ME Long Increases Production of Mill Balls

ME Long Teng Grinding Media in Kalumbila has stepped up production of mill balls to meet rising demand from mining companies in Zambia and neighbouring countries.

A joint venture between Longteng Grinding Media of China and Elecmetal of Chile, the multi-million dollar plant in Kalumbila will see mining companies sourcing mill balls locally than importing mill balls from China and South Africa.

Kalumbila Town Development Corporation (KTDC) superintendent, Michael Kabungo said the setting up of the mill ball plant would culminate into mining companies reducing mill ball inventory by freeing a lot of capital to other mining investments as the product would now be accessed locally.

He stated that the mill ball plant in Kalumbila will benefit not only First Quantum Minerals (FQM) but other mining companies “in Zambia and beyond the borders”, with assured market in the Democratic Republic of Congo because of the proximity.

Kabungo said instead of stocking up for longer periods, mining companies, which previously imported mill balls from South Africa and China, would now utilise capital reserves and procure the material locally for immediate consumption.

Meanwhile, ME Long Teng Grinding Media Zambia Limited production director Alix Zhang said since the onset of production last year, the company “has been working tirelessly to meet the local mining companies’ demand”, with a daily production target of 300 tonnes for both small and big mill balls.


  1. Truestory

    Let’s hope tefya feck mwakulapanga? Pantu mu Zambia mwalifula amangalo.

    • amos

      Iwe don’t alter words anyhow….. We are working day in and day out to bring this country to its well being… Be appreciative for it has brought employment to the locals and others

  2. Masukani

    Kudos to the development & really appreciate the technology of business reporting

  3. PMJ

    What is a mill ball?

    • Metallurgist

      The are high resistant steel balls used for grinding copper ore to help release copper from waste material. These balls are loaded in a mill that tumbles around pounding and hammering the ore to produce a very fine slurry that is treated with chemicals to recover copper.
      It’s the simplest explanation I can give…

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