PF Reports Prime TV to IBA

The Patriotic Front has filed a complaint with the Independent Broadcasting Authority against privately owned Prime Television for alleged biased overage.

Patriotic Front General Secretary Davies Mwila has also reported Prime TV to MISA Zambia for having defied ethical codes in their reportage of the Sesheke by-election.

Mwila said that Prime TV had reported that Patriotic Front cadres in collusion with the police had attempted to assassinate UPND president Hakainde Hichilema which was not true.

“In accordance with The IBA Act (2002), Part V, Section 33, we wish to register our grievance and displeasure with Prime TV partisan reporting as illustrated in your biased coverage and unethical reporting of anti-Patriotic Front (PF) political opinions and beliefs as well as your pro-United Party for National Development (UPND) propaganda, disguised as news,” said Mwila.

He accused Prime TV of manipulating Computer Generated Graphics to promote the opposition UPND agenda.

“As highlighted in the foregoing paragraphs, the CGG was just as misleading and mischievously contrived as the headline and the story,” he said.

“While footage of the story showed Mr Hichilema walking with a group of people in the bush at a leisurely pace in a bush area, there was no visual evidence of any Patriotic Front Cadres firing live ammunition or even chasing Mr Hichilema. The news report smacked of questionable reporting as there was no congruence between the news script alleging PF Cadres firing live ammunition or any “gang” chasing Mr Hichilema.”

Mwila added: “The story was therefore highly inaccurate, and irresponsible as its emotive and inflammatory nature had the potential to perpetuate political hostilities and ignite civil strife.”

He said that Prime TV news blacked out the Patriotic Front during the Sesheke by-election except where they wanted to paint them black.

“We note that your television station dedicated close to 25 minutes of the news bulletin to giving prominence to UPND. This is In conflict with section 5.2.5 of the IBA Standard Operating Procedure,” he said.

“Prime TV in   dealing with matters of major political controversy is expected to include significant views of other significant sources related to a story such as the one alleging that we were after Mr Hichilema’s life. Regretfully, your Television Station has as usual, not   given due weight to balance the story by seeking a reaction from the Patriotic Front. Consequently subjective views influenced by UPND and its agenda have sensationally been misrepresented as facts on your Television Channel.”

Mwila said, “Regretfully, the said Prime TV News Bulletin gave   undue prominence to the views and opinions of the United Party for National development to the exclusion of all others including the other political parties involved in the Sesheke Parliamentary By-Election.”

The PF strongman said that Prime TV risked steeping into the irresponsible journalism that plunged Rwanda into the 1994 genocide.

“As evidenced in different parts of the globe and the African Continent, the consequences of unsubstantiated provocative and incendiary reporting and partisan journalism can set an entire nation ablaze,” he said.

“Perhaps we need to remind you of names such as Georges Henri Yvon Joseph Ruggiu a presenter on the Rwandan radio station Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines, which played a significant role in promoting the Rwandan Genocide; or the  role of another   media house – RTLM Radio Station which also  fanned the flames and escalated  the Rwandan genocide uprising?”

Mwila has been at cross-roads with Prime Television and recently flushed them out of a news briefing he was addressing.


  1. One zed manex

    They want bloodshed like in Rwanda but us zambians we can’t dance to the we can’t dance to there tune,so no civil strife

    • Leon

      Of is running out of steam to run the country my advice remove mwila and put a vibrant person by the way that group which wanted him out why are they silent

  2. Sesheke

    Mwila is a liar the report he has given is completely falsehood,i am Sesheke resident,the report of prime TV is true we ran in the bush with Mr hakainde hichilema in the bush called ‘sichinga’ because the kamfisa’police’ were beating up and teargassing the compound known us mclope chasing the people,some people died cos of suffocation because of teargas

    • mulakwe

      another lie sesheke if you don’t care of th little you have God is taking it away.Don’t give falls testimony God will punish you.apologize and repent before it’s too late.

    • Wakishale

      Please prove your allegations of people who died by giving us their identities? But is not true that Prime tv and analysis was more than 50% UPND coverage and yet there 4 political who were partcipating in the election. HH has made several false assasination attempt accusations in the past before and none has been proven. He’s just a scared cry baby. Mr Mwila, plse carry on.

    • Zambian

      Sesheke u ar a liar.ar u sure some people died? hw many died

  3. GMZ

    U Also Take Pride In Misleading The Nation Like Prime Tv..Wat A Shame!

