Boy Who Sodomised 3 Friends Jailed 2 Years

The Kalulushi Magistrate Court has sentenced an 18-year-old boy to two years simple imprisonment after he was found guilty of sodomy.

This is in a matter where a former pupil of Kalumbwa Boarding school in Lufwanyama District was charged with three counts of sodomy contrary to the Laws of Zambia.


Particulars of the offence are that on dates unknown but between July 1 and July 31, 2018, the juvenile went to the hostel of three victims and sexually abused them against the order of nature.

In November last year, Police in Kalulushi district arrested the suspect who was then a grade 12 pupil at Kalumbwa Boarding School in Lufwanyama district for allegedly committing sodomy.

When the matter came up for plea, the juvenile pleaded guilty to all the three counts after the charges were read to him.

And when the matter came up for ruling, magistrate Chrisantos Chandi said following the juvenile’s own admission to the charge, he convicted him accordingly.

In mitigation, the juvenile pleaded for leniency saying he was a first offender who did not realise that what he was doing could land him into problems.

However, magistrate Chandi said after taking into consideration the mitigation, the juvenile needed to be redirected to the correctional facility which was the best place for reformation and jailed him two years simple imprisonment effective November 21, 2018.



  1. Kings

    it was suporsed to be two years suspended sentenseece, because of the age and the nature of the offence commited, sending him to the so called collectional facility will spoil the chap, he will learn more dirty habits from there. the problem is that those of you who send offenders to such places you yourselves don’t even know how life is in those places. know how to chasten these young ones.

  2. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad——– Awe chabipa kumusepela

  3. enalo

    Law was made for offenders to be corrected. Imagine he sodomised your son at School. Would you enjoy it.

  4. samatra

    No one above the law.

  5. Kelvin mwewas

    I think the low haz to take its place now, moreover dats what he get for he did.

  6. James

    Stone him according to biblical law.n

  7. James

    Stone him according to biblical law.

  8. Peacelife

    Lord have mercy on us

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