Ex-ZAF Boss Arrested

The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested former Zambia Air Force commander Lt General Eric Chimese for abuse of office, among other charges.

Lt Gen Chimese was fired last year by President Edgar Lungu for allegedly engaging in criminal activities.

DEC spokesperson Theresa Katongo confirmed Lt Gen Chimese’s arrest and added that he has been jointly charged with Chita Lodges director James Chungu for concealing property.

According to Katongo, the duo has also been charged with willful giving of false information, abuse of authority of office and being in possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.


Lusaka, Wednesday, 13th February, 2019-The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested former Zambia Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Eric Mwaba Chimese for various criminal activities.

Eric Mwaba Chimese, 50, a retired Zambia Air Force Commander residing at Plot No. F/4301/3/3 Baobab area in Lusaka has been arrested and jointly charged with James Chungu, 51, a Director of Chita Lodges Limited for Concealing of property, willful giving of false information, abuse of authority of office and possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

In the first count, Lt Gen Eric Chimese (Rtd) on dates unknown but between 1st January, 2018 and 31st January, 2019 jointly and whilst acting together with James Chungu and other persons unknown did conceal a portion of a farm in Ibex on which nine (09) fully furnished flats, an upstaired house, a gym, visitors quarters and a semi-detached servants quarters have been constructed purporting to show that the said properties belong to Chita Lodges Limited, a company where James Chungu is a Director when in fact the properties in question are owned and were constructed by Lt General Chimese.

In count two (02), James Chungu on 31st January, 2019 did willfully give false information to authorized officers by stating that the said properties where for Chita Lodges Limited when in fact not.

In count three (03) Lt Gen Eric Chimese (Rtd) abused his authority of office in his capacity as Zambia Air Force Commander by directing the deployment of some Zambia Air Force employees to do construction works at his properties.

In count four (04), Lt Gen Eric Chimese (Rtd) did possess properties suspected to be proceeds of crime contrary to section 71 (1) of the forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime Act.

The Commission has since seized properties which include thirteen (13) fully furnished houses, one semi-detached house and a gym all within Lusaka.

The accused persons are on Police bond and will appear in court soon.



  1. judge not

    Why arrest people when they are out of office please lets not fear to investigate criminals when they are still serving no body is above the law there is no respect when law is being applied a criminal is thus such

    • BaKontwe

      Obviously refused to back rigging schemes this time. Time is catching up, 2021 Moto.

  2. True story

    First of all I want say Zambia is not a Christian. Y do I say this? So many Zambians are living in abject poverty while a few individuals are enjoying life, including the head who is also busy putting up mansions all over the city. On this forum, no day is passing without reading about abuse of office by the same top leadership and some are even being protected by the highest office. Shame on you. God will surely punish you one day, loleleni. Second: even the so called Reverend’s, Bishops, Pastors & Prophets have become so richer the poor members of the church, they drive expensive cars, building lodges, owning huge lands all over the country, there children goes to expensive schools, some even abroad. While members of the church are even failing to pay the already expensive school fees. Please can ACC start investigating even these same so called Men of God, regardless of the church they belong to. They are stealing from the poor citizens of this rich! but poor country Zambia. These guys are owning properties they can not account for. ACC please do your best and expose everyone involved in these scandals. Chachilamo, 90% of the population is suffering, while only a small percentage is enjoying the wealthy of the country, why? One day fwe BA pina tukabemina.

  3. P.M


  4. ZAF Capt

    Ba Chimese this time mwalafita cause you are retired but no tired.

  5. ZAF Driver

    Boi Chimese is it true that chimbokaila is calling you?

  6. Amos

    Was he not getting paid that he build? dont be jealous you dogs

  7. Herv Rena

    Probe Psul Mihova also.He has quite massive riches!

  8. Joseph

    It’s really sad, what’s exposed is a tip of an iceberg, there’s too much selfishness and abuse of authority of the expense of the poor.
    The word of God is light, why make a following to the magicians and thieves who have entered the church?

  9. ZAF Officer

    Those 13 Furnished flats are just a tip. These guys have acquired massive wealth, millions of dollar’s. Not kwacha.

  10. True story

    Amos you are a fool waumfwa. You cant say that, kutumpo uku. Ngola lyako kuli uyo Chimasa, ukamukonka Ku jere. Wanya.

  11. Hot water

    This officer should have been fired after the alleged malpractices or indeed retired on public interest. Now , what will happen is he will still get a huge pension , when others from other government departments are fired and lose pension benefits in the process.Maybe, is it looking at which region or province someone is coming from by the higher office or what? It is unfair to treat criminal suspects differently according to universal common law practices. All citizens deserve equality before the law.

  12. Truth

    The commander abused his power and send officers 2 work at his farm is uncalld 4. Commander is innocent until is proved guilt by the court of law.

  13. Dissapointed Zambian

    A fool is you! Who cant ready what happened,remember other people don’t even have 3 meals a day ,yet others swim in corrupt monies, let them deal with him accordingly ,once a chief always a theft ,Shame

  14. mengmoreler

    Mama!dats wat makes m nt to work for anothr person especially gorvment awee mwee bwafya.so until they finish hm dats wen they ll let him go.


    Uyu mambala is a thief and his friend Jimmy Fingers

  16. Shimwana

    Chimese is very dull,how do you use ZAF personnel to build your properties?Then he registers them in Finger’s Chita Lodge?Even if he won he will still loose those properties, Fingers temunobe….

  17. Lt General Eric Chimese

    all ZAF officers cume and rescue me somebody is fucking my clean ass right now its painful he has a dick like a crankshaft please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp


    Still loading…………

  19. CN

    Some are fired while others are still working and living in 5 star luxury. Fare justice ?

  20. AK

    They Will Be Free, Lawyers Will Defend Them

  21. kings

    I Hv Never Seen A Dull Officer In My Life, Boi Chimese Wansebanya Sana, Why Did You Hide Such Issue, Nganalikupandako Amano. Any Way Acc Job Well Done, Keep The Spirit, Follow Siliya And Her Boss Closely, Tulenya Amenshi Bamambala Muleilemena, Now God Is Using Acc To Capture You Ba Idiot, Is This Not A Christian Nation, Lesa Tewakutumpila, Naifike Nshita, Bonse Mulemonekela Bashinkamanyela, Its Too Much.

  22. Mr real

    Chimese idiot

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