Kasama Cops Turn Down K5, 000 Bribe, Have Man Nabbed

A 36-year-old man of Ndola has been arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe police officers with a K 5,000

Albert Nkonde had his vehicles impounded for traffic related offences, but allegedly offered K 5,000 to police officers to have them released.

The three motor vehicles, Toyota Sprinters registration numbers AIC 145, AIB 5309 and AOB 1137, were all impounded by police in Kasama.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said the officers, in collaboration with Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), arrested Nkonde.

“The motor vehicles were impounded by traffic Police officers on 2nd February, 2019 at 08:00 hours in Kasama for the offence of Affixing false Tokens (discs) contrary to the Road Traffic Act no. 11 of 2002 and the drivers ran away abandoning the motor vehicles,” Katongo said.

She stated that Nkonde is currently in police custody and will appear in Court soon.


  1. AZE

    in zambia mwandi thngs not gud especially officer’s mwanyanya.

    • Lazi

      Have you read the article or you are just commenting?

      • ba pipo

        ask sure ba lazi what is this aze talking about cops refuse bribe ati things not good in Zambia so he or she means they should have collected the 5000 read first mwebantu

  2. wiker

    Why are we facing so many problems like that in zambia expeciary police offices awe ?


    congrats job well done.The officer needs to be promoted

  4. AWAN

    hard to believe buju wa pa zed na njala refusing 5pin. okay good improvement kanshi keep it up

  5. Wise Leader

    Double the charges,kikikikiki what a foolish business man

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