. mutule

    Shame to menomeno

  11. B.u

    Let’s live as one this country is for as all,we should all feel sorry for one another.

  12. Bk

    Who on Earth would want to assisinate HH and for what.H e been losing several times a man being supported by one tribe and one Province

  13. Kinda west

    imwee one zambia one nation nt ifyo

  14. Abashitina

    Those who argue, i call you fools( sorry this term) it seems you are happy for what the pf police is doing, us in opposition we don’t have police at the moment thatswhy people are killed like dogs,for your own information, nothing is hidden ,because of technology, every one were watching what happened on that particular day.Let the commissioner decide what next, people have got right to vote for his or her choice, everything has got time, if it is your time pack and go, nothing you can do.And the Bible say the measure you take upon some one will be also taken upon you ( Mathew 7:1-5) that’s when you will see how it pain us.

  15. Razor

    But if video evidence is there then they have every right to run the story as no paper in zambia will ever do it out of fear. Unless there is no evidence then the government should sue them.

  16. Judge 2

    Am waiting for this case to come in my court with a video proof.all else 1 will pay

  17. ba bob

    ecl have degree in winning, the other guy have phd in losing and crying

  18. Phenom

    Wala forward n forward HH will not die unless you first kill your self for losing your post.think twice, you think we are happy for folks who have been died count how many pipo who have been killed by corps, during campaigns, hey you be careful man, our eyes are always red.

  19. Zondani Manyozo Zulu

    Lamulo liposa mphamvu , mukaluza nikuvomela osati Kumunamizila muzani.

  20. King cool

    Guys please send me the video am told that it was televised by prime TV … anyone with a video send it on Facebook.

  21. bayoka

    O weee.

  22. Frank Bwalya

    British sunday times is different from zambia times. They dont just report stories without facts. They are a responsible and international recognised institution..

  23. stvn@email.com


  24. Expandable 2

    Don’t worry guys I will also hire the expendable 1.

  25. See-me

    it only gets to you bad when one day your family member get hurt,that’s when you can recognized that’s even death is there inthis world,

  26. Toture

    Hey mr pf cadres of war watch out ,am coming with Rambo call it Rambo 20

  27. Jms

    Those supporting the commander in chief are wrong in mind we know what a dirty mind can produce and I know a dirty mind will try defend him /herself if you see an unknown person coming up check him or her something wrong has occurred

  28. John mwangala

    Judas denied Jesus and took the money people who are high ranked are all Judas except a few no one is perfect with all the respect God to judge coz wen we judge we are against the law and wen we are against the law wch simply means we are condemned of sin peaceful mother Zambian….?

  29. Mpombo

    Its false if they wanted to eliminate him he would have been eating worms by now Its just his western financials who’re jittery because of the impending defeat in 2021

  30. Jms

    Blessed be to those who speak through the blessing of our Lord Jesus although we sim to know that all people are sinners its wrong to think that your friends are sinners because you just see their outside but the inside ba ba is defiantly glorious we need educated people

  31. Armageddon

    This is how developed countries cause wars in Africa and start laughing at us.Its time we stopped being driven by these greedy powers and work together as a nation and Continent at large.

    • Tumbe Munkantu

      That is why voting for the opposition you be ruled by Anglo-America. Remember the BSAco. An alliance the Chinese is far much better than align the country with the worst colonial oppressors who milked the country to bone Zambian copper to developed contries and nothing was left for Zambia. kula yoyoyombafye

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