    • Jay

      Firstly, deal with the ZNBC. the most biased…we even stopped watching it’s News

    • Chilankalipa

      To some idiots, fair coverage means hiding the truth. Is that what you expect from the media? One Paya Freedom of expression cadre is in Eastern Province threatening the Prime TV just because it showed the truth in Sesheke. Are we normal to consider ZNBC as a professional public station when all they do is hide the truth to protect the impostors? In this era honestly is there anything you can hide even from the mars? Ubupuba fye nabupompwe bweka bweka atase!

  4. mulakwe

    Prime TV is too political
    that’s why i don’t watch the news on prime TV .Prime TV presenters learn to appreciate the work of your friend.Every time is HH this PF that.can’t you see good things in other people sure? if you don’t appreciate your friend,who do you think is going to appreciate you.learn to respect others,don’t put politics ahead of you .

    • Xeno-phobia

      If prime TV is bias, what about ZNBC? Same apprised to voting northern it’s there strong hold, in southern it’s tribalism.
      Too bad civiC Education was introduced in 2003 so alot don’t know what is democracy.

  5. Herv Rena

    Only 2021 will tell,personally i can t vote for these two parties.A savia is on th way KALABA!

  6. Moses P. Sichula

    Prime TV is highly biased and cause confusion in the country if it is allowed to continue operating at this ugly tendency.

  7. Truestory

    First of all who is the owner of Prime TV? He must be serious, ino ziko siya PF or UPND. This country is for many innocent Zambians who do survive through ifya bupuba ifya Politics, but through different means. The other thing is to the so called reporters, don’t forget that you have families all over the country who do not benefit from utuma salary bamipela abobene mu bombela and if this country goes on fier, are they going to protect you and your poor families? Muletontonkanya before you report nonsense to the nation. Its not just a matera of reporting, nangu ati ba mimone ati mwalishibo Ku reporter, mukaletelele ichalo naba kaele.



    • Wakishale

      Please prove your allegations of people who died by giving us their identities? But is not true that Prime tv and analysis was more than 50% UPND coverage and yet there 4 political who were partcipating in the election. HH has made several false assasination attempt accusations in the past before and none has been proven. He’s just a scared cry baby. Mr Mwila, plse carry on.

    • Wakishale

      Going by your insults & language used, you’re not a worthy citizen. Perhaps citizens like you are better off substituted by some clever animals like monkeys.

  9. Truestory

    PILATO you should mind your language, if you are an idiot yourself, don’t call innocent people idiots, waumfwa. We are simply advising your Prime TV to be careful, nga taumfwe ichisungu. Ubwelele Ku skulu muntu wandi.

  10. Nimrod

    Where is IBA before this country is plunged on fire by Shawa? If war starts, it will not choose who supports who. These politicians can run with their children but what about you poor Zambian? Please think before you report. Peace is very expensive to restore once you loose it. The money HH is giving you to advance his political ambition cannot restore peace Mr shawa please please. Be civil and Zambian. Don’t destroy this country because of money. And hh please if God has chosen you to lead don’t kill people just for you to become president. Be like ba Sata who had to put Zambia first before himself.

    • Hammer

      Even if ZNBC is considered biased it doesn’t report inflammatory statements with a potential of putting the country on fire . If prime TV wants to only cover HH let them do so but with a degree of responsbiity and avoid inflammatory statements or lies likely to put country Z on fire . One thing is sure once the country is on fire you will never see HH or ECL in a refugee camp at the queue to receive maize and beans. For obvious reasons HH has money and property abroad and ECL being head of state his counterparts will never allow him to suffer they will look for him and grant him asylum; to the contrary the common populace including the prime TV journalist will be in the camp suffering..
      But one thing is sure one person can set the country on fire especially when the only thing he cares about is him and him alone . He thinks like : if I can’t have this no one should and in fact let it burn. Sad indeed

  11. HH

    Iam the most unreasonable politician in Zambia. I have managed to divide Zambia across tribes. Iam the most tribal person that’s why in my companies starting from the bloom sweeper to the manager are Tonga’s only. Come and check even at home, only Tonga works here.

    • Lungu

      wabe tole wilasebanya kateka wa 2021 ndelwisha ati akanjeleleko kulifyoonse nacitile elo ule mukalifya futi stanyoko

  12. Kambwili

    You’re right HH, that’s why other tribes cannot vote for you. There will be by elections in bahat. Who can vote for you and your tribal party there?

