Zambia Police Fires Sesheke Top Command in By-Election Hangover

The Zambia Police has retired Sesheke Police Officer Commanding Shapa Wakung’uma and three others in the aftermath of a violently fought for by-election.

According to a memo sent to the command in Western Province, Wakung’uma has been retired in national interest alongside his deputy Fleming Chilongo and Sesheke Police assistant officer in charge Boniface Lengwe.

The command has also retired Frederic Mukela who is a constable.

“Be informed that the Police Service Commission acting in the name of and on behalf of his excellency the President has with immediate effect directed that the following officers be retired in national interest: Shapa Wakung’uma S/SUPT officer commanding Sesheke District, Fleming Chilongo deputy officer commanding, Boniface Lengwe assistant officer in charge and constable Frederic Mukela officer Sesheke police,” reads the memo.

The officers allegedly spearheaded the beating of ruling Patriotic Front cadres during the just ended Sesheke by-election that was won by the opposition UPND.

Wakung’uma is former Zambia Police Director of Sports.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya

    Sad development.

    • Leon


    • lolo

      All well meaning zambians should come on board to support these officers who were professional. These are officers who stands by what is right and they need our support to encourage others.

    • Chilankalipa

      These idiots must not use the term ‘national interest’. PF does not constitute the nation but a bunch of criminals, thieves and brutal murderers. They should just say they have retired these people in the interest of PF crookedness and stupidity. Do not think that half the Zambian people are happy with your stupidity. Stupid Idiots.

      • mike

        Oooh sad news to them

      • Lawrence maseluka

        I agree with u my brother,this is not justice no!!!!


        I totally agree with ‘Chilankalipa’s comment. And we cannot have a party in power whose survival and continuation in power is based on tribalism, violence, intimidation, nepotism, stealing money from the treasury disguised as infrastructure development, and deliberately induced poverty so that every citizen can be fawning for crumbs and drops of jemasoni from their tables.
        This is dangerous!

  2. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Chilanga was a blood shed….upnd where all beaten by police but no one was fired because of beating pipo…..who is still doubting the lungu is a dictator ?????

  3. Shimwana

    This is so wrong for so many reasons,PF will regret punishing people for political expedience.So the message being sent is that their cadres are untouchable?The cadres should have been arrested and not merely beaten…

  4. ambassadors of peace

    A very bad precedence where pf cadres are officially immuned by the law and are not touchable by the police. the thuggish behaviour of the pf cadres has been officially proven by pf gvt

  5. the eagle

    in the interest of pf not nation what nation because there was never a comission of inquirly this is total ditatorship

  6. Chomba chomba

    Surely why firing these officers, it’s very unfair. Actually we can call these officers as true and original police officers, because they did not discriminate in executing their duties. POLICE OFFICERS SHOULD BE TOTALLY NON PARTISAN , AND SHOULD ACT NEUTRAL .

  7. Chomba chomba

    Why fire them , please prove urselves that you do not belong to any political party as police force, PF.

  8. Yaano

    Don’t worry you will be reinstated comrades it’s just a matter of time before have jobs back.

    • Topgun

      They will never get their jobs back because UPND won’t win the general election. Police have no mandate to beat suspects. Self inflicted misery.


    The police did the right thing and a good job to control the situation by beating up those thugs yet lungu and Kanganja fire them.
    Shame on the pf gov’t,2021 is coming!!!

  10. siwiti

    This is very unfortunate and unfair by the police command.these officer’s shud b reinstated especially the Constable

  11. cool j

    Comment But Wwwwwhy,?hope cadres are not controlling the Government. 🙄

    • lolo

      come 2021 lets put this to a halt. we cant continue being brutalised by thugs and when the police tries to control things they are fired. look at how children were suffocating in teargas in sesheke just because of those thugs.

  12. Winner

    History is documenting!

  13. Maj juku

    A constable is not entitled to national interest I don’t know what criteria the police commission used to reach at retiring the constable on national interest. He does not qualify for national interest.
    Heads will roll this is just the beginning of rebellion by the police.
    Let the PIG get ready for more national interest on noble police officers

  14. Shakaile

    In my house we are about five eligible voters, voting is one thing we have never done!! 2021 will be our first time ever

  15. Janza

    Leave everything to God🙏🙏🙏

  16. Simpito Mukandwa

    Mmmmmm sad development

    • Bp

      I find some comments to be very hypocritical,wecomments must be based on patriotism. When UPND were beaten there is sesheke we condemned the police now that its PF the police were right .Zambians y are we like this those guys are relieved of their duties because thy failed to protect the Zambians .they did beat up both UPND and PF thugs therefore they need not keep their jobs.Bravo police command.

