Court Adjourns Siwale’s Defamation Case

Trial in the case where New Labour Party leader Fresher Siwale who is charged with defamation of the President failed to take place on Monday.

In this matter, Siwale is alleged to have, on April 22, 2018, with intent to bring the name of President Edgar Lungu into ridicule, published defamatory matter by word of mouth to which he said the President of the Republic of Zambia was not the actual Edgar Chagwa Lungu but Jonathan Mutawale.

Siwale is also accused of having called for the arrest of President Lungu for having three National Registration Cards.

However, trial could not proceed because the Magistrate-in-charge Alice Walusiku was out of jurisdiction.

This came to light after State prosecutor, a Mr Ngozo, informed magistrate Felix Kaoma, who adjourned the matter on behalf of magistrate Walusiku, that he was unable to proceed with trial because his court was out of jurisdiction.

Ngozo then proposed that the matter be adjourned to April 10 and 11.

Magistrate Kaoma asked the Siwale whether he had any objection to that effect but he said he had none.


  1. Uncle Lee

    This man is a sycatrict, they need to take him first to the medical check up believe me

  2. Gap

    Waiting to hear his facts

  3. Zambian

    MWe Bantu sure, ni ba President aba ndemona? Muchalo nshi umo mwine? Awe naine bane napanga ka party kandi. Kikikikikikikiki….carders start registering. The name of the party is????????? Free Education Party. Mu kwipifya, FEP. Symbol Pen and Book.

  4. Dr Fonicks

    Ba siwake ikaleni fye ngatapali ifyakucita. you are fighting a losing battle. mobilise your party because your claim will never materialize in any Zambian court. If you want popularity go round the country to sell your party. that’s what some one who wants to be President does. look at Harry Kalaba, he has started. but you are confined to Lusaka and the Prime Tv. awe mune kuwayawaya fye.

  5. Nickdimms

    Watch the space.

  6. Osei

    Politics teyabana

  7. Idiocy Detector

    To stupid so called Zambians it matters less being ruled by someone who is not what he is ka? Why don’t you approach issues with an open mind and let the claimant have his day in Court? What if he is right, will you then swallow your pride and congulatulate him with shame?


    awee shikulu mwakula kabiyenifye mwikalefye ku farm than waisting your money becouse its more like chasing wind

  9. Osei

    Look at him your time is gone to late

  10. Osei

    Look at him your time is gone too late

  11. Tactic

    Politics of hate and name calling a backward tactic 2 decampaign after make him a president bcoz appointmt in govt is 4 lucky one and stable the head. How can sam1 hav 3NRC and u mention only name among them, kikiki. I never knew this president until when he campaign 2 be election has president of truth republic

  12. Majoni Tyson

    Mr siwale has got data concerning Jonathan mutawali disguised as Edgar lungu, just be patient the truth Will come out on the day of trial.

  13. Central power

    BA siwale umulembwa was cipuba upwila multi tumfwe u are just wasting your time…money….popularity and lastly u will find your self on a hot chair one day so ikalenifye tata mwakula

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