Thieves steal over K50,000 from Catholic Church office

Thieves have broken into the Chipata Catholic Diocese office, stealing $3,000 and K18, 000 (about K53, 400 in total).

Eastern Province Police commissioner Luckson Sakala said thieves broke into the treasurer general’s office between 01:00 hours and 02:00 hours today.

Sakala said the thieves gained entry into the diocesan office through the window.

“We received a report from one of the priests that unknown people broke into the office of the treasurer general where they had blown off the safe which was containing some money. They stole 3,000 US dollars and K18, 000. This occurred in the early hours of today between 01:00 hours and 02:00 hours just there at the Catholic Diocese of

Chipata,” he said.

Sakala appealed to members of the public not to hesitate to report any suspicious looking person to any nearest police station.

He said police have instituted investigation into the matter.

The thieves also tampered with doors to about 11 offices.


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  3. vic

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