  17. chongo

    Too bad,

  18. Capricorn

    So sad. No professionalism under Lungu and his pf. This culture is strange. It’s not Zambian. In fact pf is infiltrated by foreigners especially from DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. The character from intercity called America is a foreigner and everyone knows it. But he is in the forefront terrorising Zambian citizens. The pf cannot be trusted. What more with a third term for Lungu? There will be no constitution and term limits will be abolished. Zambia is at a blink of losing the hard fought democracy. Don’t say you were not warned.

  19. George

    Sad development , reinstate officers immediately , they only carried out their duties.Those pf cadres are thugs

  20. Chipata dweller

    Bafikala ba police,you are all fools including your pay master Meno Meno,what would you have done if they beat upnd cadres?
    You wouldn’t have opened your dirt mouths to say anything you maggots

  21. Moses

    I need to read a full and well written report of investigation. Honesty I can only be neutral until I see what happened starting from 1st day of campaign to the firing of those police officers. This time I won’t say anything in favor or against any of the four: PF, UPND, fired officers and the officer in charge of firing.

  22. PILATO

    Good for them, they have done so much useless things

  23. White

    2021 change

  24. Corruption now will be worse

    The writing is on the wall, the police made a mistake to arrest pf cadres. That is what you get when you don’t listen to the master’s voice. In Zambia the MMD when they came into power they reformed wrong things which were done by the UNIP government , but alas ,I can see the country backsliding into the undemocratic tendencies of the UNIP regime.The police of today are also very unprofessional , they are just well decorated with big ranks which don’t match with efficiency as the case must be.Someone who was a judoka is promoted to a higher rank and without experience in regular police work is sent to be in charge of a district . When he fails you retire him in public interest! It is unfair really.This officer is a sports specialist (judo) .He needs to be forgiven if anything is to go by his failure to stand to the occasion.

  25. Jah rules

    We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools,,.. shame on you the police command you have indeed shown the world that you are partisan and acomplicac’s to lawless Ness in our beautiful country Zambia.

  26. Ackim Mutale

    Before you utter anything it is useful to get to the bottom of the matter. No one is immune from facing the law if he/she is found wanting, not even police officers.

  27. Sad patriot

    Ubuwelewele mucalo chesu. PF cadres were armed and ready to cause bloodshed in Sesheke. Why blame brave policemen who thwarted the thugs’ plans to create chaos during elections? Mr Lungu should have commended the police to show people that he stands by them for dealing with those unruly cadres. This is very sad for those of us who had very high hopes in Mr Lungu.

  28. Xxx

    Division in the country with a moto of one Zambia one nation shame

    • Idiocy Detector

      The motto should be one Zambia, many stupid idiots or one Zambia, one stupid idiot.

  29. Desho

    Bad news who brought the issue of cadres in Zambia becoz the time of mwanawasa I never saw these notorious guys u call them cadres they have brought confusion in Zambia am telling u so I think the best way to reduce violence us Zambian we should stop voting

  30. Nunks

    I wonder wat kind of Zambian we are.If no action was taken,u wud have bn sayn nasty things.iam not of but let me assure those who are saying that pf is loosing in 2021 that they are wasting time.Hakainde lost a golden chance wen he made a pact with sata.Don’t claim popularity just bcoz of one by election, infact it was a upnd strong hold,count in recent days the number of by elec
    tions scooped by pf.be analytical!

  31. Xxx

    If they can’t see that cadres are bad players in the all system then their the one insighting them period

  32. Christopher Lungu

    Doing right this is now becoming a criminal Case ….. Lord come and take us to the city where their is no corruption, and unfairness.

  33. Chomba chomba

    Actually all these POLICE OFFICERS who were involved deserves a promotion, not a dismissal. A Huge promotion, double there ranks.

    I SALUTE YOU OFFICERS, u are the best in zambia police.

  34. Emma

    Am very shocked to hear this, surely we had election violence in chilanga but no officer was fired simply because it was pf cadres in charge of beating people, but now the officers did their profetional jobs they have to be fired, what nonsense and dictatorship this government is, now the police have no powers instead the pf cadres!! Foolish

  35. BTK

    Some of us ar tired of monkey tricks which pf ar playing around innocent souls of Zambia People,anyway,all days ar 4de thief Bt oneday z 4de owner.

  36. tembo chipata


  37. Razor

    So now people will take the law into their hands since it has now been proved that the Police are for PF only so don’t blame the opposition now if they resort to defending themselves as they have been given a valid reason that police won’t defend them.

  38. Yamustraight mungaila

    To the law and to be tastemonies
    Isaiah 8:20

  39. Uncle Marvin

    Its just a warning from this rotten government to the police officers to not temper with poverty founders (PF) cadres cuz they are SPECIAL & HOLLIER THAN THALL…..God is watching, just one day👣
    May God give them strength to journey ahead

  40. Mpombo

    Its HH who has brought this problem on the Police He complained that the Police wanted to kill him So to protect him government has decided to fire those who wanted to eliminate him Instead of applauding you’re busy insulting the government

  41. Mushanga

    I am quiet so far, civil servants, leave politics for politicians .

