UPND, PF Cadres Clash at Sesheke Police

UPND and PF cadres clashed at Sesheke Police Station this morning when a suspected supporter of the opposition party was allegedly found with a voters’ register by ruling party members.

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has stated that the confrontation took place around 07:30 hours when a UPND supporter was dragged to the police station by PF cadres for allegedly being in possession of a voters’ register.

Police dispersed the cadres to quell the confusion.

At this point, PF cadres ran to Sesheke Council Guest House but police pursued them.

In their pursuit, police broke doors to the Guest House rooms where the PF cadres were, but it is not known whether any arrests were made.

“At about 07:30 hours today 12th February, 2019, there was a confrontation between supporters of the Patriotic Front and UPND in Sesheke. This was after a suspected UPND supporter was allegedly found with a voter register by some suspected PF cadres who later apprehended him and took him to Sesheke Police Station.

When word went around that a UPND cadre had been dragged to the Police, a group of UPND supporters went to the Police Station with a view of rescuing their colleague who had been dragged to Police and that was when the two camps, the PF and UPND, clashed right at the Police Station and confusion ensued,” Katongo stated. “Police moved in to disperse the unruly cadres from both UPND and PF and in the process, some PF cadres dashed to Sesheke Council Guest house where they were pursued by Police. Police command in Western Province has instituted investigations to establish what could have transpired at the Council Guest house between Police and the cadres. Two suspected UPND cadres have been apprehended and detained for being in possession of offensive weapons (machetes) while six suspected PF cadres sustained injuries and are admitted to Sesheke District Hospital.”


  1. judge not

    Why not leave the foolish carders to fight so they teach each other some lessons meanwhile their bosses relaxed drinking all sorts of alcohol and non alcoholic drinks depending on the devil on likes

  2. Hammer

    I had an impression that any party can buy the voter’s registration book from ECZ, as for UPNDcadres having machetes, it is a sad development. He who kills by the sword shall perish by the sword

    • Bodo

      Hammer I guess you are learning something. You’re one I the bigots and fanatics of ba chite. Now people have learnt to defend themselves and you’re quoting the bible. Hehehehe

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Sad development, katwishi uko tuleya na Z yesu.

  4. James BC MAKAI

    Too bad!!!

  5. Kinda west

    Awe bwafya Pa zed

  6. Advisor

    These are foolish and destitute people fighting for two rich selfish individuals. Me I cannot be convinced to fight for ECL or HH, unless these two brings their relatives and children forward to participate. HH and ECL are sitted in the comfort of their riches while foolish poor people are fighting for what will not benefit them. Idiots. Your power is a vote and only you knows whom you’re going to vote. Why risking your precious life while HH is facebooking and drinking Fanta 300KM away from the confusion while his counterpart ECL is sipping in a nice hard drunk at state house. Wake up you Africans.

    • Bodo

      You’re a lazy fellow who can rather watch his country degenerate right before his eyes without defending it. You ain’t worth

    • Fines @five,five

      Comment and reply ,,,,Advisor ,, You are not worth to be an advisor as you call your self
      Let people decide through the ballot and you are busy rubbish your self with no nsense
      You are a PF cardre nomba ni nsoni you haven’t worn
      Look what happened in Sesheke where Edgar want to prove him self that he is a leader in control but failed due to his arrogance and brutality theft scandals and mid management of resources
      Advisor you are stupid and very stupid like your Edgar Mafi yobe imbwa ,,,kolqe

    • neto

      I agree with you 100% blaza.

  7. John Likando

    With what I saw today upnd caders provoked pf intentionally and now am done supporting HH not even PF I will rather vote for someone else???

    • Bodo

      Ba likando you’re sick. I guess you’re beginning to accept the silence is not synonymous with stupidity. Now your victims have learnt to hit back with precision and you’re peeing

  8. Lombe E

    What’s with all this confusion in sesheke?I strongly believe that the leaders of both the ruling and opposition parties are to blame for all the confusion,a true leader will definitely advice his party members (supporters)not to engage in any form of violence. Yes it is a well known fact that politics is a dirty game but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these supporters should kill themselves all in the name of supporting a political party. Why fight when you gain nothing but misery,think wise before you get yourself in bigger problems that you can never afford.

    • Bodo

      Ba lombe. Sit up! There is no thing as they’re both wrong. Be genuine. Between two warring parties there’s always one who I responsible for having caused the fracas. You’re better off shutting up than providing a mediocre counsel

  9. King cool

    They are both useless, their thinking capacity is very low, even if you injure yourself or someone else, will you be praised by your office? If you are jailed, will you be supported by your office? Especially the UPND, most of them are rotting in the jail, no one to rescue them .

    • Bodo

      King cool just swallow your foolish pride. Your traditional victims have fought back and you’re feeling the pain. Like little lions they have tested blood. Next time they will follow you to you bedroom. You should have learnt that no condition is permanent. Bakucitani

  10. Mwanza

    Lets teach our caders how to behave …we are one .

  11. Indoshi Palupe

    Fack the cadres!

  12. John Likando

    BA Bodo it seems u r obsessed with upnd and u r ignoring the truth which is right infrant of u??? Being optimistic will lead to regrests in the future hear from me who was once a upnd cadres coz I know what they where planning and its not for the future of Zambia…. Keep on thinking from your heart instead of your head to see the truth for once

  13. Dr Fonicks

    It’s pointless to fight one another. personally I don’t support either side because what they’re doing is totally nonsensical. This country needs both groups to develop not fighting each other. The need for sensitization is so high. what both camps forget is that we are all Zambians. fighting won’t take us anywhere. The devils are those leaders from both camps who instigate violence. am not supporting anyone because they are both wrong. Please my fellow country men let’s fight using the ballot.

  14. Masauso

    Fools chaps


    you know here in zambia especialy yourths are suffering with the dieses called povert and un employment level is high so they can do whatever for them to survive. please political leaders dont comfuse yourths by giving them kachasu one day ushall be answearable to GOD

  16. Sniper

    Mwaanya, wafa napanga

  17. Moses

    Nomba finshi mulwila?Bushe mwalikwata amaano atemwa tamwakwata? Bushe multi Bantu atemwa iyo? Ubuteeko bulemubombela pakuti mwikale bwino, elyo imwe mwapena kulubuli. Ine palwandi natwishika Ubuntu bwenu.

  18. Mr peace

    In this world,there are two types of pipo,”Drivers and Passangers”.In this world,there pipo who introduce themselves to life and the others whose introduction is given by life itself.Its a matter of finding out who you are and think about others.Pipo like Mandela,Nyerere,Nkhruma to mention but a few when one time youths and this is the time they found out who they were and thought about others so they became great sons of mother Africa.

  19. Williamcinty

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