Tayali Survives Bench Warrant

Equity for Economic Progress (EEP) Party leader Chilufya Tayali has survived a bench warrant for absconding Court proceedings after Lusaka Magistrate Sylvia Munyinya gave him a benefit of doubt.

This is in the case in which Tayali  is facing seven counts of contempt of court against a Lusaka citizen, Edward Sichali, whom he allegedly accused of having been sponsored by UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to hold a protest at the University of Zambia  which led to the death of a fourth year Education student Verspers Shimuzhila.

But when the matter came up, Tayali and his lawyers from Makebi Zulu were not before court without any reasonable cause.

This prompted Sichali, through his lawyer Mulambo Haimbe, to apply for a bench warrant against the accused.

But Magistrate Munyinya has given a benefit of doubt to Tayali on grounds that he is always consistent with the court proceedings.

The matter has since been adjourned to March 4 for commencement of trial.


  1. Gangsta grabs

    So even judges are starting to make friends,ati iyayi amabwela.Panyo court,panyo judge

  2. Zambian

    This Ka tayalu thing is slowly succeeding in his political circus clowning.Even him knows he will never achieve anything tangible from his imbroglios. Ka tayalu has no political substance at all he is just having serious delusions of being president of a nonexistent political outfit. Who is his vice president, who is his secretary general and where are his grassroots supporters.I believe not even my mongrel dog can belong to tayalu party.He is a just a jobless and noncreative benign subhuman species.

  3. diaspora

    I never thought my friend from school, Ndola, Chilufya Tayali would end up like this.

    Seemingly, he has offended almost everyone under the flag irrespective of their creed. From sports personalities to politician, through to the clergy and street vendors alike.

    What are your values and principles my dear friend?

    • Just asking

      Values? Principles? Tayali? Please, stop cracking silly jokes.


    why are you jealous of tayali with him its touch and go .when you do something wrong he will tell it to your face.when you are a satanist he will point it out like he did to some leader in a political party.with pf he told them to accept the results of sesheke by elections.TAYALI keep it up. How i wish i can meet you in person so that i encourage you.

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