  42. Zambian

    Worst mistake ever, swayed by whims of a the cobra; driven into a den of plague infested rodents gnawing away at everything you hold dear.Redemption offered you take it now or perish condemned to the abyss of aguish,pain and insignificance, lamentations only think restoration and preservation.Hinder cells,organs and whole system from autolitic and putrefactive trends as if organic is dead

  43. Joseph

    Pfools buck of maggots, fuck you.

  44. Kings

    Not In The National Interest, But In Pf Interest, We As A Nation Can’t Support Such A Stupid Move By Lungu And His Fellows, Is There No Any Other Way Of Solve That Problem? Intimidating The Right People Who Want To Show Patriotism Isn’t The Solution Imwe Bamambala, Come 2021, Pf Kuya Bebele. Mwaya Sana.

  45. Nichchan


  46. Bp

    I find some comments to be very hypocritical,wecomments must be based on patriotism. When UPND were beaten there is sesheke we condemned the police now that its PF the police were right .Zambians y are we like this those guys are relieved of their duties because thy failed to protect the Zambians .they did beat up both UPND and PF thugs therefore they need not keep their jobs.Bravo police command.

  47. mr peace

    I think this is being very unfair.We are now seeing people who went to school and courses spending a lot of money to save the nation and their families loose jobs just because of the unruly behaviour of these stupid foolish cadres?Where is this taking us?This is really shamefull.

  48. Kafwanayo

    Good for you i hate u

  49. Eagle eye

    In zambia, we hav one law of arrestin a suspect no beating him bcoz it is a violention of human right and NGO’S are slent on this a single of double standards. Upnd want human rights 2 b up held 2 they members bcoz are in oppostion no but equal law when applying 2 citizen. Zambian human right are slent 2 show support 4 police beating of pf cadres bcoz both pf and upnd are violent bcoz innocent are parties who are not fight but upnd is in 4front fighting 2 win power. Cops fired act 2 please those who promised them top job of senior police officers once upnd forms govt. Let upnd take them 2 b part of security wing bcoz hav shown good example that they love upnd and has caused them 2 lose jobs


    A well meaning Police Officer can not support this.Are we being told that what the PF and UPND Cadres were doing was good for the peace of the Country?Those supporting the dismisal of the police,if you were a Policeman/woman,what would have been your response in dealing with thugs who had Police Uniform pretending to be Police.What is being done with the one who gave the PF Cadres the Uniforms.Does it mean that PF is the law in Zambia ?For 2021,we should not be blind that there are other Leaders who can pull a surprise.It is people who decide not just one putting forward an opinion which can be misunderstood or understood as am doing.It is just my opinion and concern.As much as PF and UPND seem popular now,politics in Zambia easily change,remember,all PF were MMD and just switched we saw PF strong so be mindful that anyone who would play his or her cards well would just be the favourite of the people and switch to that Person.Let investigations be done for the interest of both PF ,UPND and the rest of other parties.Let not bad precedence be set.Elections will come and anyone can win.If you are not the favorite for the people just try the best way to make people side with you other than attacking innocent people because of our selfishness.Please Zambians let us avoid a bad spell over Zambian people.We are brothers and Sisters.Mind you,like in my case,i support a different party and some of my family members a different party too and we make fun when one party wins and wish the wining party well.Please ,let us reason with our heads not stomachs .

  51. Eagle eye

    Whether good or bad comment on political violent,the truth is voilent cadres change royality bcoz 2day police officer wel trained are accused of bin pf cadres and they lifes are at risk. Police uniform are only found with police reserve no cadre has access 2 it and violent cadres use power of bin in govt 2 abuse election laws 2 please those in power bcom of lack of civic education on tolerance democracy 4 all players. Pf is not there 4 life no but right now are in govt and violent wil continue as long as we complaint today of violent but fail 2 see once in govt. No president wil end violent bcoz of opinions are hav bcom our constitution and bend law 2 sult those crying 2 win sympath frm general public and police service has wel qualified officers are not holding senior position and angry 2 do think 2 please those see take power frm rulying part. Power share is disease there is no medice 4 it and unless GOD Comes bcoz every man or woman wants good life

  52. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Those police officers are secret agents of upnd who are bent on disgracing gvt

  53. Truth

    Zambia politicans all are economist, police, intelligate, investigatin officers,lawyers and jugdes on matter affecting our country. Public Opinion frm politicans each want 2 win other pipo opinion polls is unfinished battle 4 power.

  54. Chester Kalunga

    It’s very difficult to conclude and blame authority from Lusaka. Police are servants and were supposed to assist but we are told they spearheaded the beatings which was wrong.

  55. Majoni Tyson

    Mr Lungu Edgar is creating a very terrible ending for himself. The same law he is playing jokes with will turn against him. How can the President support cadres with weapons and fire the innocent police men for doing their job? Surely every person with a heart for this country can’t support Edgar Lungu coz doing so is same destroying our own country. Very stupid.

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