Opposition MPs Walk Out of Parliament in Protest of Chitotela Stay

Opposition Members of Parliament this morning walked out of parliament when Housing and Infrastructure Minister stood to respond to a question for oral answer from Shang’ombo Mubika Mubika.

Mubika wanted to know when government intends to construct communication towers and how many are expected, including which areas stand to benefit from the project.

The opposition lawmakers walked out as Chitotela was about to respond to the question.

According to the lawmakers Chitotela should step aside until his court case where he is charged with concealing properties believed to be proceeds of crime.

The MPs walked out and convened outside to plot the next move.

A combined team of Drug Enforcement, Office of the President, Anti-Corruption Commission and Zambia police officers questioned Chitotela after having searched his house.

He was arrested and later released on police bond.

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has called for his resignation until the case is disposed of.

President Edgar Lungu says he will not fire Chitotela but allow the law enforcement agencies deal with the matter.



  1. Kapita k

    Some one tend to put law in his hands time will come.

  2. Fact

    A member of the Slovenian parliament has stepped down after stealing a sandwich from a shop in Ljubljana where he says he was ignored by staff. Source BBC news.
    Just look at that but here in Zambia even if someone was to steal something as big as the moon they would still denie and hold on to power. Problem these people feel these positions are a birth right,crazy.

    • Mr B.

      FACT. you are right, all this Chitotela needs to do is just resign on moral grounds. No need for him to wait for dismisal.
      These politricktians are a disgrace.

    • Chanda


  3. obrey madubansi

    tuli antoomwe cisi comwe musyobo omwe atweelane kuzyicitwa nkaambo tuli bantu bomwe

  4. Truestory

    Mwachita fye bwino, until that idiot steps down or fired.

  5. Truestory

    Ba Chitotela insoni e buntu, just step down chapwa.

  6. chongo

    This man has embraced us the people of pambashe constituency who elected him as a member of parliament kindly resign from that ministerial position and let people who are serious work for the people who elected them

  7. Mr B.

    FACT. you are right, all this Chitotela needs to do is just resign on moral grounds. No need for him to wait for dismisal.
    These politricktians are a disgrace.

  8. mulase

    Even though Iam a die hard PF supporter,,this minister need to go.The evidence is overwhelming against him unless the powers that be ar also involved then I can understand.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      For sure. Can’t he be put on suspension from his ministerial position pending investigation? It does make sense to have someone in office while he is being investigated. Can’t he temper with the evidence. Someone please talk to me. For once I am in support with the opposition to have walked out.

    • Yah


  9. Matongo

    True story, bakaamba. Kitotela must go

  10. Cathy junior Badu lazzak

    Time will come these beasts will leave the office

  11. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Mr chitotela help the president by simply resigning you will still remain a lawmaker once the cases are done in courts and proved innocent the president may consider you it is their culture and it is not new for upnd to runaway from parliament why bcz they are not productive

    • Vivalavida

      Let’s call a spede he has no morals to set aside so why is the president wasting tax papers money by entertaining corruption, he can not help the president by resigning, the president has powers to fire him and let the law take place so that the is a level ground for investigation other wise,evidence has already been trampled with,I smell a rotten fish on this one. This is the worst government ever in the history of this nation.

  12. Cathy junior Badu lazzak

    They are crazy

  13. Ba Sakala

    Bravo opposition. Keep up the heat.

  14. Cathy junior Badu lazzak

    We’re waiting for the results

  15. Prince Mande

    Chitotela is being protected for the corrupt ministers in PF are many such that if he fires him many will follow.
    Whatever happens, i don’t see him being found guilty and appropriately convicted . He will go scort free and corruption continues.
    Simple solution! Kick out all corrupt elements in 2021.

  16. Jah rules

    Good move ,Ba opposition these guys a abusing the slogan UBOMBA MWIBALA”let him resign to pave way for an independent investigation


    this is not the first time even during the late sata’s time he was fired by purchasing a second ambulance ba father aba nibakabwalala

  18. Kalamwendaya

    Squeeze him so that even his fullbacks will feel the heat.

