Pastor Jailed 5 years for Swindling Widow

The magistrate’s court has sentenced a pastor of Interdenominational Jesus Ministries in Lusaka’s Chipata Overspill to five years imprisonment with hard labour for swindling a widow out of K260, 000 which was part of her deceased husband’s benefits.

Lusaka magistrate Felix Kaoma has also ordered that Pastor John Simfukwe’s estate be sold wherever they may be found to give Mildred Chikato K265, 000.

Pastor Simfukwe was sentenced after magistrate Kaoma established that the clergyman indeed got the money from Chikato, a widow of SOS village, whose husband was working for Zambia Army, with intentions to permanently deprive the owner.

Magistrate Kaoma said he was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that Pastor Simfukwe was guilty of theft by agent and accordingly convicted him of the charge.

Chikato had on August 16, 2016, and on another date, entrusted Pastor Simfukwe with K170, 000 for the purchase of a house and another K90, 000 to assist her start a business but he used the money for other purposes.

In sentencing Pastor Simfukwe, magistrate Kaoma said: “I have considered the fact that the convict is a first offender who deserves some leniency. However, given the amount involved, coupled with the fact that the person involved is a widow and also considering the issue of breach of trust, which is an aggravating factor, I will therefore be failing in my duties if I do not punish people like you to protect the vulnerable.”

He further noted that Chikato had given K33, 900 as tithe from her husband’s benefits and it was at that point that Pastor Simfukwe asked her what she wanted to use the remaining money for.

Magistrate Kaoma said the evidence that Pastor Simfukwe made part payment of K65, 000 for the house corroborated with the evidence of the widow and her sister-in-law that they gave the clergyman K170, 000 and another K90,000 for the purchase of the property.

He said there was also undisputed evidence by Pastor Simfukwe that Chikato was living in a house rented by himself as she awaited the purchase of the house, which all pointed to the fact that the former was given the money.

Magistrate Kaoma said Pastor Simfukwe also failed to account for the money he was given, and could also not give a reasonable explanation about where he took it, apart from the K65, 000 deposit paid for the house.

Chikato had told the court that she knew Pastor Simfukwe when she visited his church where he prophesied that he was seeing a spirit of death on her, after which she requested for prayers.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Imisango ububi ba pastor

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    PK Chishala was right.

  3. Truestory

    May the Good lord Almighty show more of these fake magicians, twapapata and i appeal to the DEC and ACC to investigate more of these so called Papas, Reverends, Bishops, Pastors and all those guys called men of God who have become so rich pa mitwe sha ba pina. They ve built expensive mansions, driving expensive cars, there kids going to expensive schools, the list is endless. Abantu mu filonganino bachula all in the name of blessings and especially ichekumi.and its not only in Pentecostal churches but even some of these traditional churches, ifintu tafili bwino.

  4. Kings

    Tefintu, Zanbia Is A Thieves Den, Criminals In All Areas, Pastor John Simfukwe Very Foolish, Pastors Of Today Are Just Fake.

  5. Ambassador Mosmuk


  6. Katwishi mwaba

    I do serve in the ministry of our lord the Creator, but very saddened and disappointed with these developments of swindling, leaders of the church sleeping around with married, un married females, faking miracles etc. But God is great… There is time for reproval, no stone will be left unturned. Simfukwe 5 yr sentence serves as an example to would be culprit or fake men of God… Why Embarrassing the CHURCH???

  7. SHAKA

    Good move let them be taught some lessons

  8. Mangelepa Sandals

    Women! What is wrong with us? We are believing almost what these false “Pastor” are saying! This should be a wake up call to all women who likes moving from one church to another in search of miracles! That “Pastor” should be sentenced to 30 years for depriving the vulnerable!

  9. Hop kido

    Ignorance at it’s horizon.awe kwena citutu, k33 900 as tithe……ifyabupubafye fyeka ! fyeka.

  10. bwafya

    Chansoni saana abo ba fake pastor

  11. Central power

    Pipo let’s wake up more especially ladies these pastors are crooks thieves… Van arable indoshi magicians they take advantage of us …u women….at I men of God sure …they use charms at eko nasanga ipusukilo .,…umungulu

  12. Machona

    Society, wake up and smell the coffee. There are just too many so called prophets who are preying on the poor in the hope of “harvesting from planting a seed.” High time churches became audited.

  13. only God knows

    only GOD knows

  14. Zambian

    These th ma pastors are becoming a serious problem. A day hardly passes without a scandal from these charlatans. If its not adultery then its swindling of moneys and women are their most vulnerable prey.I wonder why women trust these guys.Am very sure this widow was involved in some sexual encounters with this cold blooded reptilian for her to trust him with her finances.

  15. Ndeloleshafye

    Please bana mayo fumyeni utulo pamenso

  16. Chofwe William


  17. Contriver

    May the good lord forgive you pastor and repent before it too late .For what shall profit man 2 win win the whole world and loose his soul.

  18. Jmb

    please my beloved breathelen, its time to lift up our eyes to jesus and ask Him open the eyes of people, so that they can receive true salvetion.

  19. seven aside

    u people of zambia stand on your own to pray to God. Please dont ask someone who z a devil to pray for u or to do miracles on u. thes pastors of nowdays are thieves. and women look for marrieges from pastors muzafapo chabe stop that. instead of givng husband they will give u the devil as a man in appearance. that pastor could have to be sentenced to death.

  20. Concerned Zambian

    That’s what happens when the country allows pastors by profession. A pastor must be called by God not by profession. Most of these people are supposed to be job seekers but no job and they end up going to theological school and begin to swindle people.Mind you the Bible says freely you received the gift and freely you shall give .Only those who bought the gift from sangoma will charge and it’s not biblical

  21. Simpito Mukandwa

    Yangu wechalo

  22. Mudenda Sikagoma

    But mwandi, how can the pastor do such a thing? Let’s do the work we are sent for.

  23. SMZ

    They are many such fake pastors,.

  24. Albert Malama


  25. Mr. Bemba land is great

    He is a pastor of the devil not of. God through. Jesus. Christ


    Robbing a woman is part of killing her.Thanks hudicialy AMEN

  27. Samsøn Jnr sakala phîrî

    Just passing iye aya ma pastor yanomba

  28. Samsøn Jnr sakala phîrî

    God is watching you fakersf

  29. Ronald chitotela

    I and my brother we have wronged

  30. Joseph

    man of gold, a fake pastor.

  31. Fact

    Most of these fake postors are from northern provinces of Zambia and I wonder why! Mostly their names are like; sinfukwe,Chanda, siame, chewe, mwila, malama,mwansa,Chibwe, lombe etc

  32. gift

    awe abanakashi nishi babela so blind i hope some will learn something


    May spirit of her husband, The angels of darkness and everything that is there to punish dishonest people continue torturing even in prison!!! Chi Pompwe


    May the spirit of her husband, The angels of darkness and everything that is there to punish dishonest people continue torturing
    you even in prison!!! Chi Pompwe

  35. Drugsquard

    This story is a very sad one taking into consideration the status of the victim and the perpetrator.
    These men of “gold” need to be stopped and with the ultimate urgency. Cage them and lose the keys. God is taking long to judge them and they have taken this as an opportunity to prey on unsuspecting, vulnerable and desperate citizens.

  36. BTK

    He z nt a paster bt a thief,congratulations mr judge infact u were supposed 2giv him 20 & abov yers

  37. Dr Roy

    fake prophets vs ignorance( Matthew 24)

  38. Matimelo Benjamin

    I agree let DEC and ACC investigate some of these churches.

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