Chinsali Boy Dies after Being Hit by Speeding Council Vehicle

A 12-year-old boy of Masandiko Village in Chinsali has died after being hit by an overspending motor vehicle belonging to the Chinsali Municipal Council.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner Joel Njase said in an interview that the deceased sustained deep cuts in the head and died on the spot.

He explained that the motor vehicle involved was a Toyota Hilux registration number ALT 9573 driven by Richard Malubeya.

“…the accident happened when the vehicle, which was over speeding, hit the said boy whilst he was in front cycling along the road heading the same direction,” Njase stated and identified the victim as Julius Mbulo, who sustained cuts on the head and fractured arms.

Mbulo’s body is in the Chinsali General Hospital mortuary.


  1. tembo steven

    Overspeeding kill’s see now u killed the innocent blood my condorances to the family for ths tryngmoment rest in peace

  2. francis baddean

    you have done well by arresting those small beasts

  3. Krychiowiak

    Councils are killing people now.
    Failing to fulfill their work they go to kill people in the roads they never clean.
    Foolishness is at hand.
    Anyway let the tares and the wheat grow together.
    Time of harvest will soon be here.
    Too bad for their loss, I mean the victims family.
    Never rest kid show who you truly are.
    By cleaning up your documents.

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