  19. Truth

    Mr chitotala has case is same has upnd councilor facing corruption he was suspended and no case is small. It is important 2 respect law 4 equal justice. The opinions on these case sound correct but acticle 16 is supporting him

  20. Chikonde Titus

    People hold your opinions if we follow collectly article 16 about this case is it’s supporting him to continue not until the final decision from the anti corruption commission lets respect the rule of law we all know that no one is above the law


    LUNGU and chitotela is one team that is y this nonsenses in Zambia will continue like this Zambian please please.when some one tolalate this nonsenses puplicaally do you think he can do right thing to you.chitotela you are right in LUNGU government but the end it will tell the story

  22. Chilankalipa

    If the police tell you that the one who wants to address a meeting in your community is the suspect I a robbery at your house, will you be normal to sit and listen to him? Ifyo fimbi fyaliikala pantu nifipompwe.

  23. Man of action

    Comment . i know am a real and typical PF member , but , its good to ballance up things equally , atleast we as a ruling party we must show and lead through a good example , the same measure we use upon the oposition must be the same we use upon ourselves , a good name is better than wealth , its very unfortunately with what mr chitotela has done , shame on your , you dont qualify at all to be a leader of the normal people of zambia , what name do you think you are painting for our party ( pf ) ? You ar truly a disgrace and unembarancement to the people of zambia , insoni e buntu , just step down or resign if you stl need respect from the people , mind you , these fruits or goals you are scoring will cost us in 2021 , take note of that , stop to be foolish deliberately for nothng , help to build a name of the party , 2021 is just around the corner , watch out .

  24. Hammer

    But Kambwili is in the same basket with Chitotela as far as ACCZ is concerned , And the UPND walked out of parliament with Kambwili!!! What is going on . For them when one is corrupt and insults the presidency they will support him?!!!
    What of the massive corruption which happened during privatisation which saw some consultant acquiring the same assets they were supposed to sell???!

  25. UPND Member

    can u stepdown iwe galu, why tizivutika ziko ili yathu nama vote ali athu?
    foolish pf elements………

  26. Mr Peace

    Mr president sir,this Citotela is a member of parliament and you appointed him as cabinet minister in the capacity of infrastructure and housing.Now in my case as full time Zambian I feel it’s very unfair to have such people on duty.Let him rest while being investigated untill proven not or guilty.This job has no professionalism so let his permanent secretary serve on his behalf.Remember that cabinet and parliament are ours as citizens and you guys are our servants so we want clean names so we can be sure you are trust worthy.If proven not guilty then he can continue but there is no smoke without fire.Be very carefull how you deal with these things.

  27. Telecom

    He is the one destroying Zamtel Co. 5 months without paying Zamtel security ati zamtel doesnt have money,where do they use the money shame on you,we are suffering us Zamtel secuity

  28. Truestory

    To my understanding, it seems ba Presida is fearing to fire Chitotela. Why? Many contacts that are going on in this country were signed under chitotelas ministry elo mwali ukulyamo sana, so Chitotela talya eka. Bengi balyamo, and if this man is fired, then bengi bengaya in short cabinet yonse kupwa, coz they’ve all amersed wealthy in just a short period they’ve been in government. Fili uko tuleya, but 2021 is getting closer. Tuka bamona.

  29. chipata

    time will come

  30. Kings

    Ba Lungu Edgar Bwana Namufaula, You Fired Eric Chimese Before The The Court Proved Him Guilty, But You Are Suprising Us For What You Are Telling The Nation On Chitotela’s Issues. Are You Telling Us That You Are In That Office Because Of Chitotela Or Maybe Theres A Hidden Agenda Between The Two Of You Boss? You Causing Us To Lose Confidence In You Where Fighting Corruption Is Concerned. Tell Your Guy To Just Step Aside, Bakateka Mwalasebanapofye, What Are Your Fears Boss? Its Really Not Easy To Trust You Politicians, Chitotela And You Boss Its Like You Share Secrets, But You Should Avoid Confusion In The First Place So That We Respect You As Our Top Leader, I Think You Have Heard Bwana. Naya Nalupita.

