Slovenian MP Resigns after Stealing Sandwich

A Slovenian lawmaker resigned on Thursday for stealing a sandwich from a supermarket because he was annoyed about being ignored by staff.

Darij Krajcic, a member of parliament for the Marjan Sarec List (LMS) party — the senior partner in the ruling coalition — said he walked off without paying because three supermarket employees had “treated (him) like air” and continued chatting.

“I must have stood some three minutes by the counter,” he told private POP TV.

Krajcic insisted that he returned shortly afterwards to pay for the sandwich.

But he apologised and resigned from parliament.

The centre-left LMS party of Prime Minister Marjan Sarec is the senior member of a five-party minority government, voted in last September.

Public support for the premier has received a boost recently from public sector wage hikes and the dismissal of two ministers accused of abuse of power and bullying.

The head of LMS’ parliamentary faction, Brane Golubovic, condemned Krajcic’s actions as “unacceptable” and said the MP “has to bear the responsibility, in line with LMS’ high ethical standards”. – AFP



    See how our friends solve issues? Don’t you admire this ba Zambia?

    • niiou

      Why HH is not leaving politics after it has been disclosed that he in league with Muna Hantuba and Valentine Chitalu have been robbing ZRA by externalising over K700 million to Sanlam Life holding company in RSA by disguising the transfer as reinsurance premium?
      Has he to wait for Transfer Pricing Unit of ZRA to expose him and levy a penalty of K240,000,000 for ten years, for hiding economic sabotage?

  2. Chilankalipa

    Here one can only resign probably when he has stolen his own balls and dies. Stupid Idiots.

  3. Truestory

    Ebwaume ubo, not ichimuntu chaliba, ati until proven guilty. How? Is there smoke without fire? Amafunde yabupuba.


    shame on you father stealing asandwich how? nice move to resign as an mp its an emballasing and paliba mushetologe too much

  5. Razor

    Miles sampa would have instead taken all the sandwiches without paying and then threatened to shut down the supermarket.

  6. Chilankalipa

    I agree, the masquerades we have here have no shame at all. Sampa enakusampaula fye.

  7. sj

    How it would be fair if our Lawmakers can get a leaf from this MP’s ethical stance. Nomba ifwe ubomba mwi? Mwibala, ala bane alya mwi? MWIBALA. Even if it means with Shameless unforgivable THIEVING.

  8. Nike Lee

    Here, i’ts a taboo to resign. One would rather die than leave his/her job. vakoma vakoma fisi anagwa chagada.

  9. Corruption now will be worse

    Ee masholi lwa ba ziba.Ha ki nto ye ncha mwa Zambia. After all the name tells it all!

  10. diaspora

    The man is still a thief!

    Sandwich or millions of dollars to build housing complex the act still remains theft.

    The best he could have done was to walk away from the confectionary, just like the other General should
    have kept his hands off millions under his dispensation.

  11. Herv Rena

    These guys may have 2 or 3 jobs they can run to .Not here where we consider politics a do or die profession.

  12. Madiba

    I only hope Mr Thanks can be so honorable and step down as minister of construction

  13. Jimmy shaba

    The man is principled

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