  13. Truest pry

    HH and Kambwili mwansekesha.

  14. Eagle view

    Prime tv are used lik muvi tv and after covering has finished is not on public demand bcoz upnd used it 2 turish pf black. We want responisible coverage not one side reporting bcoz if want balance prime tv has 2 make a difference 4 equal coverage bcoz at the end they lose viewship. Sesheke saga and vedio of a student who die after teargased i appear 4 what reason? Prime tv is taking Rwanda genocide bcoz journalist caused more death bcoz of unproffessional report lik one are we where seein in sesheke. I know that these journalist want 2 b consider once form govt has pipo covered upnd fearless but tolerence is very important 2 any media house. Znbc is blamed 4 covering pf only but is public media answerable us includin upnd and prime tv weapon disstabilization our nation peace and security through free press freedom and i report media self regularation without it come 2021 same private media wil cited 4 promoting violence. # media self regularation,4 equal coverage frm all media houses

  15. PILATO

    Ba True Story or rather True Dog i don’t have good words for you i understand how idiots like you behave in public

  16. Truestory

    Kikikikikkikikkikik, Mr Eagle View mwansekesha, kwati ni Mr Proud. Awewabeba boss.

  17. PILATO

    What is news if reporters are hiding what is on the ground and give you what you want to listen to then automatically that turns to be fake. Don’t just argue without grounds or understanding especially ka True Story

  18. Skb

    It’s this kind of irresponsible reporting that has caused a lot of strife in most of the countries that surround us. Honestly how much are being paid in order to put our BEOLVED MOTHER ZAMBIA on fire.That politician who is using you has failed in five elections and will use any means to enter STATE HOUSE. Shame on you Prime Nonsense.

  19. Capricorn

    Seems this platform is for PF cadres mostly.


    PRIME TV owner must be investigated we dont want bloodshed in this country.prime tv didn’t report about the witchcraft attack in pf camp where the people there were attacked by bees and lightening.No wonder upnd is crowned us a dark tribal party.Even the person heading is dark.

  21. Truestory

    Pilato ngo lapepe ichamba, ule pepelo ukutali. Finshi balekupela ba UPND or ba Prime TV? Opo uli ne nsala nayiku nyokola chikala.

  22. the pastor

    Well done Mr Mwila for reporting prime TV. We are now calling upon the opposition to report znbc as well. These two media houses are too biased. These two are the most unprofessional media houses we have in the country. Prlme TV is too biased towards the opposition and znbc is too biased towards the of. Which is not good.

  23. Truestory


  24. Katebe

    The PF invented IBA as a censorship weapon. IBA is being used to shut up the media. It’s a useless entity. HH must come out to challenge IBA if he is interested in freedom of speech

  25. Madiba

    First all Davis Mwila wants to be covered by Prime TV when he behaves like a useless carder who chased the same people from covering his useless press briefing.Davies if you are sane report znbc to IBA for being biased towards PF,stop transporting thugs from Intercity to places where they are elections and once you stop doing that,they will be peaceful elections in our country.one more thing it’s difficult to sympathize with you because you are against prime tv even before this ugly Shesheke incident.

  26. C2

    Prime television is promoting lies to the entire nation imagine a one man news only fools accept such propaganda shame to its management

  27. Chanda


  28. Mwila Davies

    We’re have u seen opposition complain about the fucking znbc been biased all this failure called Mwila is attention shame on u u have failed your own people in chiengi chi failure Iwe

  29. Dube

    Znbc for government that is good. Prime Tv reports for opposition , that is tribal and uncalled for”” where are we going. And busy wrongly saying ‘ one Zambia one nation’

  30. Corruption now will be worse

    Oh! What a letter! And the English oh, my gosh! However violence begets violence. If you go and attack a man don’t expect an easy fight and when you are beaten don’t cry foul. Good lessons are learned by intelligent people not by dunderheads therefore those who maintain peace must learn on how to control unruly crowds.That is what the mobile unit of the police was created for in the chachacha days,by the colonial government .

  31. Razor

    This is what the opposition go through with ZNBC everyday. Nothing but blackout . How does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine Davies Mwila.

  32. TRUTH

    znbc kuwayawayafye stope watching it when sata was in opositn. glad to say am nolonger a PoorFool.sme healines ni poemu?