  31. sj

    lf the head of state can say let the law take it’s course on this MP, when it is cristal clear that he is head of State AND can easily influence a Judicial result IS food for thought. Clearly one finger SOILED the rest.

  32. Mangelepa Sandals

    Imwe uubomba mwibala alya mwibala! Bushe alilila kumu me mbuto????

  33. booty

    From a police officer , law maker, to a dealer,fraudulent shameful leader. We call for your resignation on moral grounds.

  34. Dr Fonicks

    The President should release him or else he too is connected to the case. kuti mwaleka pompwe alebomba ilyo ali ne milandu ? bashi Tasila mwaba nankwe. don’t govern using Tom and Jerry tactics because you are a lawyer by profession. Ba President alatatuli baice.

  35. Ephraim

    Wanya wanya tatekele calo. Insults & threats cannot rule.

  36. Central power

    I that that in pf there are lenade and pipo with passion kanshi it is a part of greed and selfish fake leaders…,.. 2021 all correctional centres will be full of of carders….mp…..ministers..,. Na FIMA councillors. Napita

  37. Joseph

    this is zambia, ubomba mwibala forum.

  38. Malama Golden

    I like one point from the Republican President ” this is how I lost Kambwili” Minister needs protection some how. Otherwise, anyone can make false allegations make an innocent person lose his Job

  39. kaka

    will the Maps walk out from UPND now that their own is also arrested for stealing maize?

  40. kaka

    will the UPND Mps walk out from UPND now that their own is also arrested for stealing maize?

  41. Mulenga bwalya

    Very bad honourable chitotela

  42. In Case Of Something

    Hear People Of God Let Them Wet And Investigate Wel Becoz U Don’t Hav Confidence That Chitotela Is Either Innocent Or Guilty Okay.!

  43. stupid presido

    Dont insult the crocodile whilst still in water.Mwaanya bafikala mulemona kwati calo cenu.

  44. Dizy Daniel B M L Z

    The Thing Is That Mr President Z Right,How Can He Fire Out A Person Whom He Just Heard Lummers That He/she Has Stolen Something Coz U Know Bane Ther Is Some Pipo Whoz Wants Ther Friends 2be In Chalenges.Many Pipo They Ar Jealous Of Ther Friends And They Dont Want Ther Friends 2Do Wel.They Can Put Him In The Same Problem Thus The Way Pipo Ar,thus Y They Say That Jail Guys Ar Al Not Criminals Some Basebenza Chabe They Ar No Longer Criminals Just Becaus They Hav Failed 2say Thus Y Bazipezamo Nabenve So Careful Pipo Of The Nation..So Pipo Lets Pray Hard So That God He Wil Show Us Is Mr Chitotela Right Or Wrong.Am Sur God He Wil Show Us.So Plz Bane I Hav Nil Down Dont Blame Mr President ECL Or Anyone. Let Us Just Wet 4the Investigation From The Court.Hope U Hav Understand, Am Not Judging U Bt Am Requesting U.Nakambapo Chabe.Ndine Mutumbuka Even Tho U Ar Hiding Yo Names Bt Au Introduce It 2U Am Daniel Banda Thats My Names..God Bles U And Everyone!

  45. $ jay

    please please deal with this………….lol and reserve this comment for future use because this guy you call Minister of housing and infrastructure shinga nashinga ko is not innocent his a fraud

  46. teejay

    I do not know what to say over this…Am a very sad person to see what is happening in our country today. I beg you the governors to think about the governed. How would you feel If the roles were reversed? Am heart-broken…..

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