ConCourt to Rule on PeP Leader’s ‘Lungu land Gift’ Case Withdrawal

The Constitutional Court is today expected to make a ruling on whether or not to allow Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) leader Sean Tembo to withdraw the matter in which he sued the Attorney General, seeking a declaration that President Edgar Lungu violated the Constitutional by accepting the land gift in Eswatini without declaring it to the nation.

The full bench of the Court led by its president Hilda Chibomba yesterday reserved it’s ruling to today at 14:30 hours after both parties appeared before the court for hearing of the two applications.

The Attorney General, through the Chief State Advocate, asked the court not to allow the petitioner (Tembo) to discontinue the matter.

In his application for a notice to discontinue the matter, Tembo wants the case closed to pave way for the national dialogue and reconciliation process.

He pleaded with the Court to discontinue the case because if the matter is not withdrawn, it would jeopardise the process of reconciling all political parties.

“…then the on-going process will definitely crumble as the parties will be sitting on the reconciliation table with hardened hearts knowing that they are fighting over the same matters in court,” Tembo stated.

He has further submitted that the discontinuation of this matter may not necessarily guarantee the success of the Church-led national dialogue and reconciliation process but it would significantly increase the chances of success of the said process.

Tembo said this after Chief State Advocate Joe Simachela  asked the Court to dismiss the opposition leader’s application to withdraw the case as “he is likely to commence the same facts once the negotiations on the national dialogue and reconciliation fail”.



  1. Truth

    Pep president tembo has run dry in head and mouth has no truth 2 prove his accusation. He withdrawn of case in name of dialogue but if it fails then start again toward election 2 mislead pipo and he rushd 2 court without fact just 2 wast its time. My prayer is that court reject his request bcoz pipo want truth not lies

  2. Mr. K

    We want the truth not what he is saying the president was labeled as corrupt so please the case must go on

  3. Doubt Katwishi

    He has realised that he has no facts and the case can turn against him. Bring it on !let the case go on.

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