  33. TRUTH

    znbc kuwayawayafyestoped watching it when sata was in opositn. glad to say am nolonger a PoorFool.sme healines ni poemu?

  34. MMD

    To tell u the truth Prime TV is not good for the nation plus all I know is the owner of Prime TV’s Brother is a upnd cadre

    • Znbc

      Znbc should be the first to air live upnd rallies then mwila can havr cause to complain problem in pf its like they do not know each each or they do not know what they fear

  35. Mr true

    Mizindo yaba PF boonse nyo yanu fuseki tuzindo.

  36. judge not

    Mwila should be fired how do you tell sesheke voters that if they dont vote pf the road will not be done is it of money are you not ashamed that still people voted for upnd because they know you dont hsve money to do roads as pf but using tax payers money who is ignorant

  37. FMX


  38. mr patriot

    Fairy speaking i dont like the system of governance in Zambia.mr president nd yo pipo pliz we ar tired abt pocket politics, please leave the prime tv news alone nd deal with yo corrupt officials. Deal with Ronald chitotela.

  39. Stan

    Les look at issues in sober manner! Only God chosen individuals have ruled. I have assessed some people may never rule this country because they are capable of dividind it! God saw it coming mark my word only those God has set apart will rule Zambia!

  40. mr patriot

    My fellow citizens please let make use of the media like this positively, why cant we tel the government that we ar wise enough to b cheated with certain things they ar missing out in tetms of governance. nd NOT expressing insults hence abusing de media.

  41. mr patriot

    My fellow citizens please lets make use of the media like this positively, why cant we tel the government that we ar wise enough to b cheated with certain things they ar missing out in tetms of governance. nd NOT expressing insults hence abusing de media.

  42. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Idiot pf fools we are not happy with what they are doing ma rabbish

  43. Jimmy shaba

    Znbc has totally blacked out coverage of opposition.

  44. Sosa

    There is serious biasness in media.znbc forcefully collects tv levies but have become a political mouth of a single part.Its not prime tv that can put the country at war but tribal politics.They were ethical in their report except those complaining feel are exposed.There was violence in mkomba ward.It was fine.violence in sesheke has risen eyebrows kangaroo judgement of media houses.zambian of today will fight tomorow becoz of this failure to reason.For instance how do u issue a statement that those causing violence should be dealt with but those who tried to control violence get fired!!!Ni zeelu yapa zed Tribalism is kiling us even when we pretend to be christians.To claim that zambian is a christian nation is to insult God because our actions vindicates the devil he is the owner of violence while God is love.Principally there is no love in politics period

  45. Sosa

    People keep on making reference to Rwanda was it media house that triggered genocide or tribalism?To claim to God puts people into leadership is to misunderstand the bible.Those who wanted to snatch God given leadership failled God vs pharao a case of moses to lead isrealites,God vs Herold a case of Baby Jesus saul vs David.God ordained these leaders.Can it said of our leaders definite NO .WHY OUR LEADERS ARE EVIL,WE CHOOSE THEM TO DESTROY OURSELVES

  46. PILATO

    That is exactly how we feel when we watch news on ZNBC, Prime tv reports the news direct from the scene and that is what we expect from the news room

  47. Ba solwezi mabanga flavor

    So when it’s znbc reporting about govt and the selected development bulletins then it’s fine when prime TV reports about the opposition then its a problem. These kind of politics are very dangerous and if you learnt history very well during your senior secondary school days then you will understand that it’s tribalism and the Belgians who were responsible for the genocide in Rwanda. Do you need someone to explain to you about that sure. God help us as a county sure…

    • Hot water

      Mwisho some people never reached senior secondary school! They don’t even listen to current affairs .

  48. chimbs

    is Zambia really a christian Nation? if your answer is yes why ar you insulting each other? plz guys humble yourselves both PF and UPND chadres.

  49. ManJaGo

    Yo! I have read every one of the comments, the current government of Zambian has completely taken the country to Babylon, the more anyone shall say Zambia is a Christian nation from hence forth, be aware that you’ll actually be implying that the devil has become God! I rest my case, l am done.

  50. Kubeja badala

    Sunday Chanda, stop writing such for your boss, clearly the language used cannot even be comprehended by Davis Mwila, he just appends he’s signature to the statement.

  51. HK

    hella we shud report whatever….

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