Sesheke By-Election Results to Delay

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has announced a delay in declaration of results for today’s Sesheke parliamentary by-election because “seven polling stations are not easily accessible”.

“Sesheke Constituency in Western Province has 27,872 registered voters, 43 polling stations and 52 polling streams. Seven (7) out of these forty-three (43) polling stations are not easily accessible. The Commission, therefore, wishes to inform all political parties, stakeholders and the General Public that the election results for the seven (7) polling stations will only be available on Wednesday 13th February, 2019,” Electoral Commission of Zambia public relations manager Margaret Chimanse has stated.

“The affected polling stations are either serviced by Chopper which is unable to fly at night or accessible via the Zambia-Namibia Border that closes at 18:00 hours.

Further, the Zambia-Namibia Border will be used due to the inaccessible road access on the Zambian side. You may wish to note that the election results would have been endorsed by political party agents and other accredited observers once the count is concluded.”

The polling stations serviced by air transport include Sonso School, Katete and Mandila community schools while accessible through the Zambia-Namibia Border are Mbao Community School, Imusho Primary School, Chivula Primary School and Maunga SDA Church, all in Imusho Ward.

“Due to this, the declaration for the Sesheke Parliamentary By-Election will be on 13th February, 2019. The Commission wishes to further appeal for peace and calm during Poll Day, during the Count of the result and in turn the final declaration of the winner of the Sesheke Parliamentary By-Election,” stated Chimanse.


  1. ftj

    announce the beter results,,,

  2. Mollen Mwitumwa


  3. Maxwell

    Just announce you want to steal again?

  4. Morto

    We need the results what do you want to do with them? You want to work on the figures?

  5. Gogo

    Only the 2021 election failure will temper to rig at this level

  6. Dr Fonicks

    when campaigning the vehicles were not delayed. why anticipating delays. let’s not put people in suspense. kupunda fye capwa. the deserving candidate wins. don’t let people start speculating.

  7. E mk

    Those are delaying tactics which you are starting,did you use choppers going to those places when compaining? just announce the correct result

  8. Kcm

    Ensure that all parties are represented.we want to see fair results

  9. Mc Prince

    during campains the place was accesseble to results you saying un accesseble imwe ba fikala ba ecz we want fair results dont forg them.

  10. Kelvin B Liswaniso

    Mano yabukabwalala…We know u..popular fools

  11. Hon FC

    Africa Africa!!!

  12. Jere Zindaba Masiye

    We rely on your credibility……Give us the best

  13. Kalaluka HM

    Bane ni kanaka ye boarder hai sika kwalulwa nji? Lubata kuziba.

  14. ftj

    lets hope these positive and good results will be there,,,,in 2021. land slide victory.

  15. Prof Munanzi

    It’s high time we changed our mindsets as Zambians.
    The biggest problem, is the people not the institutions. If only the majority of our people could reason properly, then Zambia would be a better place.
    Therefore, I suggest that we revisit our Civic duties. Teach and educate the public about their Civic duties and rights. Only then are we going to change the mindsets of people. Because even poverty eradication, starts with the mindset.

    I hope that the PF party will own up and get to the dialogue table.
    Adamance will only deepen the wounds and destroy our Country.

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